8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

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Product Description:

8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent 




This is a camping tent that can accommodate 8-12 people and is suitable for family trips.

The space is very large, with two bedrooms and a living room, and it is well ventilated, the front and rear doors can be closed, opened, rolled up, and supported as an awning.

Waterproof rating is relatively high, up to 3000mm, is a safe and comfortable camping tent.



8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents





Four seasons tent

Product Name

8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent


Quick Automatic Opening


Fit for 8-12 adults

Fabric Material


Strut Material

Steel pipe 、Aluminum pipe

External Material

190T polyester + waterproof PU coating cloth


Two Bedrooms & One Living Room

Bottom Waterproof Index

>3000 mm

Outside Tent Waterproof Index

>3000 mm




Carry bag



Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China


Customized Color


Accept Customized Logo


Outdoor Entertainment



Package size




Applicable occasions

Wild  Fishing 、Outdoor Sports、 Hiking

Sample Time



8-12 Persons Large Camping Tent Double Layers two bedrooms Portable Luxury Camping Tents

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Q:What do the tents of 190T and PU mean?
The outer ropes should be as white as possible, and visible in dim light. Avoid tripping and damaging tents when you are not careful. If possible, select a rope with a small coefficient of thermal expansion and cold contraction. When the temperature difference between day and night, excessive thermal expansion will make the original tight relaxation of the external account, affecting the wind resistance. (some outdoor stores to buy a single tent rope.)
Q:What do you mean by a tent in the Bible?
Tent: refers to the tabernacle, easy to decay, on behalf of the holy and the alien life. We are living in this world, this world is not our permanent home, our home in heaven, Jesus told us that he was going to prepare a place for us, Jesus reserve is our permanent home.
Q:Where are not suitable for tents?
The ridge edge, where the tent is in danger of being hit by lightning or sudden wind;
Q:Recommend outdoor storm proof double deck camping tent!
The average big brand tent is all right. As for the rainstorm, I think the people who go out to play normally will consider giving up the trip under the condition that the situation is predictable.
Q:Is it really convenient to build an automatic tent and a lazy tent? Are there any friends who have used a lazy tent or an automatic tent or a boat account?
First, because it is memory material, the elasticity is very good, it opens quickly, but the contraction is very troublesome.Second, you see this is the 2 season of ordinary leisure tent, is mainly used in summer, if the summer daytime leisure play has become the wind and rain, but it is poor, so the proposal was to buy a 3 quarter double Mongolia tent, namely spring, summer and autumn with a glass rod or aluminum rod the inner flysheet tent, a place, a is 2 to 3 minutes, up is relatively easy. And really encountered wind and rain, at least in the heart also figure a sureness. The price ranges from 150~999, so you can see for yourself.
Q:What are the tent accessories?
Tent pegs are made of aluminium, iron and plastic.The style of the ground nails, as well as 7 fonts, 9 fonts, round, square, six angle, triangle, V, Y and so on.See what tent you are, and what you want.
Q:What is the removal of a tent type mosquito net?
The disassembly is the opposite of the way it is constructed. Best two people match.First of all, first zip up all the zipper. Untie the rope around the sides and the top.
Q:Is it possible to sleep after the famine builds tents?
Even at night, the satiety should not be too low, and there is nothing to attack you around
Q:Want to buy domestic tents and moisture-proof mats, recommend the brand!
I personally even in the seaside with dozens of tents, in the seaside withstood more than six or seven typhoon...... But mainly by the wind ropes.
Q:How much is a double tent?
After the tension test at each point with additional protection block at the same time, the closure of advanced technology, and firmly lock each point, making the whole tent more firmly, improve the degree of safety.

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