3 worktables vacuum membrane hot press machine with PIN

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Item specifice:

Dimension: 15000mm*5300mm*2820mm Worktable size: 3280mmx1300mm Main machine dimension: 4000mm*2200mm*2300mm
Unloading table size: 4100mm*1800mm*600mm Turning table size: 3000mm*2200mm*1400mm Weight: 26T
Loading table size: 4100mm*1800mm*600mm Rated working pressure: Positive pressure≤0.6Mpa Negative pressure≥-0.095Mpa Max working height: 50mm
Actual Power Consumption: 18KW Feeding table size: 3000mm*1500mm*950mm

Product Description:

3 worktables vacuum membrane hot press machine with PIN

TM3000P-Ⅲ Three-tray vacuum membrane press machine with automatic PIN system

The assembly line circulates the station, optimizes the production structure, and separates the area where the workpiece is placed from the finished product, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the assembly line. The equipment requires only three people to operate at full load, creating more value for factory workers.


1.High speed: one working cycle is less than 2 mins when high gloss and common workpiece enter the main machine and out of main machine.

It`s 2-4 times efficiency than ordinary positive and negative press machine .

2.Good effect: The grooves of the finished product of the ordinary film are clear and in place, no open edges, blistering, no color difference, and strong adhesion on high-gloss working surfaces.The effect can reach the international leading high level .

3.High configuration: The key part imported from Germany / Japan / Taiwan, high configuration and stable performance.

4.High working efficiency: The whole machine adopts a fully automatic top block, compare with other manufacturer`s machine ,we reduce the process of making bottom pad , save the raw material costs, reduce the  sequence of scan machine , save the working time, increasing working efficiency, reduce labor costs.

5.High degree of automation: The machine was equipped with an PVC automatic select rack roll , automatic film cutting device, automatic PIN system, press membrane device , a tray lifting device , afinished product flipping and collecting device ect.. The degree of automation is high  and process in smooth, compact , one- stop press membrane process production.

The height of top PIN can be selected as 12mm,15mm,18mm, solve the problem of high-gloss sample is not in place.

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