SJW series Three-phase High Accuracy Full-automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer

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Product Description:

Principle & Characteristics

This product is constructed by connecting the three pieces of high accuracy full-automaatic AC voltage stabilizers with Y connection method, has the advantage of: wide input voltage range、high efficiency、with over(under)voltage、over-current protection function、high regulation accuracy、short adjusting time、same input and output voltage waveform、small volume、less weight.

Scope of Application

It is available in the electric equipments and facilities in housing、factory、school、shop、office、precision instrument for scientific experiment, can long hours circulate.

Main Technical Parameter
Size & Weight(For reference only)

Note: Property of this product is similar with TNS type product.

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Q:what other possibility is there for a no spark response after replacing all distributor components?
You'd get a better answer if you'd tell us make, model, year and engine. Is there a crankshaft sensor outside of the distributor? Is the ignition coil built into the distributor?
Q:Grounded a circuit board by accident. It can be fix?
It is most likely one of the components on the circuit board. Most of these components are 5 or 12 volt parts and easily damaged. Check for a blown fuse but you will probably need the circuit board diagnosed and repaired. ps I am an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in damaging circuit boards.
Q:2000 mercedes ml320 power seats dont work?
yea if the seats work and the fuses are good its the relay or wiring.
Q:General Physics question about electrical components?
Because the fuse is supposed to just create a short circuit when the current is larger than what it's supposed to be. the fuse must conduct therefore it won't have a large resistance whereas a resistor such as a light bulb or any other load is clearly to have high resistance, as the name resistor indicates.
Q:Why does the air conditioner keep blowing the fuse?
How old is your house FUSES! Most have breakers. Check if you have put something else on the same circuit, an a/c unit will take almost 15amps and any extra will blow the fuse. You could use a 20amp fuse but no higher. or use a 15amp slow blow fuse. They will take over 15amps for a short time.
Q:Fuses on an 05 750 shadow?
I'm thining you still have a bare wire grounding out somewhere, hard to find to :(
Q:My 92 Cadillac DeVille's horn, dash display, and antenna died. Why?
fuses are meant stop anything thats powered to be blown, check all your fuses and i'm betting a number 15 is blown.
Q:Car stereo system question?
1 rule with NEVER insert a fuse with a different fuse rating then what its supposed to handlethis can fry certain components in your car, like your amp. most likely frying your amp is the case, get a better amp that can actually handle the 4000w (or 2000w RMS) at the given impedence.
Q:Car Wire Short Finder?
An induction short finder shouldn't cost $ around for a less expensive alternative. These work very well in locating the shorted circuit and generally will pretty much pinpoint the area where the circuit is actually shorted.
Q:is the radio in a 2004 malibu connected to any other electrical components?
strange idea. The radio is connected to the battery via a fuse block, to the metal chassis, to the antenna, and to the speakers. .

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