CDM2 Series Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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Q:How to fix electric central heater?
I would first check the fuses, Had this problem once and found fuse blown, replaced and had not trouble for 2 years. Fuses in the panel were fast acting type, replaced with slo-blow fuses. You can buy you a multimeter for about $8.00 at many discount and hardware stores. Turn off the power to the unit, Place the multimeter to AC volts 500V scale and check to make sure you have no voltage on either side of fuses. Remove fuses one at time and check on ohms X 1 scale. You should have around 0 to 50 Ohms on meter, If you have infinity replace fuse or fuses and try. Would make sure to use slo-blo fuses, Much more expensive but will save money in long run. If fuse blows again probably bad element
Q:Car stereo not working?
No, fuses do not protect against reversed polarity. They are designed to protect from shorted electrical supply wiring and overloads (excessive current). Reversing the DC polarity to many devices will spell sudden death. Depending on how long the condition existed, there could have been a really huge buildup of heat which has damaged power supply components. One reason that reverse polarity is used with DC welding equipment is that normal polarity puts more heat into the workpiece, whereas reversed polarity puts the heat into the welding electrode.
Q:Why is my Chevy Lumina car not charging battery?
There is an alternator fuse in the under hood fuse box . If that is not blown check the battery wire on the back of the alt for battery voltage .
Q:My fuel pump on my 1992 Saab will not get any power to it/not work.Any suggestions?
Check fuses and relays, you need the wiring diagram and component locator. The wiring diagram will help you trace the circuit. The ECM usually provides the relay ground circuit and the relay provides the power to the pump.
Q:Need a wiring diagram?
generally there is a light(s) a switch, a fuse, and a relay for the components. If you are looking for the schematic, they are the same components for every car so I would recommend going to your local auto parts store, look on the shelf of fog lights, and on the back of the box has the schematic drawn out. you can copy it or just draw them on a piece of paper, because there are not a lot of wires. I hope this helps ~Joe
Q:Is there a way to check and see if a circuit board is still working with a volt meter?
It would be hard to do, I feel. But, you can do a visual inspection of the components. If a capacitor or transistor etc. look burned you can test it with the meter set to Ohms but, you may have to unsolder to test. Be sure the power is off.
Q:wiring short or failed component?
If the an aftermarket radio was installed, the wiring may of been done using just electircal tape, as some fly-by-night people do. Over time the wires may become loose, and hit a ground. Take the radio out and look to see.
Q:sony xplod cdx-gt35uw radio quit working while driving. All known fuses are good. Now What?
Did you check the fuse in the back of it? and have you checked all the good connections? Sometimes components just die especially cheap ones.
Q:What can you do to check a distributor and fuses in a 1993 Toyota Camry?
First okorder
Q:The turn signals on my 1996 GMC Sonoma have stopped working. What should I do about it?
Remove all turn signal marker and stop light bulbs out and spray CRC 56 in the sockets and replace the bulbs. If you have silicone grease cover the terminal wires on the bulb replace every thing and everything should work fine. It's a crappy job but for some reason the metal inside of the light sockets discolor and turns green. Resistance builds up and If it will make you feel better I've been down that same road with a 98 S-10 with 26,500 miles on it. Its always been stored and never driven in the winter. We've forgotten how to make good quality copper

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