4-6 Person Automatic Pop Up Waterproof Sun UV Protection Camping Square Tent

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4-6 Person UV Protection Camping Square Tent


4-6 Person Automatic Pop Up Waterproof Sun UV Protection Camping Square Tent





This tent has 5 ventilation openings, namely the front and rear doors, the windows on both sides, and the top window. These designs ensure the air circulation in the tent.

The pop-up tent is very easy to install and disassemble, saving time and effort.

Using high-quality B3 anti-mosquito nets, while enjoying air circulation, it can also avoid mosquito bites.

The sun-proof and rain-proof material makes your camping more comfortable and safer.



4-6 Person Automatic Pop Up Waterproof Sun UV Protection Camping Square Tent


4-6 Person Automatic Pop Up Waterproof Sun UV Protection Camping Square Tent4-6 Person Automatic Pop Up Waterproof Sun UV Protection Camping Square Tent

4-6 Person Automatic Pop Up Waterproof Sun UV Protection Camping Square Tent



4-6 Person Automatic Pop Up Waterproof Sun UV Protection Camping Square Tent





Four seasons tent

Product Name

4-6 Person UV Protection Camping Square Tent


Quick Automatic Opening


Fit for 4-6 adults

Fabric Material



One Bedroom

External Material

190T polyurethane

Bottom Waterproof Index


Outside Tent Waterproof Index





Carry bag



Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China


Customized Color


Accept Customized Logo


Outdoor Entertainment

Opening size

94.5 x 94.5 x 60.69 inches

Package size

34 *7.5 *7.5 inches

Applicable occasions

Wild  Fishing 、Outdoor Sports、 Hiking

Sample Time





Q:What do the tents of 190T and PU mean?
Many of the existing tents are labeled with seasonal suitability, mountain suitability, and field suitability data. Such as the two quarter, the three season, the four seasons tent. It provides great convenience for the buyer to provide a reference for selection.In fact, at the time of purchase, most famous tents are worth it; but it is best to do. There are many brand-name tents have a pretty good price. I've seen a lot of friends buy tents have pretty good performance, but also not what brand, the key is to choose when...... These are just some experience in the process of using, felt a sense of display slight skill before an expert for your reference, welcome; DX and supplement.
Q:How to properly use and maintain tents and clean tents?
A tent that we need to pay most attention to is that every time it comes back, it should be aired. The main purpose of drying is to let the tent dry and prevent moisture. Moisture comes first from our breathing and condensation of dew, and when people breathe and sweat evaporates overnight, they lose about 300-400CC of water, some of which are dispersed into the air. The other part of the tent surface itself is waterproof, resulting in condensation on the tent surface, coupled with temperature problems led to tents outside the account is easy to coagulate dew. Again, cooking, boiling water, steam and so on, as well as rain, snow, fog and other weather causes precipitation. Early in the morning, in order to hurry, it is usually early to put up tents. Therefore, moisture can not be discharged clean. If after the stuffy cover, it will not be long before the moldy Meibian taste, serious will produce mildew, mildew is the dispel away, will fully penetrate the fabric fiber, very beautiful effect. And this mildew is also difficult to get rid of the taste. Even for a time wipe clean, once encountered damp weather, and soon the nine will return to taste. Therefore, it is better to avoid mildew.
Q:Can Tibetan white tents enter at random?
No, because the Tibetan white tent, equivalent to the floor, the girl embroidered boudoir.
Q:Can you put up a tent on the beach?
The second is to set up tents on public beaches, the site is free, but there is no safety guarantee. Personal advice or a good beach in the hotel, go out to play safe most important thing, the intersection of money can guarantee safety, or very cost-effective. You can consult the local travel agency in the pan Wan Wan travel network, and they will give you better advice.
Q:Tent fabric waterproof effect index is how much?
The fabric is determined, the tent has waterproof performance, but also through the special waterproof treatment, the most common is PU (PU is a polyurethane coating of organic polymer, PU coating is a kind of stable temperature resistant coating), namely the PU mortar scraping on the fabric in the coating, soft texture and feel good. Waterproof performance and aging. It is not difficult to understand, PU coating thickness determines the waterproof of the tent, and the thickness of the coating by mm, shows that the static waterproof column height coating under laboratory conditions, such as the PU1500mm coating shows that the coating is not leaking in the static water column 1500mm. According to the practical experience in the field environment PU800 coating can prevent small to moderate, PU10001200 coating can prevent to heavy rain, more than the basic 1500mm coating can be used in a variety of environment.
Q:Is the tent a double deck? Is it a single layer?
This question is quite general, and what can be produced is not good or bad.
Q:The camping tent to buy a big point, aluminum rod and glass rods which use resistance better? What quality brands do you have?
This kind of bracket is used for medium and high grade tents, and the most common aluminum alloy rod is the Korean aluminum rod, which uses T6 series aluminum material. Aluminum Alloy bar is the best EASTON T9 aluminum rod, Easton metallurgical experts in the United States, through repeated research on Aluminum Alloy, produced 7000 series of more than ordinary aluminum aluminum, light weight, strength and flexibility greatly increased. Eureka K2 account for 7075 aluminum rods, HOLIDAY, JWS, LD8082 are South Korea aluminum rod. The wind resistance of the tent is not only related to the texture and diameter of the bucket, but also to the number of copies of the stock. Generally speaking, the more copies of the account rod, the better the windbreak performance. Such as 2 sets of ordinary aluminum rod tents, can resist 7-8 winds. The windproof ability of 3 sets of aluminum rods is about 9. Tents using 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum rods can be used in a blizzard environment around 11. (note that the tent windproof performance is relative, and its supporting method, geographical environment, wind, snow, users of outdoor experience have a relationship, the wind level given here is only a reference value according to daily use experience). The common aluminum rod is equipped with a fracture joint, which can be used in the fracture and be repaired directly.
Q:Do we need cushions under the tent? What kind of cushion should be used?
Under the general tent is to use waterproof index higher Oxford cloth, so basically do not need mat ground;
Q:What's the difference between camping and camping?
Conventional camping refers to campers walking or driving vehicles arrive at the camping site, usually in the valley, lake, sea, campers can make a campfire, barbecue or picnic, can sing, this is the most common camping activities, regular activities such as travelers, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts, also known as Backpackers (BACKPAKCER, China) in the mainland, also known as the tour palTrailer camping refers to a special driving travel vehicle, also known as house car camping, usually this trailer is like a house, have heating or air conditioning equipment, also has a power supply, and even the kitchen, so campers are not usually called backpackers.
Q:What do you mean by a tent in the Bible?
While Israel was in the wilderness, they lived in tents, and Abraham pitched tents in those days.

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