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Q:Is it better to disconnect the positive or negative cable to a car battery?
Just answering the first question. Always- disconnect- the(negative) cable first no if ans or butts. For no reason should the positive cable EVER be disconnected first. Nor should it be connected last EVER.
Q:if a fuse for the fuel pump keeps blowing what is the main cause for that?
The fuel pump is probably bad. Although, a bare wire rubbing against a metal bracket or something could cause a short in the wiring.
Q:Does causing a short circuit in your car damage the wiring?
The short did not hurt your wiring or cause your present problem. That's what fuses are for, to protect your wiring and other Components. You might try double checking all of your connections, but check at that new switch first. if you need to replace that wire, find out where the wires next connection is and try running a temporary wire first, if it works then you can hide the new wire! This could be several hours work though, chasing that wire through the body. Hope this helps, good luck
Q:Amps - Electrical question for my computer Power Supply ?
If the inbuilt fuse is 13 amp then you certainly wouldn't use a power supply rated below it.a 10 amp would be too less a power to kick off the 13 amp if you had a surge.You need one slightly higher rated then the 13 has to be a 15 amp surge protector
Q:Calling all Wrench Heads.?
The alternator and other components might be fried also, have a mechanic check everything
Q:Fuse Rating Inscription: is F2A 250v same With F2AL 250v?
F2al250v Fuse
Q:No radio or clock in 2001 hyundai elantra?
Double check the fuses tor the dome light and cigar lighter, its easy to miss a bad fuse If you have a test light or DVOM (multi meter) use it to check both sides of the fuse for power, obviously an open in the fuse is going to cause one side of it to have power and not the other. You will need these tool to verify the fuse is getting power, check the condition of the fuse, and trace the power to the individual components on that circuit. For backyard mechanics, Harbor Freight has these tool for the $5-10 range that work great for occasional use. Good luck man! If you need any further help with open / short diagnosis just let me know.
Q:What would happen if I put a 30a fuse into an appliance that used a 25a fuse before?
I'm no expert, but I'd assume if for some reason your fridge drew more than 25 amps it'll likely get fried and your problem will get more expensive than just replacing a fuse. Although most fuses in homes are only 15amps, maybe 20so I'm not sure you'd ever get to your 25 or 30. Like I saidI'm no expert.
Q:Car Wire Short Finder?
So what do you plan on doing with the short finder? Tear the wiring harness all apart so you can scan each one for a short? The way to find a short is to pull each fuse,one at a time, and have a test light hooked up to the disconnected negative battery cable and the negative battery post. When you pull the fuse that turns the test light off you've found which circuit it is on. Next you need a wiring diagram of the fuse box so that you can see which of the wires on that circuit go to which component. No matter how hard you search? The fact you are even looking for a short finder suggests you have no clue what you are doing so I would recommend hiring a real mechanic to fix your draw problem, not waste it on gimmicks.
Q:My motorcycle wont start after i switched the neg and pos terminals, I checked the fuses they were good, HELP?
You okorder

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