High-voltage current limit fuse for transformer protection

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It can be used in indoor system of 50Hz and rated voltage of 12kV. Used together with other switch facilities such as loading switches, vacuum contactors, it can protect electric transformers and other electric facilities against overloading or short circuit, It is also a necessary accessory for high- voltage switch box, circular circuit cabinet, high/low voltage top - loading transformer substation.

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Q:How do I know if my ECU is bad? It blows ECU fuse the second I turn on ignition.?
Check main relay. It may be faulty. Below Driver's Dash.
Q:break lights dont work. ?
It's not very likely that both bulbs would go out at the same time so check the fuse first, then the brake pedal switch, also check to see if any other components are malfunctioning as sometimes the brake fuse covers other items, although ti's not likely to be the bulbs it's worth checking them. But I would bet it's the brake pedal switch.
Q:microwave problem?
The fuse can blow from a power surge, caused by lightning or inconsistent power service. They can also blow from a direct short in one of the other components. Replace the fuse, they are cheap. If it blows again right away, you probably have a direct short in the microwave.
Q:Easy way to clean car engine?
oven purifier will east up the coating of the wires. thats effective stuff, itll decrease via to oil on the wires and shop going! your engine became no longer made to shield concentrated corrosion like that. next time basically purchase the gunk engine purifier its like 4 dollars for quite an excellent can of the stuff!
Q:Why is my Chevy Lumina car not charging battery?
There is an alternator fuse in the under hood fuse box . If that is not blown check the battery wire on the back of the alt for battery voltage .
Q:Need help with car audio please???
He is correct, you cannot damage a sub by underpowering them, that is just a myth. You can damage them however by going more then 10% over the rated wattage. Your head unit doesn't effect your subs it only effects the speakers wired to it. Since you upgraded and you only have an 80amp fuse, you will need a bigger one. You need one that matches somwhat close to your fuses on your amp, I am running a 100amp fuse on a 750w amp and im sure your amp is much larger.
Q:Fuse Keeps Blowing For Power Steering, A/C & Heater?
look for a mechanic in your phone book. you can seriously screw the pooch and your wallet if you try to fix this yourself. next time don't drive through water.
Q:2000 chevy metro Fuse blowing to take it out of park, why?
Some where in the circuit for the D range in you car is a short to ground weather it be right after the shifter all the way down to one of the solenoids in the transmission shift assembly? If you can find the short it'll fix right away? Have it scanned for trouble codes this might help find it? But major don't increase the fuse size this is extremely bad it will cause the wire the harness or the component it's attached to to receive vary high current this will cause the for mentioned things to burn and fail this could cause a 50-60$ repair to be at worst a 2-3000$ dollar reapir
Q:is the radio in a 2004 malibu connected to any other electrical components?
Where on earth did you read that?
Q:1992 grand am start up problems?
Sounds like the fuel pump fuse.try looking under the dash or on the side of the dash when you open the door.if it isn't there it will be under the hood.I would reccomend you go to your local autozone and purchase a $15 book on your car!! not only will it help you find those pesky relays and fuses.but it will also have a wiring diagram to show you where that disconnected wire goes.but don't fret if you can't find that because sometimes car manufacturers use wiring harnesses for different cars and option packages and that wire may not be used for your vehicle.although given it's location my guess isthat it goes somewhere.Buy a book if you are going to be doing your own work on the car.it is a invaluable investment!!!!!!!!!

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