Sany Sy235clr 25ton Long Boom Medium Excavator Price of Hydraulic Excavator High Performance

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Item specifice:

Operating Weight: 25.5 T Bucket capacity: 1.3 m³

Product Description:

SANY SY245H Machine Excavator 25 ton Mining Excavator for Sale

SY245 24.5 ton excavator are designed with reinforced structure, high efficiency, high fuel efficiency and low environmental impact and maintenance costs, suitable for medium-sized earthwork.

High Output, Best Choice for Mining Excavator. Based on the SY245H model, the work equipment, undercarriage and frame have been reinforced to meet the rigorous requirements for mining applications.

Excellent Performance. With the AOCT (Auto Optimization Control Technology), the main pump can perfectly match the engine output power. This improves the working efficiency by 5%.

Superior Reliability. After 3000 hours of mining operations, the reliability is considered leading level.

Ultra Low Maintenance Costs. Filter replacement and maintenance at your fingertips. The easy access reduces maintenance costs.

Specification of SANY SY245H

Engine modelMitsubishi DO6FRC-TAA
Rated power147/2100kW/rpm
Emission standardTier 3
Operating weight25500kg
Std. track shoe width600 mm
Bucket capacity1.3 m3
Boom length5.9m
Arm length2.9m


1: What kind terms of payment can be accepted?

A: For terms of payment, L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union (can be) could accepted

2: What certificates are available in Machinery?

A: For the certificate, we have CE, ISO, Gost, EPA(USA)CCC,

3: What about the delivery time?

A: 7-20 days after receiving the deposit.

4: What about the warranty time?

A: 12 months after shipment or 2000 working hours, whichever occuts first.

5. What about the Minimum Order Quantity?

A: The MOQ is 1 pcs    

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Q:what is the productivity of medium earth excavator in backfilling work?
Q:How to solve the earthwork combined output of these 3 equipment in cubic meter per hour?
Take LCM of 40,50,60 10)4,5,6 2)2,5,3 LCM-600 600/40=15 Excavators 600/50 = 12 Loaders 600/60 =10 Dump trucks ( Employ these equipment in the ratio 15:12:10 ) (
Q:Modern 335-7 excavator hydraulic oil temperature at how many degrees normal?
3, pay attention to the actual operating environment and equipment allow the use of environmental temperature is consistent4, regularly clean hydraulic oil radiator and fuel tank surface, keep it clean, in order to heat dissipation5, the correct adjustment and reasonable use of equipment, as far as possible not to make the valve stem in a semi open state, to avoid a large number of high-pressure work, oil spills over time, reducing throttling heat
Q:What is the problem of excavator holding cars?
Your hydraulic pump has been cleaned, but is it appropriate to adjust the pressure? What else is the problem with the hydraulic pump?. Sometimes these conditions can occur with too much pressure regulation. If the pressure is normal or lower, it should not be a hydraulic pump. You can now find a school oil pump master to show you, ah, as long as the master is generally, you can certainly be an oil pump problem. Do you have a lot of exhaust under your engine, and do you have engine oil? These are the criteria for determining whether or not your engine is having problems. If the diesel pump, with the hydraulic pump is no problem, it is only the demolition of the engine overhaul. Exception, you walk running, the reason may be the hydraulic pump on both sides of the uneven pressure regulation, or side of the walking pump wear a little bit larger.
Q:What is an example of a hydraulic system and pneumatic system?
Hydraulics is backhoes and excavators you see doing road work. Those digging arms are all all hydraulic power Pneumatics is what you see when you get your tires changed on the tire machine. The pneumatic cylinder pushes the bead off the tire rim and tires the pedestal that pulls the tire off the rim. Pneumatics is also the thing that runs all the air tools in a shop-- the grinders, the air hammers, the torque impact wrenches etc. Pneumatics are usually a lot weaker than hydraulics, but are cheaper since most of them just get their power from a shop air compressor and that air compressor is used to run all the air power requirements in a shop. Hydraulics involves running a pump that pumps an oil under pressure that moves a cylinder. In these systems the oil pushes the cylinder with more than 2000 psi. After it moves the cylinder the oil then returns to the pump thru a separate line. The reason shops like pneumatics is you don't need a return line. The air pressure comes from the air compressor , it runs the tool and the air is exhausted out to the room. Also the pressures are a lot lower (about 100psi) so if a air line blows up there is very little danger to someone near it
Q:What kind of car is excavator?
In actual operation, technical content is relatively high, the demand is steady, accurate and fast.
Q:Yugioh cards that let me get back a spell card?
Spell Reclamation and Magical Stone Excavation are the only not banned cards I can think of currently.
Q:How long does it take for ground to stop settling in new construction?
Ground Settling
Q:How about Carter excavator model?
will be different. In 320D, for example, there are 2.5 and 2.9, two commonly used bucket (small arm) can be selected, bucket in the country with 1 and 1.2 more, and at the same time with heavy bucket, rock bucket, heavy rock bucket is more common. Special conditions can be selected to widen track, guard board, cab protection device, low temperature starting device and so on. Basically, most of the working conditions can be well matched.
Q:MTG Mill Deck help...?
Go U/G aggro/mill. That's what one of my friends has. He uses various allies (umara raptor, oran rief survivalist, turntimber ranger) to hold the fort while his harabaz druids, birds of paradise, and lotus cobras power out a huge mind spring, and fogging every now and sleeping every then allows him to buy time or set up a lethal aggro strike, and once he draws a ton of cards he uses his harabazes to toss down crabs and halimars mill his opponent around turn 6.

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