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well i dnt have a cookie sheetnd i was wondering can i use aluminum foil to bake cinnamon rolls or no.?!
Yes make sure you spay it with non stick spray first or they might stick.You can line a glass oven safe casserole pan with the foil lined in it and bake them that way oh yeah
So I accidentally left the bag of food leaning up against my guinea pig's cage and she ate a bit off the side, I'd say about 3-4 square inches maybeI gave her some hay because I read that it's good for digestion, but everything I've found says a little isn't going to kill them, but I don't know if a little means like a bite or like less than a shopping bagShe's chowing down on the hay right now but I'm concerned she might have eaten enough to block up her insides or whatever it does? I don't know how much it would have to be to do that(Note: guinea pig is quite large, as in my mother has never seen one that big in her whole lifeI don't know if that affects anything)
Your thoughts are beautifulI think you would like one of my novelsThat language is already invented, it exists no matter whatit's the Universe itselfIt's made of vibration, and vibration in harmony isMUSIC!!! That language would be Music, Sound itselfWe can learn to understand itand in fact we will communicate through Music one day:-)
can you turn aluminum cans into aluminum foil?
In short, noYou could try cutting the middle out and hammering it relentlessly until it's foil-like, but in the end it's a huge waste of time and energyJust buy a roll and recycle your canThe big processors will turn it into foil.
When people touch antennas (tv's or radios') they improove their frequency????I mean when we watch tv and then we touch its antenna,we can see more clear this channel.??????Is it because people are quot;chargedquot;????
The TV station transmitter sets up tiny electrical currents in your antennaYou TV detects these currents, amplifies them then converts them into sound and picturesThe stronger the currents in your antenna, usually the better the pictureThe amount of current induced on your antenna depends on, among other things, the physical size of the antennaWhen you get get close to the antenna, the size of the antenna changes, which changes the currents, which change the TV pictureIf the picture gets better, then the antenna was not perfect for the channel you are watchingIf antenna were in the perfect size, position, etc., then touching the antenna would only make the picture worseI have seen people use aluminum foil or wire coat hangers to get a better pictureAll these have the same principle.
I am looking for a live tree to put in my bird room, preferably one that is edible (leaves, bark, berries, flowers.etc)I have two parakeets and a few finches.
Diabetics should eat only POMPA.This stands for Papaya,Orange,Moosambi,Pomegranate,and Apple.This too in moderation High sugar and less fibre fruits like Banana ,grapes etc are taboo.Mango is full of Sugar and not recommended.However, watermelon is highly recommended.
I am attempting to make Disney land/world turkey legsThe recipe says quot;roast turkey legs in oven at 250deg, turning several times for 3-4 hrs until doneOnce done increase the temperature to 375deg and cook for 15 mins or until skin is crisp and brownquot;I am cooking them in a glass casserole dishShould I cover the turkey legs or leave them uncovered and should I add any liquid to the bottom of the dish?
Anyone have any good recipes for chocolate cheesecake?
BRUSSELS SPROUTS AU GRATIN 1 lbBrussels sprouts 2 cthin bechamel sauce (follows) 1 tbspbutter Salt Pepper 7 ozEmmental cheese Trim the Brussels sprouts, wash them and cook in a little boiling salted waterPrepare a pouring bechamel saucePreheat oven to 425 degreesButter an ovenproof dish and arrange the Brussels sprouts in it in a single layer, very close together; salt and pepper them lightly and cover with bechamelSprinkle with the coarsely grated cheese and put in the oven for 10 minutesHeat the broiler (grill) for 5 minutes and finish the dish under the heat to form a golden crustServe hot BECHAMEL SAUCE: 2 1/2 cmilk 1 medium-size onion, peeled quartered 1 smcarrot, scraped chopped 1 bay leaf 1 Bouquet garni 8 peppercorns 3 tbspbutter 6 tbspflour Salt Pepper 3 tbspcream Pour the milk into a saucepan, add the onion, carrot, bay leaf, bouquet garni and peppercornsHeat gently over a very low heatWhen the milk looks as if it is about to boil turn off the heat, cover and leave to infuse for 15 minutesHeat the butter in a saucepan over a low heat, do not allow to brownTip in the sieved flour and mix well to make a roux, cook for at least 1 minuteThen strain in the infused milk mixture whisking or stirring briskly with a wooden spoonContinue cooking, stirring all the time to prevent lumps forming, until a thick pouring sauce is madeTaste and season, add cream for a rich sauceUse for vegetables, fish, eggs and pasta dishes.
A box of aluminum foil cost $7.78The box contained 500 sheets of 12quot;X10 3/4quot; foilDetermine the cost per square inch of the aluminum foilReport the answer in dollars/in^2
need more info like whats on there now and what is the tach/rpms at and how fast r u going