• GC78-8 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator System 1
  • GC78-8 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator System 2
GC78-8 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

GC78-8 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

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GC78-8 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator, equipped with YANMAR 4TNV94L Engine, with Boom 3.71m, Arm 1.65m, Bucket 0.28m3, and Blade 2150mm×342.3mm.

GC78-8 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

Technical Specifications


    Travel System



Travel motors

JEIL, Korea; Variable axial piston motor


Four-cylinder in line,

natural intake

Support roller quantities


Carrier roller quantities


No. of cylinder


Travel shoes


Bore and stroke


Travel speed




Drawbar pulling force


Power output


Grade ability

70% (30°)

Ground clearance


      Hydraulic System

      Cab Control


NACHI, Japan


All-weather, sound-suppressed Cab and equipped with a heavy, insulated Floor Mat; Front Window can be opened and slid; 6-direction adjustable Seat; LED display, Automatic monitoring, display and warning; cool & hot Air Conditioner


variable double–piston pump

Max. discharge flow


Max. discharge pressure

Boom, arm and bucket



Two hand levers and two foot pedals for travel Two hand levers for excavating and swing;

Electric rotary-type engine throttle

Travel circuit


Swing circuit


Control circuit


Boom, Arm Bucket

Pilot control pump

Gear type

Boom cylinder


Main control valve

Negative flow control

Arm cylinder


Oil cooler

Air cooled type

Bucket cylinder


      Swing System

Refilling Capacitieslubrications

Swing motor

JEIL, Korea;

Fuel tank


Swing motor type

Axial-piston motor

Cooling system



Hydraulic oil released

Engine oil


Parking brake

Hydraulic disc brake

Hydraulic oil tank

95L  Tank oil level

Swing speed


114L  Hydraulic system



Backhoe bucket

    Bucket capacity

0.28m3 (SAE)

Bucket width


Arm Type


Max. digging depth



Max. dumping height



Max. digging height



Max. vertical digging depth



Max. Depth cut for 2440m(8')Level Bottom



Max. digging distance



Max. digging radius at ground level



Min. swing radius of work equipment


Digging Force (ISO6015)        Unit: kN

Arm length


Bucket digging force


Arm digging force


Arm Type                                 1650mm


Overall length






Ground contact length (Transportation)



Track length



Overall height(to top of boom)



Track gauge



Overall width



Track width



Overall height(to top of cab)



Shoe width



Counter weight ground clearance



Bonnet height



Ground clearance



Revolving frame width



Tail swing radius



Distance from swivel center to tail


             Operating Weight and Ground Pressure

Operating weight includes basic machine (with boom 3.71m, arm 1.65m bucket 0.28m3, and blade 2150mm×342.3mm)

Shoe width


Overall width


Ground pressure


Operating weight


Q:How to adjust the flow of the main pump of Komatsu excavator?
The regulator has a adjustable bolt, this is a power regulating pump, clockwise is power up, of course, is small counterclockwiseFormula: power = pressure multiplied by the flow in the engine speed will not be under pressure in the pump output flow more (note that the two pump together, at 90 degrees for an adjustment value, can not be adjusted too much, otherwise it will be my car phenomenon)In the middle of the two pumps, there is also a big number of adjusting bolts, this is to adjust the maximum tilt angle of the pump swashplate. Similarly, the greater the swashplate tilt angle, the greater the displacement of the pump. This is clockwise, the angle becomes smaller, and the counterclockwise becomes larger.
Q:How to choose used excavators, from where to start?
Look for a expert mechanic to give you input. You will want to know which ones are the easiest to fix and which ones are the easiest to find parts for. Then consider the type of work you plan to use the excavator for. You will want to limit your selections to ones that will meet your demands, and easy to repair and/or have a good supply of parts. From that list of acceptable models, you will need to do research on the particular excavator. You will need find one that has excellent maintenance records at a price you can afford.
Q:I have several excavators equipped with ESCO bucket teeth but these original ones are just too costly…I found?
I always buy bucket teeth from China suppliers and at the very beginning I bought from a supplier in Zhejiang area and later found several suppliers there.Their prices are pretty good, and all are sold by kg,3 dollars per kg and even lower than that for some not so large bucket teeth. I was deeply impressed by their prices and bought several types to try,but honestly speaking,their performance is not so satisfying and the situation is like what you mentioned,they cracked very soon.Anyway, I think I just got what I paid because they are much much lower than the original ones,aren’t they? However,if you care much about the quality,you may try other resources. I used to bought some ESCO bucket teeth from a company named AS Machinery and their bucket teeth are rather better and 3 times longer than these ones I mentioned first and the prices are not so expensive as the original esco bucket teeth. One more thing,they carry many kinds of bucket teeth,for example,the Komatsu bucket teeth,VOLVO bucket teeth,CAT bucket teeth,etc.,so it will save you much time and cost to source if you have many different machines in hand.Anyway,hope my experience would be of some help for you,my friend.
Q:I'm doing this for the first time and im trying to figure prices for excavating, and getting well and septic?
No, Excavators just excavate.
Q:I'm doing a landscape assignment that includes a pool and i need to know a cheap price for a pool, preferabley under ground and around the size of 4x8m? And also the site where you got the info from, thankyou!
You've got a number of variables to contend with here. 1/ Is this a vinyl liner pool? A gunite pool? or a Fiberglass pool? All have differing costs for the same size pool. 2/ Cost of labor and materials in the area the project is to be done. This differs. 3/ Ease of access into the backyard for excavation equipment etc. If you have to rent a crane to lift an excavator over a house because there's no other way in for example...that adds a lot to the base price. 4/ That dirt from the excavation has to go somewhere. Often it costs to dump it even in clean fill areas. If that dirt contains anything else like construction debris in a sub division that was backfilled in ( common practice) it'll cost more to dispose of. You'd be surprised what's under people's back yards in subdivisions. This is why pool builders come out to do a site survey first before they give an estimate. Every backyard is different. I can only give you two guesstimates. One based on a vinyl inground and one based on a gunite in the Toronto area.The backyard being easily accessible. Vinyl: 20-27 grand. The price will vary with installed equipment. Things like a salt generator will add 1200 bucks to the base price. A DE filter costs more than a sand filter etc.... Gunite: Starts at around 30 grand. What I suggest you do is to look at websites for pool companies local to you that give base prices for their kit packages for vinyl or fiberglass pools. You won't find anything like this for gunite pools because they are all hand crafted from the bottom up and no two are identical. With the vinyl or fiberglass pools you can work out typical labor costs since most companies will advertise how quickly they can install them and a pool crew usually averages 4-6 guys. Failing that...give a pool company a call and ask for their best guess over the phone, letting them know the particulars of this imaginary back yard. Ease of access etc.
Q:today, a guy left his backhoe running for 5 straight hours without even useing it............
because they run much more efficiently when they are hot and use less fuel. it takes a lot of fuel to finally get the engine running hot , so once it is hot they leave it on and believe it or not they save fuel.
Q:I need this deck to be competitive enough for FNMhere is the deck listx4 halimar excavatorx4 jwari shapeshifterx2 clonex3 join the ranksx2 kabira evangelx4 ondu clericx2 archive trapx1 seagate loremasterx2 umara raptorx3 hada freebladex3 kazandu blademasterx2 dispelx4 unsummonx4 halimar depthsx2 rite of replicationx7 plainsx7 islandsx4 sejiri refugepls give specific suggestion if youre going to tell me to add a cardpls also tell me waht to remove and pls help me with the sideboardbecause i dont usually use sideboards.and if your going to suggestsome cards please suggest cheap cars because i tried to make thisas low priced as possible.
I suggest that if you are playing extended, add in some changelings, as they count as allies and will trigger the milling ally.
Q:I have leopard geckos and I usually use excavator clay substrate to make tunnels and caves. They really enjoy it.. I've never encountered a problem with it at all, only that it is pretty pricey. What can I use that will be like the excavator? Can I use clay from the ground (my whole yard is practically clay)? If so would how would it dry? Or, can I order clay online and use that? I plan on making the landscape in the tank (20 gallon long). (Im only asking if I can use clay!) I use excavator and sand now. I'm not looking to buy excavator either :)I appreciate any help! :)
i would just use the clay you have been using since nothing bad has happened
Q:I have to go look at a machine and want to verify the serial number when I get there. I know nothing about excavators.
It depends. Is the number found is a complete aircraft registration number, it can be used to identify the plane, including the model, manufacturer, operator, and many others including history with some research. But if it's the number on a part, then it can lead you to identify what part.
Q:i been playing the new moon map with my friends i know how to stop the excavator but in round 26 both excavators came down wich i tought there was not going to be any problem because on the next round i was going to stop both with the hacking device so we went te teletransport and went to area 51 than teletransport to the excavator station where you suppose to stop them i did stop both of them than changed my hacking device for the mask than i went to tunel 6 and the scavator was not all the way up so i went to tunel 11 and the same it was not all the way up idk why this happend so there was not a way to get to the dome where me and my firends camp and that was it we only made it to round 29.have this happend to you? why this happend?
I had something similar once when I played with my friend. We couldn't find a way to get back to the dome, so we just decided it best to sacrifice a perk and let the astronaut guy hopefully teleport us to the other side of the excavators lol.

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