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HDMI cable, DVI cable, VGA cable, Optical fiber cable, USB Cable; Rca cable 


The main products of our company are as following:

HDMI cable, DVI cable, VGA cable, Optical fiber cable, USB Cable; Rca cable

Computer Cable, Hdmi Cable, Hdtv Cable, VGA cable, DVI cable

Audio/Video Cable, Video Cable, Pc Cable,

Data Transfer Cable, Data Cable, Digital Device Cable,

Hdmi Cable, Hdmi, Dvi Cable, Hdmi To Hdmi Cable, Hdmi-Hdmi Cable, Hdmi-Dvi Cable 



HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) provides an interface between any HDMI-enabled audio/video source, such as HDTV, PS3, Blue Ray DVD players, XBox360 Elite, Home Theater, projector, Dish receivers and all other device with HDMI input. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports 8-channel digital audio, with bandwidth to spare to accommodate future enhancements and requirements.



HDMI 19 PIN male to HDMI 19 PIN male cable.

Double-color PVC moulding shell.

Certified HDMI 1.3b, back compliant with all previous HDMI versions, Support All HDMI Devices, transfers at 10.2 Gigabytes per second.

Supports 1080p Full HD picture quality and Supports up to 1600p (future proofed).

24K Gold plated connector for the best conductivity.

Use Oxygen free copper conductor to maximum signal transfer and minimize interference.

With Triple layer copper braided shielding to ensure lossless data transmission.


Buyer Selection 

1. Gauge of cable: 30AWG, 28AWG, 26AWG or 24AWG. 

2. Cable OD: 8.2MM, 7.3MM, 6.0MM, 5.5MM.

3. Cable length: 0.1M, 1M, 2M....20M

4. Ferrite rings for resisting EMI.

7. Shell Material: single-color PVC moulding, Double-color PVC moulding, Zinc alloy , Aluminum alloy.

8. Connector: Golden plated or Nickle plated 


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We can offer you various of Computer Connection Cable, including

Network RJ45 Cat5e, Cat6

Printer Cable (Convensional, IEEE1284)

Monitor Cable ( HDMI, DVI, SVGA, RCA, 3.5mm)

USB Cable (USB A / B, USB A M / F, USB A / Mini 5P)

Firewire IEEE1394 (4P, 6P)

Keyboard/Mouse Cable (DIN6, DIN8)

Modem Cable (DB9, DB15, DB25)


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Q:How about a yellow electric iron?
Yellow flower electric irons are of good quality and are more durable, imported, such as Japan's largest market, or the United States and Germany are very durable
Q:Can the air conditioner's copper pipe be welded by electric iron?
The temperature of the electric soldering iron can not meet the requirement. It is better to use oxygen explosion
Q:Will the electric iron of 30W sublimate the lead and its compounds in the solder into lead smoke?
Lead (lead, Pb), grey metal, atomic weight 207.20, the proportion of 11.34, the melting point of 327.5 DEG C, the boiling point of 1620 DEG C, heated to 400 DEG C ~ 5OO, that there are a lot of lead in the air and steam to escape, the rapid oxidation of arsenite lead, and agglutination is smoke. With the increase of temperature of molten lead. Can be further oxidized to lead oxide, four, three lead oxide dilead trioxide, but are not stable, finally dissociates into lead oxide and oxygen.Electric iron temperature is about 300 degrees, although able to melt the solder, but less than the melting point of lead. So even if there is little amount of evaporation lead, will not affect health. Of course, the professional engaged in such work or should pay attention to, lead may also enter the body through the hand or other way, examination may be necessary.
Q:About soldering wire and electric soldering iron
If the welding leader, with about 1.0mm Xi, a bit better.The best use of lead-free solder containing silver, resistivity of solder joints are smaller, the only drawback is that as a lead solder and relatively bright melting point will be a little higher, about 217 degrees Celsius, the general lead is about 187 degrees Celsius.If it contains silver, it is recommended to use thousands of columns (Japanese goods, but the quality is good, you can exchange domestic brands and other brands).Adjustable iron can buy homemade white light, it must be recommended to use 1321 import core, so that power will be greater, the use of time and the welding of the ground will be better. Individuals now use their own, only bought 1321 of the handle.
Q:How much is the temperature of the electric iron? How much watts is good? I use 25W pointed electric soldering iron solder on the graphics capacitor, half a day can not solder down, but also for a long time, the video card to
The electric iron can improve the temperature, change a power again big point, the operation should be smart, will be the best solder obliquely downwards, solder has melted iron will immediately leave and get rid of the iron head on the tin, and then close to the molten tin solder again, this action should be quickly repeated several times until the solder metal all removed. A new element, the first component of the welding foot inserted, welding tip do not dip too much tin, quick action is the best point of soldering to the circuit board and component pins, to stabilize slightly for a while, after cooling the long element pins with side cutters cut. As a product of drum type welding tin solder, soldering paste containing.
Q:Can electric irons weld stainless steel?
The electric iron used for soldering, welding of copper and zinc silver, with hydrochloric acid or zinc chloride flux free soldering iron to do strong, but it is difficult to weld stainless steel.
Q:Electric iron is not good, want to change, choose Chinese cabbage or yellow flower 907?
20W is the earliest internal heat, almost nothing can be welded, I feel the temperature is too low. Finally bought a 60W outside heat, the boss always burn. Grinding a few times on the scrap. With more than a year's 50W heat, horseshoe head, all kinds of welding can cope with, that is, the boss fee is very. Want to change a good use of iron, but afraid of bad technology, the leader can not afford. A lot of time is welding a few points, the chief half of the tin does not touch, and grinding time is much greater than the welding time. Recently saw a lot of Chinese cabbage white, seemingly X treasure down nearly one hundred, are enough to make a domestic 936 welding table. It is second-hand man, I really worry about the iron head I can't drive the delicate. Yellow flower 907 looks very practical, can adjust the temperature. I usually pay great attention to the iron head full of tin, but when soldering tin easily too much, always want to get rid of excess tin, then get rid of welding three or four leader will have a place began on the tin, slowly it is difficult to tin, head broken is I can not continue to Polish the polish. I read a lot on the maintenance of tin post, Baidu also searched a lot, and still in use, it is estimated that I am accustomed to high-power, 50W internal heat, a drive is more than half an hour. Teach me some experience. What iron should I choose? I'm an amateur. How can you make a long iron head! Thank you
Q:What is the iron head of the electric iron and what is the melting point?
The main material of the soldering iron is copper, and the melting point is 1083.4 + 0.2 DEG C, which belongs to the consumable.Each electric soldering iron head manufacturers with different types (tip, tip), but the basic shape is pointed, horseshoe shaped, flat nose shaped, knife. The head of each soldering iron head (Lao Tieju, welding nozzle) is basically the same, and the difference is in the size of the body part of the iron head (soldering iron, welding nozzle) so as to be matched with the electric iron and the welding table of the soldering iron. The general electric iron, welding table brand is different, supporting iron head (soldering Tsui, welding nozzle) present situation is different. But there are exceptions, such as: ordinary external hot type electric iron (30W, 40W, 60W), because of the general use of cheap, the market 30W, 40W, 60W... Iron head (soldering Tsui, welding Tsui) can be used. In addition, it is the 900M series iron head (soldering iron, welding nozzle) used in the 936 soldering station. Although the 936 welding platform brand is very much, but all is from white light 936 welding platform evolution. All 936 soldering stations and 900M series iron heads on the market can be used in conjunction.
Q:How tin solder electric iron?
Tin plated on a scraped lead. After the wire is dipped in the rosin solution, the hot iron tip with tin is pressed on the lead and the lead is turned. A thin layer of tin can be uniformly plated on the leads. Before the wire is welded, the insulating skin should be stripped off, and then treated by the above two items before welding. If multiple strands of wire wire, after polishing should be screwed together, and then tin.
Q:What kind of electric soldering iron does soldering computer main board use?
Upstairs said good, but there must be noted that the iron must be connected to the head of a ground wire, to prevent induction of sensitive components of the breakdown. After the soldering, remember to wipe the rosin off the board with alcohol.
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