SVC NEW Single-phase And Three-phase High Accuracy Full Automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer

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1. Summary
SVC-D Series AC automatic voltage regulator is the latest product studied and produced by ourselves. These products adopt 8 digits CPU control produced by the well-known MOTOROLA company, which can stabilize the precision and set up the delay time. The products also have many protection functions on delay, over-voltage invert-delay, lack voltage, over load invert-delay, lack voltage, over load, over temperature, machine malfunction and so on. They have digital display, blue-screen lightproof, dynamic panel display and it can show the working status of the machine. When the machine works abnormally, on the panel there is corresponding due and short or long warning.

Input Voltage(1)AC 150V~250V
(2)AC 70V~130V
Output VoltageAC (1)220V (2)110V
Stabilization PrecisionWhen 220V,±3%
When 110V,±3%
Delay TimeLong:180s;Short:5s
Protection Value
(1)250V/5s delay;
(2)275V/2s delay;
(3)295V/1s delay;
Lack-voltage Protection Value180V/5s delay
Over-load Protection Value2.8times than rated capacity
Over-temperature Protection Value90oC
Load Capacity Factorcos 0.9
Regulating TimeWhen input varies 10%,less than 1s
Waveform DistrotionNo additional waveform distortion
Reactance Strength1500V/1min
Insulation Resistance>5MΩ
Insulation GradeE grade
EnvironmentTemperature:-10oC~+40oC Humidity:<90%

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Q:House near a polyphase transformer?
Poly-phase transformers which are merely 3-phase transformers don't really cause anymore interference than any other transformer. If the thing was up against your wall, then maybe it would mess with radio or cell phone communications, but really your main interference concerns would be if you were near high voltage transmission lines. Why not ask the previous owners or neighbors in the area if this transformer has interfered with their electronics.I doubt it.
Q:What kind of transformer is required to convert a 110 v microscope with a 6v, 10w bulb to a 220 v instrument?
cheapest would be a simple voltage regulator you build yourself. a 2:1 transformer.
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L FireWire N zero line + V output voltage 0 output midpoint
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Transformers are generally used for AC voltage conversion if used for other purposes such as changing the frequency of the power supply, rectifying the power supply of the equipment, the power supply of the welding equipment, the electric power of the furnace or the voltage transformer, the current transformer. These special-purpose transformers are known as special transformers. Because of the working conditions and load conditions of these transformers, they can not be calculated by the general transformer calculation method.
Q:What are the advantages of an 11/132 kV transformer over an 11/33 kV transformer?
The new transformer is connected to the transmission grid at higher voltage level (132 kV) vs the old one (33 kV). This implies the increase in power rating (MVA). The old voltage level 33kV was too low for supplying the increased power demand. In addition, by removing the 33 kV voltage level, one step in the transmission chain has been removed. I am assuming that, in the old configuration, in addition to 11/33 kV transformation there was a 33/132 kV voltage transformer(s) somewhere between the smelter substation and the high voltage transmission grid. Three main benefits are: higher capacity, lower losses and minimization of number of voltage levels in the substation reduced costs of operation and maintenance.
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Q:How and why are transformers used on electric wires?
1. Transformers are used to step up (or step down) AC voltage/current. Further, they can provide electrical isolation from two circuits (There is no physical connection between the two sides of a transformer). 2. Transformers can break for a lot of reasons, i.e. excessive heat, too large of a load, environmental breakdown, faulty manufacturing, etc
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If 12 x 12V 10W lamps in parallel then it correct in saying that you need a 230-12V 120W transformer to suit
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I am only familiar with PROTEL, PROPERTIES I am not familiar with

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