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This section tent for 2014 new enhanced version (thicker fabric finer work) and general market models vary greatly, good quality is not just a little bit, oh

 Lifetime replacement bracket (broken off can change the bracket) need to change pole clients postage themselves.

This section has a new enhanced version of the tent and the regular edition (enhanced version where all connections are secondary reinforcement, all tent materials are quality using high-end)

 This section new enhanced version of the tent for 14 years, the fabric is thicker 210D Oxford cloth (than the market in general 190T polyester fabric thickness and tear has greatly enhanced), finer workmanship, high quality

Hydraulic models new listing if necessary, please contact customer service

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Q:Are there many tents at the top of Taishan?
I go to school in Tai'an to tell you about the specific circumstances during the day climbing to see the sunrise at night you need to have good physical strength because at the top of the mountain will be very cold, with a thick clothes and Tianmen Mountain Zhongtian South have tents can rent but not the same as the price to more expensive if the budget is more that is at the top of the mountain if you want to save money at the foot of the mountain in advance rented, mountain have a special tent where this time not many top tents are not assured the tube
Q:Outdoor camping tent installation method, who knows?
Yes。 Spread slowly. Diagonal wear. All right, put on, is not it?. Is it straight?. Well。 Bend up and cover it. Become. Take out the account. Zip up. Buttoned up. Plug the ground nails in. 4. Pull the windbreak rope. Fix well.
Q:Tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, how to choose?
Four seasons account, I am responsible to tell you, the three quarter of the four seasons are talking about, I would like to say that the fifth quarter, it is (this is a business gimmick)
Q:How to properly use and maintain tents or clean tents?
A tent that we need to pay most attention to is that every time it comes back, it should be aired. The main purpose of drying is to let the tent dry and prevent moisture. Moisture comes first from our breathing and condensation of dew, and when people breathe and sweat evaporates overnight, they lose about 300-400CC of water, some of which are dispersed into the air. The other part of the tent surface itself is waterproof, resulting in condensation on the tent surface, coupled with temperature problems led to tents outside the account is easy to coagulate dew. Again, cooking, boiling water, steam and so on, as well as rain, snow, fog and other weather causes precipitation. Early in the morning, in order to hurry, it is usually early to put up tents. Therefore, moisture can not be discharged clean. If after the stuffy cover, it will not be long before the moldy Meibian taste, serious will produce mildew, mildew is the dispel away, will fully penetrate the fabric fiber, very beautiful effect. And this mildew is also difficult to get rid of the taste. Even for a time wipe clean, once encountered damp weather, and soon the nine will return to taste. Therefore, it is better to avoid mildew.
Q:How to install and use the cotton tent?
From the first 1. bags outside the tent will be removed, note there are 2 black bags, large inside the tent pole is small, nail and wind rope and tent, flat on the ground, and the tent wrapped with nail bags, bags and other accessories on the side bar. 2. remove the fiberglass rod from the bag and close it to a whole long pole.
Q:What do the tents of 190T and PU mean?
The outer ropes should be as white as possible, and visible in dim light. Avoid tripping and damaging tents when you are not careful. If possible, select a rope with a small coefficient of thermal expansion and cold contraction. When the temperature difference between day and night, excessive thermal expansion will make the original tight relaxation of the external account, affecting the wind resistance. (some outdoor stores to buy a single tent rope.)
Q:Is the tent a double deck? Is it a single layer?
Mainly depends on whether you are using it in general or in professional outdoor sports. Tents for outdoor sports are divided into two broad categories: three season accounts (general outdoor activities) and 4 season accounts (winter / alpine). Like the usual Park, or outdoor barbecue, beach use, and in the warmer season camping in the field, you can choose the three quarter account, the inner layer is like mosquito net, which is relatively breathable, the outer layer is windproof, rainproof material. The price is probably around four hundred yuan. I tried to live in the rain in the three season tent, it is not even a little bit leaking.The three quarter accounts are usually light, generally used in the milder climates of spring, summer and fall in the three season. They can usually perform well in wind and rain, but design features also determine how difficult they are to cope with heavy snowfall. Stronger seasons account usually increases by 1 to 2 support rods and the supporting system can resist the stronger wind or snow layer is thicker. The shape of a winter tent is usually designed with a sleek dome shape to minimize the flat area at the top of the outer basket to prevent accumulation of snow. Of course, these winter / Alpine pools also apply to relatively mild climates. But the weight of their extra support bars makes them heavier than the three quarter.
Q:What brand is moistureproof mat good?
Self inflating air cushion: the inside is expansion fiber, and the outer layer is nylon cloth or Oxford cloth with thicker waterproof coating. After inflation, the thickness is 2 to 3CM, and the length and width are about 180CM and 52CM respectively. With valves, open the valve, expansion fiber automatically inflated, inhaled air, close the valve can be used. Folding when the first valve is opened, and then rolling extrusion, air is discharged. The first charge takes more than 30 minutes. After use, it can be fully inflated in less than 10 minutes.
Q:How to install outdoor tent?
Note that with nails in the building process, on the four corners of the ring is inserted into the earth, let the net bottom out, let the whole tent taut.
Q:How to keep warm while camping?
Floor mats. In winter, it is best not to use the heat reflective mat, heat reflective low side is the kind of cast aluminum paper kind, because the pad will produce water vapor in the evening, and then to become water (because of heat reflective pad will heat reflection on your body back, cold air heat with the tent bottom in the encounter, produced water. ) because of the material of the heat reflecting pad, water droplets are not absorbed by the mat and remain on the mat. This time it is absorbed by the sleeping bag. Therefore, the heat reflective mat is best not to use in winter. With inflatable mat is very good, inflatable cushion with good quality down sleeping bag, you can ensure a good sleep!

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