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AV Cable 

RCA Plugs to RCA Plugs 


The main products of our company are as following: 

Audio/Video Cable, Video Cable, RCA  Cable, Scart cable,

Hdmi Cable, Hdmi, Dvi Cable, Hdmi To Hdmi Cable, Hdmi-Hdmi Cable, Hdmi-Dvi Cable

HDMI cable, DVI cable, VGA cable, Optical fiber cable, USB Cable; Rca cable

Computer Cable, Hdmi Cable, Hdtv Cable,


Length: 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m

3ft, 6ft, 10ft, 15ft, 30ft, 50ft, 100ft

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Q:Where does Taiyuan sell electric irons and commonly used electronic components?
Look at it online. It's cheaper
Q:Electric iron pliers. I'm looking for an electric iron like a pair of pliers. Used to seal 10mm vials. The pliers head can be heated.
Electric tweezers, Taobao search!
Q:Why isn't the electric iron hot?
Electric iron is divided into two types of external heat and internal heat, the general power of the external heat is larger.The internal electric iron is smaller and cheaper. In general, electronic production uses 20W-30W's internal heating electric iron. Of course, there is a 50W external hot electric soldering iron can be prepared. The heating electric iron has higher heating efficiency, and the replacement of the soldering iron head is more convenient.The electric iron is used for soldering, for ease of use, usually made of solder wire, solder wire in general contain rosin flux. Solder wire uses about 60% tin and 40% lead to synthesize, melting point is lower. (Bitbaby has a good habit of washing hands every time he finishes. Lead is not a good thing, but rosin is used to it very much. -)Rosin is a kind of soldering flux, which can help welding. The people who play the erhu must have it. They can also be bought at the drugstore. Rosin can be used directly, or can be configured as a rosin solution, that is, to crush the rosin, into a small bottle, and then add alcohol, stir well. Note that alcohol is volatile, after use, remember to tighten the bottle cap. A small piece of cotton can be placed in the bottle and used to be clamped out of the printed board or component.Note that there is a solder paste on the market (with that, it's a kind of welded oil) with corrosive things, is used in industry, is not suitable for making use of electronic. There is also commercially available pine perfume, not the rosin solution we use here.Electric irons are held in the hands, pay attention to safety when using. The new electric iron must first check the resistance between the plug and the metal case with a multimeter. The multimeter indicator should not move. Otherwise, it should be thoroughly checked.
Q:Electric soldering iron nib is not sticky, how to solve?
When I met the electric iron head is oxidized on tin, with cut iron head according to the plane direction of the original file, and then heated on the lining rosin, give the tip plane tin rosin take smoke, so to protect the iron head is not exposed to the air and high temperature oxidation, prolong the iron head life, the best method is to do this step in the iron head and the newly bought. No, you can try a new one. It is recommended to prepare a piece of rosin at ordinary times. It is better to stick the iron head on the rosin block before the tin is applied, and let the rosin thin and evenly cover the top of the soldering iron, so that the high temperature iron can separate the air and slow down the oxidation rate. Also, try not to have corrosive solder paste.
Q:Do you want the electric iron to be calibrated?
I also encountered this problem, because there are iron is to display the temperature, sometimes the operator to display the temperature of the temperature of the iron, if in this case, the process is affecting the performance of the product, so I think it is necessary to calibrate the thermometer every day. But if the inspection iron, does not require calibration the thermometer is calibrated. Need.
Q:How can the solder on the electric iron be cleaned?
Turn on the powerThe electric iron can be very clean on the rosin
Q:The tip of the electric iron cannot melt the solder
The tip of the pointed iron can not be filed with a protective layer. Only the new ones!
Q:Want to buy an electric iron, buy what kind of good?
Internal heating and external heating are two different heating methods, generally internal heat type heating fast, the external heat type is generally high-power ironSo, home maintenance small appliances or buy internal heat type, easy to use, 30W enough, too big, easy to circuit pad burned.In general, the yellow card is equipped with a pointed iron head, do not have to buy aloneIf an occasional large area of welding, you can buy a 150-250W external hot ironInternal heat type usually buy Guangzhou produced "day yellow" brand iron, the quality is very goodWhite light is a famous brand in Japan. The tools for white light are very good, but they are expensiveGeneral electrical components, retail sales
Q:The electric iron can return the hair?
Yes, but not clean. Because you only exposed part of the burned meat, there is still hair.[Methods] to pig hairWith a boil after dissolving rosin, pour hot in hairy skin, rosin after cooling, removing the rosin, will pull out all the hair.Supplement:Pig, refers to is attached to a soft pig, the pig is mainly used to brush, can also be used for the extraction of amino acids, also have hair brush. China's pig raw materials produced throughout the country.
Q:How do you use electric iron, tin, and soldering? For details, each melted tin will slip away
To clear the oxide layer on the weldment. Then use the soldering protection class of rosin are not re oxidation of iron in temperature after welding to be dealt with as long as tin, tin will be infiltrated in the welding parts.
Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of electronic products.We are able to promise prompt delivery and favorable prices to our customers. OEM/ODM orders and your special requests are welcomed. Samples are available upon requests. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign friends to negotiate trade and cooperation. Please contact us now. Our principle is to make mutual benefits with long-term cooperation. In order to satisfy customers' requirements, we will make great efforts to develop new products and improve our service. We hope to cooperate with all friends from all over the world.

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