DBW SBW Compensated Voltage Stabilizer

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DBW SBW compensated voltage stablilizer is a contact adjustable automatic voltage compen-sation high-power regulating power device. When voltage from supply network is varied or dueto loading current effect, it automatically regulates the output voltage to ensure the normal func-tion of the varied of electric equipments.


Input voltageSingle phase: 220V; Three phases: 380V
Output voltageSingle phases: 220V±20% or 220V±30%
Three phases four-line: 380V±20% or 380V±30%
PhaseSingle phase; Three phases four-line
Responsewithin 1 sec.(against 10% input voltage deviation)
EfficiencyBetter than 95%
Ambient temperature-10oC~+40oC
WaveformNon-lack fidelity waveform
Insulation restortionBetter than 5MΩ
OverloadDouble rated current, one min
ProtectionOvervoltage, overcurrent, feed phases

3. Outline and packing

DBW-20K2070 x 50 x 1352831
DBW-30K3070 x 50 x 1353101
DBW-40K4070 x 50 x 1353301
DBW-50K5080 x 60 x 1503601
DBW-60K6080 x 60 x 1503801
DBW-70K7080 x 60 x 1501001
DBW-80K8090 x 70 x 1704301
DBW-100K10090 x 70 x 1704801
SBW-50K5080 x 62 x 1353501
SBW-60K6080 x 62 x 1353701
SBW-100K11085 x 52 x 1504201
SBW-150K150100 x 72 x 1705501
SBW-180K180100 x 72 x 1705701
SBW-200K200100 x 72 x 1706301
SBW-225K225110 x 80 x 1806601
SBW-250K250110 x 80 x 2007001
SBW-300K300110 x 80 x 2107401
SBW-320K320110 x 80 x 2107601
SBW-400K400110 x 80 x 210/211002
SBW-500K500110 x 80 x 210/215002
SBW-600K600110 x 80 x 210/222002
SBW-800K80085 x 100 x 220/328003
SBW-1000K100085 x 100 x 220/335003
SBW-1200K120085 x 100 x 220/341003
SBW-1600K1600110 x 110 x 220/455604
SBW-2000K2000110 x 110 x 220/471004

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Q:Rectifier and rectifier transformer
The rectifier is a device that turns AC into a DC. Rectifier transformer is to provide the rectifier with the corresponding AC input power. Rectifier transformer is done AC / AC conversion, and rectifier is done AC / DC conversion.
Q:how a transformer works for 160kv when it is rated as 125kv?
You will drive the core flux well into the saturation region with a disproportionate increase in iron losses. The magnetising current (which is normally very small) will also increase strongly and disproportionately. The transformer might still function quite well (although with higher harmonic content in the voltage) but especially due to the high iron loss and also because of the increased magnetising current you would have to reduce its rating quite considerably. These are the effects of non-linearity. The higher voltage you would be applying would also place all the transformer insulation under a higher stress, increasing the risk of an internal short or external flashover. You would in minimum have to subject the transformer to a suitably elevated over-voltage test, which it probably wouldn't withstand. This sounds like quite a big transformer and if there is any danger to persons or to neighbouring installations if an accident (explosion, oil spill or fire) were to occur, you, or the responsible person, could easily be facing a negligence or even gross negligence charge for authorising the change!! I definitely wouldn't sign off on that one!!
Q:What is the temperature of the dry-type transformer?
Insulation heat-resistant grade for the F-class epoxy resin casting transformer alarm temperature factory setting is generally 130 degrees.
Q:why we need to know VARS and pf of transformer?
The power factor and reactive volt-amperes are only important as intermediate steps to calculating the values of the transformer's equivalent circuit component values. The pf determined in the open circuit test is related to the magnetizing reactance and core loss resistance. The power factor determined in the short circuit test is related to the primary plus secondary leakage reactances and winding resistances. The equivalent circuit component values are needed for various transformer performance calculations and for calculating the influence of the transformer on the complete circuit. I don't believe that the open circuit and short circuit pf and VARs are used for anything once the equivalent circuit has been determined.
Q:in which sequence should i watch transformers?
1) In the G1 timeline we have a sequel series made exclusively for Japanese audiences. They completely ignore the events in the American ending and go in a completely different direction. 1) Transformers: Headmasters 2) Transformers: Super-God Masterforce 3) Transformers: Victory 4) Transformers: Zone Then there's Beast Wars and Beast Machines is a sequel/prequel to the G1 series. ___________________________ 2) Transformers: Robots in Disguise (RiD) aka Transfomers: Car Robots in Japan is a complete standalone series, no relation to any other existing TF series ____________________________ 3) The Unicron Trilogy is it's own timeline that has 3 series. US - JP Armada - Micron Legend Energon - Superlink Cybertron - Galaxy Force but the 3rd series, Cybertron, was originally a self-contained series, the American version edits the dialogue to make it appear as a sequel to Armada and Energon. Also, the character Override, who is female in the US version, is male in the Japanese. In other words in Japan the first 2 are in the same continuity and the 3rd is a another reboot.
Q:What is the difference between AC transformers and DC transformers?
Transformer is made of electromagnetic induction principle can change the voltage of the equipment. Transformer has a core and coil composition. Transformer coil sub-primary and secondary coil. In the primary coil in the AC power. Transformer core to produce alternating The secondary coil senses the same alternating current as the primary frequency, and the number of turns of the transformer coil is equal to the voltage ratio, for example, the primary coil of a transformer is 880. The secondary is 88. At the primary access 220V. It will output 22V AC voltage. Transformer can not only buck can also be boosted. Long-distance transmission are generally used to increase the voltage transformer. Reuse in the power transformer to the voltage we need
Q:Transformer charging
To the transformer charge, that is, to the transformer side of the side with the rated voltage, the second disconnect, run a certain time and then close the second switch, and gradually bring the load.
Q:transformer tap changer operation?
Thjey are 2 types on load tap changers Off load tap changers High voltage means low current. Less burning of contacts and sparks!
Q:when i connect the positive side of a battery to a transformer, i can read an ac current that doubles the dc?
A transformer works with AC current only. AC current makes the magnetic field in the primary coil expand and collapse. The secondary coil picks it up and produces AC current at a different voltage/current ratio, depending on the copper wire windings. When you induce direct current from a battery. All it does is create a flow through the primary coil with a steady magnetic field. The steady magnetic field does not create any current in the secondary coil. Hope this helps. Kind of difficult to explain without pictures.
Q:What is the reason why the dry transformer is loud
500kva below the dry-type transformer noise 56 to 58 dB or so, 630kva above 62 to 65 dB or so! This is our factory data. The dry-type transformer sound is great. Big like cattle called the same, because the core is loose!

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