8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

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8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent 




This is a camping tent that can accommodate 8-12 people and is suitable for family trips.

The space is very large, with two bedrooms and a living room, and it is well ventilated, the front and rear doors can be closed, opened, rolled up, and supported as an awning.

Waterproof rating is relatively high, up to 3000mm, is a safe and comfortable camping tent.



8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents




Four seasons tent

Product Name

8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent


Quick Automatic Opening


Fit for 8-12 adults

Fabric Material


Strut Material

Steel pipe 、Aluminum pipe

External Material

190T polyester + waterproof PU coating cloth


Two Bedrooms & One Living Room

Bottom Waterproof Index

>3000 mm

Outside Tent Waterproof Index

>3000 mm




Carry bag



Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China


Customized Color


Accept Customized Logo


Outdoor Entertainment



Package size




Applicable occasions

Wild  Fishing 、Outdoor Sports、 Hiking

Sample Time



8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

Q:What are the properties of military tents?
Good concealment performance, here is not only the light hidden cover, and infrared and electromagnetic wave shielding effect, can effectively resist the electronic reconnaissance and infrared detection areas, is conducive to their survival.
Q:What kind of support frames and fabrics are used in the tent?
Fiberglass rod: a series of 6.9/7.9/8.5/9.5/11/12.5. The thicker the rigidity is stronger, more soft and weak. So the stent fiber tube is reasonable according to its ground size and height ratio determined, are easily broken too thick too small. For example, 210*210*130 is the classic size ratio, and tubes are usually 7.9 or 8.5.
Q:Recommend outdoor storm proof double deck camping tent!
The average big brand tent is all right. As for the rainstorm, I think the people who go out to play normally will consider giving up the trip under the condition that the situation is predictable.
Q:What are the inner cushions for outdoor tents?
Camping needs tents. It's necessary. What about the bottom of the tent? The floor mat, the mat shop Luo panic, all right, put the moisture-proof pad inside the tent, I feel good with aeration, but received when it was hard, the air is squeezed out. In summer, you can sleep with your bare buttocks. If you're cold, you also need a sleeping bag. You can choose the temperature according to the temperature you need. It's usually made of cotton and down, and it needs a tent lamp. It's very convenient
Q:What are the tent accessories?
Tent accessories including camp column, tent pole camp (also known as nail nail), and the deputy battalion main rope, rope, rope side and auxiliary tent, tent camp hammer, bags, tents, tents and lights around the moisture-proof pad (ordinary sponge foam cushion, cushion, cushion, aluminum film) and sleeping bags and other equipment.
Q:Can you put up a tent on the beach?
The second is to set up tents on public beaches, the site is free, but there is no safety guarantee. Personal advice or a good beach in the hotel, go out to play safe most important thing, the intersection of money can guarantee safety, or very cost-effective. You can consult the local travel agency in the pan Wan Wan travel network, and they will give you better advice.
Q:The camping tent to buy a big point, aluminum rod and glass rods which use resistance better? What quality brands do you have?
Selection of outdoor tent support: aluminum rod or glass fiber (glass fiber reinforced plastic)? Tent stand is one of the core components of tent, mainly used to prop up clothes. Usually the tent bracket length of each section is 25cm to 45cm, the diameter of 7mm to 12mm, with a hole in the middle, multi section pole by elastic rope connected between each set in a splicing method for connection, spliced into a long rod. Tent bracket is mainly divided into aluminum alloy rod and glass fiber pole two kinds of material, the tent stand on the market at present also mainly take these two kinds of material as the main.
Q:Outdoor camping tent installation method, who knows?
First open the tent packaging, removing internal accounts and external accounts and rod and accessories, and then put the tent account paved, see if the perforation or perforation type along the diagonal from the cloth ring through, then a fixed head, a head up bent, put it, according to the most is buttoned fixed with nails, the tent is fixed on the flat ground. Hanging button, the curtain rod two X to make up the account of a hang buckle, then flysheet to account for a shop, OK
Q:Can you put up tents on top of Mount Huangshan? Can tents come with you?
Mount Huangshan camping notes: bring more food to the mountains, food on the mountain is very expensive, the cold weather on the top of the mountain, camping tents should bring cold clothing, and bring some high calorie food,You can bring your own tent, but when you climb the mountain, it's tiring to carry your tent behind you. Thank you.
Q:What's the difference between camping and camping?
Special form of camping means camping in special events, such as long rock climbingA long climb may take a few days. For rest, campers hang tents on the edge of a cliff. Such camping is very dangerous and exciting.

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