Beam moving head light 200W/230W for any events

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Beam moving head light 200W/230W for any events

Technical parameter

VoltageAC90V-240V 50-60Hz
Power consumption250W
Control channel16CH
Functiona color wheel.14colours+white,a pattern plate.17pattern+white
Horizontal scanning540°(16 bit precision scanning)
Vertical scanning280°(16 bit precision scanning)

Replaceable pattern plate,high speed wobble effect,an atomizer,a eight prism,positive and negative direction of rotation

And positioning function with prism,focus,zoom,LCD display.

Optical device,3 lens type lens group,zoom 0-3.9 degree electronic focusing 20 meters

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Q:Where can I rent the lights and stereo?
Beam light refers to the light of the lamp, hit out is the beam effect, shake head lamp also has the beam, shake head lamp, LED shake head lamp and so on, but there is a comprehensive application.
Q:Method for connecting sound control of sunlight 512 console and light beam lamp
Check the signal line card faucet is consistent, methods: a LEDpar lamp is set to 001, with 512 separate console test will know the signal line arrangement is correct, if the LED par is eight channel, second address code is 009 or more than 009 address code, after a good tune, find the corresponding channel in the 512 console can control the lights, and 512 channel console must address code corresponding to the lamp does not light, otherwise.
Q:There are several types of beam lamps
At present, the domestic manufacturers have two kinds of heat dissipation solutions, one is the traditional heat dissipation, relying on a good fan to heat the bulb, and with temperature control switch. Another high-end software is temperature control, heat dissipation, that is, rely on software to control the fan constant temperature, if the fan down speed or failure, automatically put the bulb to protect out, not fried bubbles. The two way, the latter is good, even if the former does not fry bubbles, but the bulb life greater impact.The beam lamp mainly with PHILPS, here of four categories, one is the original PHILPS global platinum 5R global MSD or more OSRAM original 230W, a PHILPS UHP bulb, a lamp on the market in Taiwan 5R the largest amount, the last is all fake bubble and PHILPS screening out the color temperature of uneven and uneven brightness of bubble.The original 5R platinum bubble is about 700 more expensive than the UHP price. In addition, the same type of UHP bulb, bubble pressure is also different, good manufacturers will measure bubble pressure, once again to the bulb screening, in order to ensure the stability and consistency of the bulb.
Q:The computer beam, the control panel and the touch screen are all out of order. How can I repair it?
1. re install a touch panel driver, will solve your problems
Q:The connection of a beam lamp with a beam light
Connect the signal line, electrify, adjust the address code, you can control on the console above, carefully look at the instructions of the channel table.
Q:Can different manufacturers of beam lights be used together?
The probability of using them together is very small, because the motherboard programs for different manufacturers of beam lights are different
Q:King Kong 1024 how to close the bubble, that is, on the table, how to turn the beam lamp bubble to turn off
To find the console corresponding to the location of the bubble button, see the instructions on the bubble out the value of the general is transferred to the value, and so on a few seconds out
Q:Beam light in the use of the process encountered a sudden power failure,
It was possible that the light bulb was burned because of a sudden power failure, and it died out without timely heat dissipation, causing its damage.
Q:How can I make the beam light shining one by one?
Agree with the first floor of the answer, now single chip is universal. Very easy.
Q:How does the beam light change in two colors?
I don't understand what you say, ask the details, I can answer you!

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