8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

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Product Description:

8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent 




This is a camping tent that can accommodate 8-12 people and is suitable for family trips.

The space is very large, with two bedrooms and a living room, and it is well ventilated, the front and rear doors can be closed, opened, rolled up, and supported as an awning.

Waterproof rating is relatively high, up to 3000mm, is a safe and comfortable camping tent.



8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents




Four seasons tent

Product Name

8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent


Quick Automatic Opening


Fit for 8-12 adults

Fabric Material


Strut Material

Steel pipe 、Aluminum pipe

External Material

190T polyester + waterproof PU coating cloth


Two Bedrooms & One Living Room

Bottom Waterproof Index

>3000 mm

Outside Tent Waterproof Index

>3000 mm




Carry bag



Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China


Customized Color


Accept Customized Logo


Outdoor Entertainment



Package size




Applicable occasions

Wild  Fishing 、Outdoor Sports、 Hiking

Sample Time



8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

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Q:What's the difference between camping and camping?
Camping is a recreational activity where campers usually carry tents, leave the city, camp in the wild and spend one or more nights. Camping is usually associated with other activities, such as hiking, fishing, or swimming.
Q:What are the inner cushions for outdoor tents?
The bottom should be at least a damp mat. If you want to feel comfortable, get a cotton pad or air cushion
Q:Are there many tents at the top of Taishan?
I go to school in Tai'an to tell you about the specific circumstances during the day climbing to see the sunrise at night you need to have good physical strength because at the top of the mountain will be very cold, with a thick clothes and Tianmen Mountain Zhongtian South have tents can rent but not the same as the price to more expensive if the budget is more that is at the top of the mountain if you want to save money at the foot of the mountain in advance rented, mountain have a special tent where this time not many top tents are not assured the tube
Q:Tent fabric waterproof effect index is how much?
In the understanding of the meaning of the above indexes, we usually can be through simple indicators compared to the purchase of tents, of course these indicators are just part of the decision factors of tent texture, grade, the specific choice of what types and properties of the tent, but also depends on the actual needs and your tent occasions, when you have a the appropriate section of the tent, you can always pick up the equipment, the installation in the mountains, brook, fields, enjoy free and positive comfortable life.
Q:What kind of support frames and fabrics are used in the tent?
Fiberglass rod: a series of 6.9/7.9/8.5/9.5/11/12.5. The thicker the rigidity is stronger, more soft and weak. So the stent fiber tube is reasonable according to its ground size and height ratio determined, are easily broken too thick too small. For example, 210*210*130 is the classic size ratio, and tubes are usually 7.9 or 8.5.
Q:How to install outdoor tent?
Note that with nails in the building process, on the four corners of the ring is inserted into the earth, let the net bottom out, let the whole tent taut.
Q:What is the removal of a tent type mosquito net?
The disassembly is the opposite of the way it is constructed. Best two people match.First of all, first zip up all the zipper. Untie the rope around the sides and the top.
Q:Is it possible to sleep after the famine builds tents?
Tents are not for sleeping, but for eating full meals, restoring spirits and blood. They can only use tents at night
Q:Can Tibetan white tents enter at random?
No, because the Tibetan white tent, equivalent to the floor, the girl embroidered boudoir.
Q:Outdoor camping tent installation method, who knows?
First open the tent packaging, removing internal accounts and external accounts and rod and accessories, and then put the tent account paved, see if the perforation or perforation type along the diagonal from the cloth ring through, then a fixed head, a head up bent, put it, according to the most is buttoned fixed with nails, the tent is fixed on the flat ground. Hanging button, the curtain rod two X to make up the account of a hang buckle, then flysheet to account for a shop, OK

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