BTR-11 Flat Nose Plier 160mm

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We supply different types of pliers & cutters: 

Mini Plastic Nippers / Cutters

Diagonal / Long Nose / Bent Nose Nippers

We are a direct manufacturer of electrical tools with experience of more than 25+ years.  With our well experience and the stricted quality control, our company has become famous in many markets over the world.  Our annual production quantity is two millions pieces for assorted models.


Agents or distributors wanted. OEM is welcome!!


We supply different types of pliers & cutters:


Mini Plastic Nippers / Cutters, 115mm


Plastic Nipper, 125mm  / 150mm


Diagonal Nippers, 115mm


Long Nose Nipper, 150mm / 200mm


Bent Nose Nipper, 150mm


Neddle Nose Nipper, 150mm


Fishing Plier, 160mm


Bent Fishing Plier, 160mm


Big-Head End Cutter, 163mm


Flat Nose Plier, 115mm / 125mm / 160mm


Micro-cutter, 125mm


Electric Heat Nipper


.... etc.


Other products from us:


Electric Soldering Irons / Guns


Hot Melt Glue Guns & Glue Sticks


Travel Steamers


Briflon PTFE Adhesive Tape


NeoTech Printer Cartridges

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Q:Why doesn't the soldering iron touch the tin?
What kind of electric iron are you?
Q:Electric iron is not good, want to change, choose Chinese cabbage or yellow flower 907?
You want to believe that a penny a piece of goods, 100 yuan or so 936 welding platform will not be better than cabbage white light. Do not belittle those second-hand boss, compared to the vast majority of homebred new, do not know how many times strong! Two you have to buy if you try, I dare say you want to return the absolute 936.There are imported boss, good color, without grinding, above the coating, the ground more durable, generally does not appear not to eat tin, even if the temperature to 420 degrees, the leader burned black, it is also a tin, steel ball on the restoration of the light slowly.I also from a few yuan a dozen yuan a ordinary iron to yellow, 907936 welding platform did not buy, but there are friends, the performance also know about. Do not want to go wrong road, you directly buy a 24V switching power to do cabbage, white, cabbage, white light drawback is the grounding problem, static electricity may break the precise, stingy original. But look at your description, you do not weld that type, so the cabbage white light is suitable for you.Also solder wire is also a penny goods, not cheap, tin containing tin is not high, impurities are more, with slag, please buy regular brands of tin, imported goods, inexperienced, be careful, because you can not distinguish between true and false. 500 grams of lead, 60 yuan or so normal.
Q:Electric soldering iron, mainly welding some TV, audio, amplifier power?
These boards are single panel, if you use it to buy a good point, then you can buy a constant temperature soldering iron is generally tens of dollars, if you do not often use the words, welding a single panel not too high temperature, buy a 40W to 50W on the line, that is seven or eight yuan
Q:Electric iron pliers. I'm looking for an electric iron like a pair of pliers. Used to seal 10mm vials. The pliers head can be heated.
Electric tweezers, Taobao search!
Q:Is the soldering iron hot enough?
I don't understand your question.First of all, no matter how many degrees soldering iron welding, regardless of process materials, as long as the high temperature is to avoid, this is the aging problem.In addition, unable to withstand high temperatures, what do you want adhesives do? Replace welding with a high temperature resistant adhesive instead of breaking it Then only the bonding metal instruments AB can be completed (note that not all ab can buy time to see that there is a written on sticky metal high temperature, there is a buy).If you want an adhesive for insulation, I recommend silicone, and the hardware store.Practical recommended with ab.No, welcome questions. Satisfaction, please adopt.
Q:The electric iron should heat the pad. Do the solder wire melt on the pad or solder the solder on the soldering iron to the pad?
Welding seems simple, and actually it is also a sophisticated technology. There is no standard procedure for specific welding operations, because the welding processes are different between different workpieces or under different conditions. The first step is to clean the iron head, thoroughly clean the iron head, and evenly coat the tin after heating. This step does not seem to matter, but it is an important foundation for the next step of welding. When welding, choose high quality solder, the quality of solder is too bad, not only affect the welding efficiency and quality, but also damage the weldment. High quality solder, solder joints have bright, poor quality solder, solder after welding white without light. When welding in most cases will tip top gently in the welding position, you say the pads or solder joints, wait after the heating wire to the solder melting, soldering tin mainly observe the degree of saturation in the melting process, the shape of satisfaction do now. Welding workpiece larger, there is no high-power iron, but also can use external heating method, welding non heat resistant workpiece, to be steady, accurate, fast, to advance welding tin for welding. The main flux, strong acid type zinc chloride, used for welding thick pieces of copper and tin. Medium acid solder paste for soldering smaller components. The above two soldering fluxes shall not be used for welding electrical wiring. Welding electrical wiring is commonly used weak acid rosin, rosin easy to evaporate, welding temperature should not be too high, welding lead wire remember to advance tin, so that more easily welding.
Q:Is the disc electric iron used in general tunnels 300 watts or 500 watts?
Usually with 300 watts on it, we bought the site is 300 watts, 500 watts of the kind of power is a bit too large, not suitable for general use of 500 watts under special circumstances
Q:How do you use electric iron, tin, and soldering? For details, each melted tin will slip away
Flux recommended rosin
Q:How do you clean the electric iron when it is used up?
In the new electric soldering iron bracket chassis, there is a small sponge like thing, that is used for the iron head "brush" the iron head cleaning block.Why use cleaning blocks? How to use cleaning blocks? Here's a brief talk.1. the necessity of using cleaning blocks:The iron head should be heated before each soldering, and the gap should be "empty hot", so that the surface of the solder on the soldering iron will be oxidized. In addition, residual fluxes such as rosin or petrolatum can also become carbon deposits and dirt that attach to the surface of the iron head. If they are not removed, they will be soldered into the solder during welding, resulting in a reduction in the mechanical strength, electrical contact properties, and finish of the welding, which directly affects the quality of the welding. To ensure the quality of welding only, clean the dirt with a clean block and then melt the solder.First, let clean blocks absorb enough water, squeeze some by hand, and keep about seventy percent moisture. With the handle of the iron handle, the heated iron head is wiped on the cleaning block two times. The upper layer is bright as new, the iron head is clean, and then the welding is carried out.If there are no cleaning blocks available, you can replace them with medium and high density sponges, or even fold them with napkins. Remember to soak it with water before use. Although the cleaning block is small, it plays an important role in welding quality.
Q:Can electric irons melt copper or aluminum?
Cannot melt. Copper or aluminum has a high melting point. The maximum temperature of the electric iron is below the temperature of molten copper and aluminum.Electric iron: is a necessary tool of electronic production and electrical maintenance, the main purpose is to welding components and lines, according to the mechanical structure can be divided into internal and external heating type electric iron electric iron, which is divided into no tin absorption electric iron and tin suction type electric iron, according to different purposes is divided into large power small power electric iron and iron.Function: electric iron is mainly used in welding machine and wire components, according to the structure can be divided into internal and external heating type electric iron electric iron, can be classified according to the functions and the tin absorbing electric soldering iron with electric soldering iron, according to different purposes is divided into large power and small power electric iron electric iron. The internal electric iron is smaller and cheaper. In general, electronic production uses 20W-30W's internal heating electric iron. Of course, there is a 50W external hot electric soldering iron can be prepared. The heating electric iron has higher heating efficiency, and the replacement of the soldering iron head is more convenientOxygen free copper is a solid copper, solid red, if the copper of a single element is heated, it reacts with oxygen to form copper oxide, that is, oxygen copper, is also solid, black, melting point is 1083 degrees.Aluminum is a silvery white metal with a melting point of 660.4 DEG C, a boiling point of 2467 DEG C, a density of 2.70 g / cm, 3, very light, about 1/4. of iron, its hardness is relatively small, has good ductility, can be drawn into filaments, can also be rolled into aluminum foil.
We have been a specialist in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, tools and printer cartridges. Most of our products have been test-certified and proved to comply with renowned safety standards, such as UL and CE. With a labour force of more than 100 workers and our excellent production facility, our success is reflected by our sales volume of HKD50 million every year. We have a wide variety of products: Handy Steamers,Glue Guns, Soldering Tools ,BRIFLON Heat Resistance Adhesive Tapes ,Printer Toner Cartridges

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