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PVC Sliding Door Manufacturer for American and Europe Style

PVC Sliding Door Manufacturer for American and Europe Style

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1. Introduction for PVC Sliding Door .


1)  Production is completely in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and environmental system and security system.

2)  Provides insulation from draughts, rain & noise with a self-draining aluminum tread;

3)  Superior energy efficiency provided by sealing around the door jamb & tread;

4)  Various glass types available for doors and windows


2.Specifications for  Sliding Door


Product namePVC sliding door
Profile colourWhite,Ashy,Brown,Double colour co-exstrusion,Wooden laminated etc.
SizeAvailable in any sizes as per your needs.
Glass options1) Type: clear,tempered,reflective,coated,decorative,floated,Low-E glass etc.
2) Thickness: single glazed /double glazed /triple glazed
Hardwares1) Imported hardwares like: Germany RoTo,G-U,
2) Chinese top brand hardwares .
Mosquito screenMade of nylon or metal net
AccessoriesReinforcement steel:1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm
Sealing rubber strip:EPDM
Tech data1) K-value of window: 3.03 w/ m2. K
2) Air permeability: 1.7 m 3 /h. M
Product features1) Air proof,Water proof,Sound insulation,corrosion-resistant
2) Availability in variety of colors,does not need painting or varnishing
3) Environmentally friendly, Energy Efficiency,Thermal insulation
4) Anti-aging & Anti-Rust
5) Fire resistant
6) UV protection - will not fade or discolor
7) Easy to install, easy to maintain,easy to clean
8) Condensation free
9) Occupy little space
10) Bright and airy room, Bring you peaceful and comfortable living condition


3.Photo for PVC Sliding Door .





American and Europe style pvc sliding door manufacturer


4.Advantage for PVC Sliding Door with CE ISO etc .

1.2.0mm thickness thermal-break aluminum

2.PA66 insulation bridge

3.6mm+12A+6mm insulated glass


5.Customer Visiting

Our products have been exported to many counties, such as Saudi Arab, Turkey, Mongolia, Iraq, South Korea etc. Besides, every year, many clients from all over the world come to our company to visit and build long business relationship with us.


Welcome to visit our factory!



Q:Last night I went to get the wheaterization plastic for windows but grab a plastic drop cloth on accident will this still work ?
Be careful with this.. I have my windows open in the winter.
Q:Most of the windows in our home are pretty drafty. We've been putting up the thin, shrink with a hair dryer Duck plastic in our windows for winter to help with the drafts. I want to make some window quilts for this winter to help, but I'm not sure how to combine them with the plastic, or if we should just use them with out the plastic. Would it be more effective to plastic right around the window, inside of the frame, and then hang the quilt right on top of the plastic, or hang the quilt outside the frame, or just hang the quilt directly on the window with out the plastic?
I would go with 4mm plastic - it is fairly opaque, but it is far better at keeping the cold out. Cover the whole window including the frame with the plastic, then hang your quilt over it. You should notice a big difference, and the pretty quilt will hide the ugly plastic. : )
Q:There have been news reports that broken glass is falling from condo apartments. They are coming from glass window installments. I want to know if condo buildings ever build their windows with plastic.
You sound like a good tenant. No Landlord will get mad and not renew a lease, with no trouble seeing that you ask for improvement. If he does, I assurance there used to be an extra motive and wouldn't have renewed it anyway another thing is, landlords are well conscious of the condition of the models. They be aware of when carpets are as a result of get replaced, home windows and different repairs and improvements are indispensable. Nevertheless, they most likely will preserve off as long as possible, except the tenet asks. As for the fee, it can be expensive, but it also provides to the worth of the unit, makes it easier to appoint/lease out. Who pays the heating bills? Whoever is paying is in general spending extra if it can be bloodless there, and warmth is escaping. That will have to be a important point to bring up also. But don't be shy. Again, it's most likely he is already conscious of the need to change them.
Q:If I do weather stripping and seal the windows with plastic, is that better than doing just one, or redundant?
The plastic window kits that shrink (via a hairdryer) work well. No need to weatherstrip them as well.
Q:Would a Jeep Wrangler with glass windows be any less noisy than a model with plastic windows?
The glass windows are usually in the hard top. The hard top is much quieter than the soft top.
Q:I have yucky shades on my windows dead bugs all around my windows. They are old windows so I bought an insulation kit to do the windows. It says I will need to blow dry.What if I don't want to touch the disgusting shades my landlord said be would replace when I moved in ? I am kind of stuck living here so until I can find a place a roommate, I want to seal the windows. shades completely. They have poor insulation a handful bugs come in every hour.Do you think the plastic will work without shrinking it with a blowdryer? There are slice webs around my window so I am disgusted.
Actually you can go with this approach, but you must ask an expert before applying anything. Your windows will look great, and they will be highly protective after applying plastic on them. But be careful and do it properly.
Q:What is the U value of the heat shrink plastic window film?
not much, it is primarily used to reflect the sunlight to keep the house cooler in the summer
Q:My windows seem to be extra drafty this year... It seems like one of them is open, but I can't find anything wrong with them. Anyhow, my heat is kicking on like every 15 minutes! I don't wanna get a $300 gas bill every month till winter is over... I'm thinking about putting plastic up on the windows --- How do I do this? What do I use?It seems so ghetto, but oh well.I live in an apartment building too btw..
I have the same problem . My windows are recessed on the inside of the house so I bought a 1/2 inch thick piece of smooth styrofoam at Lowe's and covered from the inside. It's a little dark in the room but it works great. You can also find heavy gauge clear vinyl at Lowe's or a fabric store and just tape it over the window from the inside. Vinyl works better than regular plastic because it's thicker.
Q:When is it ok to take the plastic off my windows for summer? (the weatherization plastic that you blow-dry tight in the fall) I want some fresh air in my house but am not sure if it's the right time yet. I live in upstate NY.
When you know you'll be comfortable in the house without the plastic on the windows. Some people are comfortable when the weather gets into the 50's, some at other temperatures.
Q:Do I have to replace the entire convertible or can the plastic be replaced?
you can have the plastic replaced - i had it happen to me, it faded to yellow and was just plain ugly. either take it to the benz store and have them take care of it - or go to a good upholstery shop and have them replace it. so, yes it is very easily done.

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