DDSF607 series single-phase electronic type multirate ammeter

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DDSF607 series single-phase electronic multirate ammeters are used to measure active energy with 220V,50Hz. It adopts latest MPU technics and wide-range digital measurement chip. High accuracy, wide measuring range, high stability, low power consumption and resonable construction are all its excellent features. the meter use special LCD and LED display. The meter has two types of measurment: positive and negative. It also has antifraud functions and supply pulse output for easy test.

Type and meaning
Main technical parameters

1、Conform to GB/T 15284-2002、DL/T 614-1997、DL/T 645-1997、IEC 61036:2000、GB/T 17215-2002;
2、Class index:1、2;
3、Power consumption:less than 2W(10VA);
4、Display:programmed setting display, no display when power off;
5、Multirate:wave peak、normal、wave bottom three-rate eight-section ;
6、Communication:supply infrared record, RS485 communication record(if applicable);
7、Clock accuracy:less than 0.5s/d(23℃);
8、Stable working(no citypower)current:<10µA;
9、Battery:3.6V, 1.2Ah, reliable use time more than 75000 hours when power off;
10、Meter record date:at random,keep 12 months’ electric power.
11、Load representative date: at random.
12、Specified operation temperature:-25℃~55℃;
limit operation temperature:-25℃~60℃。

Outline and installation dimensions
Order note

Before order you should fill out the type, specification and quantities. If you have special requirement please negotiate with manufacturer.

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