CDL7 Series Residual Current Circuit Breakers

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Q:How do I get the instrument panel lights to come on in my 1999 Honda CRV?
the maintenance required gentle is reset at each provider and is derived on whilst the elapsed mileage from the final provider is approximately 7500 miles. At ninety,000 you will possibly desire to have had the substantial provider' witht the finished 'song-up featuring the spark plugs, valve adjustment, filters and fluid ameliorations. At ninety seven,500 the required provider is a tire rotation and oil and clear out exchange plus the standard maintenance inspections of the brakes, suspension, lights platforms and fluid tiers. you may reset the maintenance gentle by way of pushing the top of your ignition key into the slot by way of the eco-friendly-yellow-purple indicator. pushing the biggest in will turn the indicator back to eco-friendly and reset it for 7500 miles from whilst the provider is carried out. desire that facilitates
Q:Car stereo not working?
If this is a manufacturing facility stereo on a overdue mannequin vehicle that you simply purchased new, then there's a well risk that your trader gave you somewhat card that has a quantity on it. Sometimes they placed this within the packet that you simply walked out of the dealership with, and mostly they only placed it on your glove field. If you cannot discover this quantity, then there's a risk that the dealership can reset it for youfor a rate mostly. The simplest difficulty I see is if you have no energy in any respect to the stereo (clock is not on, no safeguard caution at the show, and many others.) then they'll have blown a fuse on your fuse pannel whilst the alternator used to be hooked up. Even worse, if the fuse the radio is connected to didn't blow whilst there used to be a surge find it irresistible used to be meant to, then your radio is also burned up. Either approach, it seems like you want legit support. Stop via your regional stereo save, or dealershipwhichever is extra handy. It does not price something to invite them a query. Good success.
Q:What electrical modifications do I need to make for 2 15 Kicker L7's?
Actually they really are 2000 a piece depending on how you set the gain with a lot of watts to it. 100 amp fuse is awfully small for that system, you need to get up to 250 or 300 amps if you plan to run 1 ohm an another thing what ohm are the subs?? cause if they are 2 ohm subs then you're gonna need a amp for each sub.
Q:Hot Tub not working?
I think Four Winds use balboa spa equipment. The sensors are either sold as a combo with the Temp sensor and hi limit or separately. Makes sure the power is off when you change them. The pump would not get damaged from a closed gate valve. To trace the GFCI tripping or blowing fuses. start by unplugging each of the pumps/components until you find the one that is causing the trouble. I do bet f you replace the high limit sensor your fuse blowing will stop. Whew! there's a lot of to tell you. Feel free to call us toll free and I can work it through with you on the phone Sunday afternoon. 1-888-atkippy. Your using the SC-30 fuses right? OH will go away as soon as you replace the sensor. Off the top of my head I would say the senor will cost 32-40 dollars. The blown fuses are coming from too much amp draw. This has got me very curious. Do inspect all your wires thoroughly to make sure there are no exposed wires and also do look at your fuse holder for burnt marks. I am betting you might have a value 2000 system and the fuse holder is charred. A faulty wiring condition exsists so please use extreme caution.
Q:why does the fuse keep blowing in my vcr/dvd d1000 samsung?
This answer isn't going to be very helpful, but it is the best one I can give without being there in person to snoop, meter and prod things a bit. You likely have some component in the power supply section that has gone out of tolerance by shorting quietly. This occurs when a resistance drops enough to blow fuses rapidly, but the very fact that it blows fuses rapidly keeps it from ever damaging anything to the point of finding the problem with a visual inspection. My best guess from here is that this model VCR / DVD has quiescent state power so that it can be used with a remote control at all times. That leads me to believe that the problem itself would be in either the particular section of the power supply that provides this power or in the sections dealing with the remote sensor and any micro controller that interprets and activates those commands. There is one fairly simple possibility you might have overlooked. Make sure that no connectors or bare wires are against the case that you can see. Also check for minor discolorations of the boards due to heating. If you aren't a qualified tech or a talented hobbyist with tools available such as a multimeter, this will be very difficult for you to track and repair yourself I'm afraid. And, as always, it isn't safe to work around equipment you're not thoroughly familiar with, even disconnected. Best advice is take it in for repairs or replace it. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Q:harness sparks when hooked straight to battery?
the spark is due to the fact that you are creationg the connection without a switchthus you are firing up the lights by direct contact to the battery. This will create a spark every time. you need to run them through a switch to make them operate properly. Basically you are creating a short in the system when touching the wires directly to the battery. Put an inline switch and you will be ok.
Q:Connecting crossover to sub?
For the main power you can use a distribution block that splits the power two ways. just cut the main power wire (with the battery disconnected of course!) and connect them back up again via the d block. then run your 10GA wire from the d block to your crossover. Don't forget to put fuses in between the distribution block and the components though. A 25 amp fuse for the sub and a 3 amp fuse for the crossover. For the remote wire you can simply tap into the one already running to you sub. there are connectors for this that you can buy from any electrics store. Good luck. Ben.
Q:I have a 97 ford explorer. Niether the AC or fan are working at all. Will coolant work?
Fan motor could be effected by a fruse/relay. If you have this working but still no cold air then you need to recharge your system.
Q:2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Radio problem.?
The radio has a second fuse for memory, although it is used by other components so you would notice that worth a second look though! Check all the fuses with a lest light or a volt meter, if they're all are ok then its likely your radio, they are rather problematic
Q:Electronic component code reference?
May be this will help you: •A: Assemblies •B: Transducers / Sensors / Detectors •C: Capacitors •D: Storage devices •E: Miscellaneous •F: Fuses •G: Generator, battery pack •H: Indicators, signaling devices •J: Connector / connector pin Joining another connector (P) •K: Relays •L: Inductors and filters •M: Motors •N: Analogue devices •P: Measuring / test point / connector plug •Q: Transistors •R: Resistors •S: Switches, push buttons, emergency stops and limit switches •T: Transformers •U: Integrated circuits, Power converters, DC power supplies •V: Electron vacuum tubes tubes •W: Wires, conductors, power, neutral and earthing busses •X: Terminal strips, terminations, joins •Y: Solenoids, electrical actuators •Z: Filters

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