Electric Soldering Gun SG106

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Electric Soldering Gun, SG106

> Voltage: 110V or 220V 

> Power: 100W,

> Cord: GB or A plug

> Packed in printed box

> Durable, Dependable 


We are a direct manufacturer of electrical tools with experience of more than 25+ years.  With our well experience and the stricted quality control, our company has become famous in many markets over the world.


Agents or distributors wanted. OEM is welcome!!


Our annual production quantity is two millions pieces for assorted models.

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Q:Why doesn't the soldering iron touch the tin?
It is OK to glue bit of colophony first, also can buy the silk that has colophony to use directly
Q:How much electricity does electric iron consume in 8 hours?
To see how many watts a kilowatt hour of electricity, fifty watt twenty hours once electrician type is, the iron tile multiplied by the number of how many hours divided by one thousand equals thirty degrees such as tile eight hours ferrochrome is 30x8 / /0o0=O.24 of electricity
Q:What is the electric iron for?
It is a tool for soldering small electronic components, circuit boards, and patches
Q:Can I use an electric iron to seal an ordinary plastic bag?
The temperature of the electric iron is too high, and it is not easy to use.You put the bags in the hacksaw blades or something similar, over in alcohol lamp or candle flame on it. The length of time, according to the quality of the bag to grasp their own.You can also buy a sealing machine, one hundred or two hundred pieces, very good use.
Q:In this case, whether the electric iron leakage?
The iron plug is polar, usually is not leakage amount, especially the new iron production of large leakage is unlikely. You can use a multimeter to measure the poles of iron were the leakage of the metal part, see resistance value is how much, in general should be megohm. In addition the thin line the head is the iron clamp is used for grounding, because welding integrated circuit should be a soldering iron head part of the ground, to prevent electrostatic damage. Integrated circuit grounding must not be a shock, but you'd better find no insulation problem, because if not professional welding, rarely use this grounding clip.
Q:Want to buy an electric iron, buy what kind of good?
The use of electric iron for more than ten years, no difference, no attention to brandBuy a good 30-40 Watt, hot outside, buy a little bit of head welding small original, convenientNothing special
Q:Do you need rosin for the new electric iron?
The first is to help if you rosin, faster operation speed, can, if the resin will be slow baked, then the tin wire cannot be covered with natural rosin air isolation protection, welding effect is very poor and even failed natural welding. No matter what the iron head, as long as you used and the temperature reached the solder melting point, must carry out protective measures, welding face off before the application of solder melting completely wrapped iron head, it helps protect the iron head is not damaged and unable to absorb solder. If used for a long time, the iron head is covered with oxide, you can use fine sandpaper gently scrub, and must not use knife scraping or other iron head damage larger operations. When the power is covered with tin, as soon as possible, the soldering iron can be cooled rapidly. The iron head can be quickly insulated by the heat radiating aluminum bracket. It can be said that the service life of the electric iron depends entirely on the maintenance of the operator.
Q:Electric irons, hot melt guns and electronic components can be checked through the high-speed rail station?
Yes, we have. We haven't stopped it.
Q:Help me to the bathroom faucet close the holes. In dianlaotie how much the soldering on W
The tap is generally copper plating layer to scrape Ti oh 40W on itEither the hole is too big and your technical problem. It is recommended that you use a big gun head. The gun head is heated at the entrance of the hole without leaving the hole on the tinHands move faster, too
Q:An electric iron marked "220v45w", how much heat is produced per minute at rated voltage?
According to the heat formula, it should be correct.
We have been a specialist in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, tools and printer cartridges. Most of our products have been test-certified and proved to comply with renowned safety standards, such as UL and CE. With a labour force of more than 100 workers and our excellent production facility, our success is reflected by our sales volume of HKD50 million every year. We have a wide variety of products: Handy Steamers,Glue Guns, Soldering Tools ,BRIFLON Heat Resistance Adhesive Tapes ,Printer Toner Cartridges

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