RS0 Series powder-filled fast acting fuse

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It is applicable the condition with 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated voltage750Vand below, rated current 30A-600A the chief effect is to protect against over load and short circuit for element of silicon rectifier and complete sets.

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Q:Why does the fuse in my Honda's 12-Volt power outlet burn out shortly after I plug in my radar Detector?
Obviously something has happened to your radar detector to cause it to draw excess amperage or the fuse wouldn't blow. Perhaps the power cord has an issue?
Q:Fuse Keeps Blowing For Power Steering, A/C & Heater?
look for a mechanic in your phone book. you can seriously screw the pooch and your wallet if you try to fix this yourself. next time don't drive through water.
Q:please help! Odometer and Speedometer question?
have the speedometer cable check/ replace could be defective. if your rav4 uses speed sensor to run your speedometer, you will see the check engine light comes on as you move from 2mph and then stays on. you did not mention it here if you see check engine light comes ON. so we will assume your rav4 uses speedometer cable. ok. have it check. the cable and the plastic gear at the end of the cable inside the transmission. no need to break open totally transmission. plastic gear only on the end of the cable. it is just inserted on the transmission. if both cable or sensor in use are good. you may have to look at the gauge it self. defective gauge. but try the cables/sensor first.
Q:Wiring, electrical component testing trying to find a parasitic drain on battery. 2002 Ford Escape help?
No it's not the alternator causing the drain. I'd get it to an electrical shop and pay a professional to start pulling fuses to determine the source of the draw.
Q:Odd occurrence with component cable?
What you describe is unusual, but not unheard of. It's called EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference), or alternatively, depending on the frequency involved, RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). First, if your ceiling fan had a short circuit, it would blow the fuse or circuit breaker (if not, you do have real trouble), but, regardless, it would not operate. So your fan does NOT have a short circuit, and you are not about to burn down your house - relax. See here for all the interesting details about the sorts of things, man-made and natural, that can cause weird things to happen with electricity:
Q:new world gas cooker plan7 oven not working and 3amp fuse keeps blowing?
It could be any number of things from the internal wiring has melted onto something or a spillage has happened and got into some electrical component of the cooker without seeing the cooker its anyones guess. Suggest calling the Gas Safe appliance repair man in.
Q:Can Alternator Cause Battery Drain?
full charged battery's are 12.4- and up not 13.8 only, that guy sounds like a rude know it all. and yes it can, there are allot of thing inside the alternator that can go bad and drain the battery. if you want to do it the easy way get it tested at an auto parts store, they can tell you. if you would rather do it your self, use to volt meter and pulling fuses, but I suggest putting it on the amps setting and use and use the ground post and terminal. because if you accidentally ground out the positive side you could blow fuses, cause shorts, other kinds of damage, or get shocked. but of you ground the ground. well you'r grounding a ground and nothing happens lol. and don't let people tell you that you have to go to collage to change it or rebuild it. if you look the info up and just put you'r head into it there is no reason you can't do it or at least try. people that tell you that are just smart mouths and the world is full of them. my brother didn't go to school to weld and he is the best welder in this town and my uncle is a very respected mechanic and he didn't go to school for that either. I'm the first man to go the collage in my family and i still have to ask the older people around for advice allot. all school is, is a way to get a peace of paper, take it from me, there was some people in my class that would do more damage then they fixed. and they graduated too. anyways Hope you get it fixed.
Q:Lincoln town car air suspension?
As was said, if the compressor is running, the 30 amp fuse is fine. There are a number of components that can make this light go on, does your compressor run all of the time? If so it could be an air leak, on my '95 town car the ride height adjuster needs to be replaced, it signals to the compressor to keep running even though the car is at a proper level. This blows the 30amp fuse. Until I can get a new rha, I am just keeping the switch in the trunk off, if it looks a little low I turn it on until the rear end is up, this happens mostly when the temps. drop and the air molecules contract. To nail down your problem take it to a dealership, they can run a diagnostic test on it.
Q:The turn signals on my 1996 GMC Sonoma have stopped working. What should I do about it?
If the turn signals have stopped working on only one side, then it's the rear bulb that has stopped working. If neither side is flasing, there's something called a Flasher. It's typically in the area where your fuses are located and regulates the flashing of your turn signal and emergency lights flashing. It's typically cylinderical in shape and about 1inch in diameter. If your unsure, go to a parts store they should be able to help you out. Replace that component.
Q:Blown Kenwood KDC-P5028 CD Reciever?
rutrn to where you bought it tell them its defective

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