Wooden Door Covering Vacuum Membrane Machine

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Item specifice:

Dimensions: 16000mm*2100mm*2000mm Bed dimension: 5000mm*1300mm Vacuum degree: ≤-0.095Mpa
Actual power consumption: 13KW Voltage: 380v 50HZ Weight: 7.3T

Product Description:

Wooden Door Covering Vacuum Membrane Machine

TM5000 Film Laminating Machine for PVC Paint-free Door


1.High automation:

The machine is highly automated, easily operated with automatic feeding. Items of processing time, temperature during the process of manufacture, as well as vacuum degree shall be in the control of digital display instrument.

2.Good heat conductivity:

Aluminum plate shall be used for heating system, which is of high heat conduction for higher rate of finished products. 

3.Innovative design: 

The machine TM5000 comes out by our technicians out of properties of PVC film to solve the issue of failure to form and to repair one time by ordinary negative press machine.

4.High configuration: 

The operation of drive system shall be done by chain drive, double reduction gear applied for feeding to avoid piece malposition, which shall lead to product waste; Electrical devices that imported with stable property shall be used for electrical system, equipped with two operating programs of high automation.

5.High working efficiency:

Heating by special craftsmanship on large bench, which highly improve product efficiency and save cost.

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Make sure that you use a base paint. If this pressed wood is near any water or might get wet, try and find a oil base enamel base paint and this should do it
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less weight more reps to burn fat and tone
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