Flashlight Switch

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Flashlight Switch 

Tact Switch ,Push button Switch ,Pressure Switch ,tactile switch






we are producing Push button Switch, Push Switch


Tact Switch, Power Switch ,Micro Switch

Power Tool Switch, Pressure Switch




TSY3420 TS3625B1T TS3625B TSTPHM


TS4406 TS44H TSTP4515 TSTP45H TS62H

TS66J4 TS11M WSTP050 TSB303 TSG1175

TSG1125 MD1050 TS1131 TS1243X1 TS11T TS1273G2

WSX6543 TSTPJ1212 WSX6543W WS77HS

KFC-A02-01 TDHn KFC-A02-02 Hn KFC-A03-01 THn

KFC-A03-02 Hn KFC-A03-03 THn

KFC-A04-01 Hn KFC-A04-02 Hn KFC-A07-F7.3/D

KFC-A07-10/D TS405 DS-1120A

DS-1120 TSD66 PBS-19C PBS-32B PBS-17A

SW-2-20M SW-3-20M SW-3-20T SW-3-25T

KDC-A04-1-20M KDC-A06 KDC-A10-20T KDC-A11

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Q:Computer repair shop electric irons, head bent and pointed, very good, how can not see where the iron head to buy it?
Just bend it with pliers
Q:Do you have a 800 degree electric iron?
Yes, what kind of soldering iron do you want?!The price is so expensive that you will regret it if you buy it....Starr tools have a heating iron temperature is adjustable, can achieve very high temperature!It's not spray. It's a hot iron!
Q:Electric soldering iron without rosin, what can be used instead?
Electric soldering iron without rosin can be replaced by solder paste, you can try it, it works well.Soldering paste:Solder paste is a homogeneous mixture consisting of alloy solder powder, paste flux and some additives. It is a paste with a certain viscosity and good thixotropy. At room temperature, solder paste can be glued to the electronic components at the beginning of the fixed position, when heated to a certain temperature, solvent and additives with evaporation, melting alloy powder, the welded components and pads are linked together to form a permanent connection of the solder joint cooling.What's the effect of rosin when using an electric iron?1, cleaning oxide.The rosin can clean the welding wire, the parts to be welded, oxide and other impurities, and strengthen the welding firm strength.2, prevent oxidation.Rosin can isolate solder wire from air and reduce the formation of oxides.3 wettability.Rosin can increase the liquid fluidity of solder wire. Better promote the capillary action of solder.
Q:What is the iron head of the electric iron and what is the melting point?
The main material of the soldering iron is copper, and the melting point is 1083.4 + 0.2 DEG C, which belongs to the consumable.Each electric soldering iron head manufacturers with different types (tip, tip), but the basic shape is pointed, horseshoe shaped, flat nose shaped, knife. The head of each soldering iron head (Lao Tieju, welding nozzle) is basically the same, and the difference is in the size of the body part of the iron head (soldering iron, welding nozzle) so as to be matched with the electric iron and the welding table of the soldering iron. The general electric iron, welding table brand is different, supporting iron head (soldering Tsui, welding nozzle) present situation is different. But there are exceptions, such as: ordinary external hot type electric iron (30W, 40W, 60W), because of the general use of cheap, the market 30W, 40W, 60W... Iron head (soldering Tsui, welding Tsui) can be used. In addition, it is the 900M series iron head (soldering iron, welding nozzle) used in the 936 soldering station. Although the 936 welding platform brand is very much, but all is from white light 936 welding platform evolution. All 936 soldering stations and 900M series iron heads on the market can be used in conjunction.
Q:Why is the electric iron black?
It is better not to use a blade or sandpaper to make the original coating of the soldering iron lose its original antioxidant. The best way is to use a dedicated sponge absorbent dip on the line, the first time to use more iron to eat some solder
Q:How can I get the ground wire of the electric iron?
The electric iron wire is used to prevent the iron or because of distributed capacitance and electrostatic head charge set, some wire electric iron is directly connected with the grounding pin plug in the triangle, so that the electric soldering iron is inserted into the socket has normal connection wire, wire socket through direct grounding. The iron wire is connected to a more individual alligator clips, use can be caught in the already grounded equipment shell, such as the grounding of the computer mainframe metal plate, if not convenient through the distribution system grounding, temporary use can also be connected to the metal radiator, water pipe and other objects.
Q:Electric irons have internal heat and external heat What is the difference between them and how to distinguish them?
Hot electric iron, the mainly iron head, internal heating type iron core is arranged in the ceramic tube, the iron head within the external heat type; the iron core is spiral tubular, iron head through the iron core, it out heat.
Q:Method for welding electric wire by electric iron
The headset line is generally enameled wire, above a layer of insulating paint, you use a knife to scrape paint, in the method we say welding. Paint on the line is the reason why you can't get it welded. And you take the direction of the soldering iron, take away the soldering iron, solder on the welded components, forward and down solder will be taken away by the iron.
Q:Electric soldering iron why ma hand, is not all electric iron leakage?
No, if it happens, you can drop the plug and plug it in again (because your electric iron uses two lines).
Q:Can the electric iron of the school solder aluminium products?
This problem should be like this if you want to belong to the welding of aluminum foil, aluminum and other small pieces of fine and thin pieces, can be used for welding or soldering iron, hot air gun, but low wire materials need to use M51 with M51-F welding flux, video can search "Weiouding copper and aluminum wire welding with welding" if is large, you need to use special WE53 liquefied gas as a heat source using porous spray gun
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