Power/Push Button Switch

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Power Switch,push switch  

push button switch

ventilator power switch

for for range hood;Smoke Extractor;kitchen 


we can provide all kind of Power switch ,Pbs Push Button Switch


for range hood;Smoke Extractor;kitchen ventilator








 6(2)A 250VAC

 Electric Resistance

 10.000 Cycles

 Environmental Temperature


 Contact Resistance


 Insulation Resistance


 Withstand Voltage


 Operating Force

 As user requirement


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Q:Electric iron is not good, want to change, choose Chinese cabbage or yellow flower 907?
936., tens of dollars a, the iron boss should pay attention to maintenance, the general cleaning up, to tin, cleaning head can not grind too much
Q:Do you have a 800 degree electric iron?
Do not use a blowtorchBurner for heating iron head
Q:Can I use an electric iron to seal an ordinary plastic bag?
Electric iron can be used to seal ordinary plastic bags. But the efficiency is low.Ordinary plastic bags, as long as there is hot melt effect, you can use electric irons to heat seal. When operating, because of the higher surface temperature of the electric iron, it needs to be sealed with a layer of material that is more resistant to temperature than the plastic bag. For example, there are more than 300 degrees of Teflon film or mica slices, placed on the seal, and then use the electric iron on the seal painted straight line. According to the thickness of the material, you can slide back and forth. Until the seal is fused.
Q:Soldering electric products with internal heating or external heating iron?
Two kinds are best used, and the internal heating type electric iron has the advantages of high efficiency, fast heating, large iron head, and is suitable for welding the circuit board with faster absorption of heat and larger solder joint. The external heating type electric iron head is small, suitable for circuit board welding solder smaller, external heating type electric iron, the head is not easy to be oxidized when used together with Binet heat slightly easier, but two of them, each one has his good points... I use an external heating because I often weld smaller solder joints.. I used to use both of the two... According to my introduction, I'd like to see which one you are more comfortable with... Mainly depends on your actual situation...
Q:I want to get a shelf for fixing the electric iron, that is, fix the iron to the top so that the components are quick
Own welding circuit, you can buy a simple iron bracket ah, so it is not easy to cause unnecessary loss, use is very convenient.
Q:How about electric soldering iron continuously absorbing tin?.
That's how the electric iron works! When you get used to it, you are sure to be flat. This kind of suction is very fierce. If you don't like the suggestion of tin absorption, you should use this tip to attract less tin. Thank you. I hope my answer will help youThe answer on the first floor is a little strange. It's more polished. You say, let it absorb some potions. I don't know what you are talking aboutTwo floor of good to funny, all know that rosin is increasing fixed, so you polish and add rosin is not more tin?
Q:The new electric iron after several minutes of use is not easy to heat, is not because of welding oxidation?
Is your hair black iron oxidation of the soldering iron head, iron is hot after you don't use it, then oxidized, iron is in use to avoid this phenomenon, you can use sandpaper to appear inside the copper iron head, and then re tinning, use to often pull the power to use when connected this power, although the trouble spots, but to prevent the oxidation of the soldering iron head burned or help.
Q:Want to buy an electric iron, buy what kind of good?
It is better to weld small parts with sharp ends, and big ones, preferably with flat heads. There are 18 watts, 20 watts, 30 watts, 45 watts, etc.. The larger the wattage, the greater the volume of the welded part. The product of yellow flower is easy to use.
Q:How long will the electric iron of 30W be preheated?
You plug in the electricity. Generally 5 minutes or so, you can first tin. If the melting point can be, it can be welded. Remember to solder some tin to the iron head before you remove the power
Q:What's the difference between an electric welder and an electric iron?
Welding machine is a spray gun, welding difficult to connect objects, electric iron can only be used for small aspects, such as wire
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