BSMJ series self-healing LV Shunt capacitors

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It is used in an AC power system with rated voltage less than 1.2kV to increase power factor to reduce reative loss and to improve voltage quality.

Main Features

a. Novel in structure,light in weight
It is produced with Zinc-and-aluminum metallized polypropylene film as the medium so the dimension and the weight is respectively only the 1/4 and 1/5 of the old.
b. Low loss
Because the actual value is less then 0.12%,energy loss of the capacitor itself is few,the raised temperature is low,operation life is long and it has outstanding saving energy result.
c. Good self-healing performance
Medium partial impulse caused by the over voltage can healed by itself to operate as before.
d. Safety
It is very reliable because the discharge and insurance devies are installed in it.
e. No omitted oil
Its main immersed agent is the micro-crystal wax,which is solid at normal temperature,its drop-pot and dissoluble-pot are both above 70℃ and it won'omit operating,so it won't pollute the surroundings.

Main Technical Parameter

a、Usage environment:surrounding temperaturt is -25℃~+50℃the humidity is less than 85% the altitude is below 2000m.
b、Rated voltage:0.23~1.2kV,AC.
c、Rated capacity:1~60kvar.
d、Capacity deviation:0~+10%.
e、Tangent of the dielectric loss angle:In the power frequency rated voltage,20℃is less than 0.2%.
f、Withstand voltage between the poles:the rated voltage is 5s if the voltage between the poles is 2.15.
g、Maximum permitted over-voltage:it is 1.10 as the rated voltage.
h、Permitted over-current:it is 1.30 as the rated current.
i、Automatically discharge:It is less than 50V in 3min after power broke down when the Dc is ?Un as the before increased by the capacitors.
j、It conforms to the standards GB12747-1991 and IEC60831-1996.

Table of The Main Specification And the Overall Dimension

The overall dimension of the single-phase products and the products installed impedance coil is equal to the three-phase ones.Order by the contract if the other specification is needed.

Note: the above overall size is for your reference only, we accept special orders of other specifications, and the sizes are subject to change in improved design.

The installation and size of shape

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Q:what would make a fuse blow in a kenwood ka 995?
Do NOT keep replacing a fuse that keeps blowing! There is a serious internal fault that is causing excessive current draw that dramatically overheats internal components. You are likely to be causing more damage each time you do this. The unit needs professional servicing. Using a larger fuse increases the chances of the unit catching fire.
Q:Video card attached to motherboard?
It isn't fused to the motherboard it is PART of the motherboard. The components that make up the video card, are right there on the same printed circuit board as everything else. A new motherboard for a zd7000 series goes for $900+ right now just had to price one for a customer. Why so much? This is HP's way of inspiring people to upgrade their hardware. You may have paid $2000 for it a few years ago, but it isn't worth nearly that much now. Think of it this way. Take a look at the laptops that HP is offering now, for that same $2000 and compare their specs to yours You'll see. There are tested motherboards available now on OKorder, for the zd8000 series, going for $300 (BuyItNow Price). Just do an OKorder search for zd8000 motherboard. As to where you should have it installed you might do better at a smaller repair shop, as opposed to Best Buy/Geek Squad. The wait time should be shorter, and the labor should be less. You are looking at between 2 and 3 hours labor for the job. I'm not saying that a good tech couldn't install it in under an hour. I'm saying that any shop is going to charge you between 2 and 3 hours of labor.
Q:May I know where I can buy 0.5A fuse for my car MP3 modulator?
service station, car accessory place, electrical component store
Q:What's happening because I wrongly put the battery terminal on my 2002 Honda Accord EX?
Reverse connection destroys a lot of electronics near instantaneously. If you are lucky, you will just need to replace a lot of fuses. Or possibly a master fuse in or near the positive battery cable. At worst you will have to replace the engine management computer and a lot of other electronic systems in the car
Q:What is an internal thermal fuse and what does it do?
they are a section of thinner wire(usually encased in a glass or plastic case) that fails to protect the whole circuit or component when the temperature, voltage or current drawn rises too high, hence the name thermal. fixing it is easier said than done. do you know where it is? do you know how to safely remove and replace it? can it be removed/replaced? best bet is to get (buy, beg/borrow/ steal) the service manual for your car and read that first. if you get one, it becomes a handy resource for when you need to know stuff about the car. these manuals are made either b the manufacturers or other people who atually pull a car apart and put it back together, noting instructions and taking photos, so they are relatively easy to follow.
Q:I have a sanyo 25 inch tv that makes a buzzing sound after being on for a few minutes then gets louder. Why?
For sure please call Sanyo service center to help you (don't wait until the set blow the worst case it can set fire. Buzzing sound usually comes from the component that has coil in it, like flyback, transformer. But it usually comes from the flyback when its leaking. If this the safety fuse you're talking about, when it blows your set won't be able to turn on anymore.
Q:I have a component cable with an end for a ps3, xbox 360 and wii. If I plug a xbox 360 and ps3 into it?
I wouldn't try it - you won't blow up the whole block or even your whole house (worst that would happen to the house is a blown fuse or circuit breaker), but you could ruin either the PS3 or the Xbox 360 or both. I doubt it would hurt the TV, but I wouldn't try it anyway - why risk it? There's no reason to leave them all plugged in and turned on anyway - it surely wouldn't work, as the TV would not know which set of signals to display - the mix would be impossible for the TV to display even if no damage were done. Certainly don't power both units on at once, and I'd even keep only one device plugged in at a time just to be safe in case I forgot and did power up both devices at once just to be safe.
Q:what function does this component play ?
ARGH. You have a UPS with a damaged primary (i.e. direct from the power line) circuit. Removing just one obviously-damaged component is not sufficient to guarantee that it's safe to operate. Your UPS could catch fire, start your house on fire, and thereby kill you while you sleep. You should immediately unplug your UPS and have it serviced by a qualified technician. Or, replace it.
Q:Transformer In-rush current, does it easily blow fuse and does it matter ?
Assuming the transformer is well designed and you are operating it within it's rating, no problem. I'd change the fuse to 3/4 amps slo-blow. .
Q:mercedes 83 300sd fuse for the clock?
If your clock has stopped working in your W126, it is most likely not a fuse problem but instead the clock is broken. Below is a link on a step by step DIY guide on how to fix the clock. Edit: Sorry I couldn't be of help but I could tell if I was back home and took a look under my hood and the fuse box. I am currently on business in Korea and won't be back home until Oct. 3rd. I believe the fuse box label tells you which fuse it is, and fuse is used for other electrical components too. Below I found some more links dealing with the fuses in a W126. Take a look at the link towards the bottom of the page (fuse #13).

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