CDM1 Series Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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Q:How do I get the instrument panel lights to come on in my 1999 Honda CRV?
double check your stereo wiring. and check fuses.
Q:How to figure wire size needed for 12v DC?
There really isnt a formula for such a short run. You need to determine how much current your device will utilize (radio maybe 10 amps, or a light maybe 5, etc) Once you determine how much current your device will draw, you then determine the proper gauge wire.
Q:sony projection kp46xbr35 pic is shaped like a bowl?
If it had bad fuses the cross would be misaligned. If you move the red and blue up and down and the whole picture moves (the red and blue part) then I suspect a vertical deflection problem. This could be the output ic, the jungle ic, or associated component and connections. The only way to find out is with an 0-scope in a shop.
Q:What is wrong with my stereo?
Q:NEED Help with this one lads and ladies please, jump leads connected wrong on my car! 10 points given to best!?
Hubby did that to my car and it fried the ecmthe brain box computer.
Q:Will this wiring set up work on my boat. No previous wiring present?
Slicing off the insulation is a bad idea as it will likely cause corrosion problems later on. The best and easiest way I have found is to go to an auto parts store or Walmart or somewhere like that and get some 'Scotch Lock' connectors that you insert the wire from your trailer connector and simply squeeze onto the existing wire on your vehicle. It pierces the wire of your vehicle but leaves only a small nick in the wire and does not damage it. You can hook up the wiring very quickly and easily this way and if you ever remove the wiring it is easy to simply tape up the small nick in the wire so as not to cause corrosion at a later time. Good luck.
Q:I have a 97 ford explorer. Niether the AC or fan are working at all. Will coolant work?
I would start with electrical components, beginning with fuses and relays (remove and inspect). I would then look at the low pressure switch tied into the A/C line (jump terminals in cable harness plug while A/C is on to see if compressor kicks in). If you know lots of refrigerant is present and jumping that plug makes the compressor turn, get a new switch. If the coolant has leaked out, don't let the compressor run on empty for more than a few seconds. If the compressor never comes on after all this, try jumping 12V to it directly to see it a bad clutch coil (still won't come on) or bad wiring or control circuit. The next step is to pull a hard vacuum on the system: -29.5 Hg is what you want, and see if the vacuum is stable with the pump off and valve shut. If the vacuum leaks out find out why and get it fixed before buying R134a. If you think it might be a very slow leak you could now take a gamble and get it charged and add leak dye. This can tell you how slow the leak is and where, in the meantime you might have some A/C for a little while. EDIT: The blower motor in the dash might just be broken, which isn't affected by the level of freon in the sealed system. Have this blower problem resolved before digging into the A/C system itself, because it might be just fine.
Q:1982 Prelude Fuse Blows?
First is to make sure you have the cable hook up the right direction. Second you may have a short out of your main fuse box. If you capable disconnect all wire to your alternator, tape them off and reconnect you battery if the fuse not blow then replace the alternator, if it still blow then get help from a local mechanic.
Q:new world gas cooker plan7 oven not working and 3amp fuse keeps blowing?
You could have a small scratch in the paint inside the microwave oven cavity. The paint is a protective covering to the metal which makes up the microwave and if the paint is chipped, even a tiny one, the microwaves react with the metal to some degree. If the scratch is large enough you will get sparks, but if it is small it may only blow fuses.
Q:50 amp blade fuse burns out as soon as I turn on the key?
a three or a 5 amp fuse would be positive, as long as your heater works once you slot the plug there is not any would desire to purchase a clean one. If the heater is going defective it particularly is going to easily blow the fuse, yet there is not any reason it is going to.

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