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Carbon Fiber Composite Core Conductor, High Temperature Low Sag Conductor

Carbon Fiber Composite Core Conductor, High Temperature Low Sag Conductor

Zhongfu Carbon Fiber Core Cable Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Carbon Fiber Composite Core Conductor (CFCC Conductor) consists of carbon fiber composite core (CFCC) and the outer trapezoidal aluminum wire. The CFCC is high performance carbon fiber production which combines carbon fiber and resin system. The aluminium wire outside includes soft aluminium, semi duralalumin, and heat-resisting aluminium alloy. The shape can be made into T-type, SZ-type, and circular-type.

Compared with ACSR Conductor, it has series of advantages, including high current carrying capacity, low sag, light wight, high tensile strength, saving costs of towers and decreasing the covering area etc.

1、It is not only able to eliminate core loss and thermal effect through changing hard aluminium into soft aluminium, it can also increase the operating temperature of the conductor, and the cross-section filling rate of the wire. The ampacity has increased nearly twice under the same external diameter compares to Aluminium Conductor Steel-Reinforced (ACSR) Conductor, capacity expansion and double capacity has been achieved.

2、The strength of the core can be over 2400 MPa, and the increase of the safety coefficient makes the conductor has strong icing ability.

3、The core has low coefficient of linear expansion, small change of sag. And the high tension-weigh ratio, witch makes it able to decrease the erection sag, and leads to reduce the height of the tower and save the quantity of it. Also, the tower bare occupation can be reduced, land resource can be saved, and the comprehensive cost of the transmission line can be reduced as well.

4、Good environmental aging resistance performance, lengthy life span. CFCC Conductor doesn’t rust, witch avoid the electrochemical corrosion happens between aluminium wire and galvanized steel when electrify and acid rain corrosion common conductor will face.

5、No gap on outer rage, small external diameter on same cross section, high ability of wind deflection resistance.

Q:I cant find the power cable for this CRT monitor I have, But I have this power cable from an LCD monitor. Would it work if I put the LCD monitor power cable in the CRT monitor? Will it fry the CRT if I try?
I've used the same power cables for about 10+ years. Whether CRT, LCD, external disk drive, etc. It should be fine.
Q:I'm lost i cant find a hole in my ford c-max firewall to install my power cable for amp can someone help me as i am traveling this sat to France by car .
In most vehicles there are spare holes filled with rubber plugs. Pop one out with a screwdriver and make a hole in plug a little smaller than the size of the wire for a very tight fit. If it's a smaller size power wire, it can sometimes be run through the same grommet as the vehicles main harness. Be very careful not hurt the existing wire. I have seen people get careless and screw the harness up and it's not easy or cheap to fix. When doing this I usually use a stiff wire (a small diameter yet long screwdriver can work too) and slide it through the grommet. I then use electrical tape to secure the power wire to stiff wire and pull it through. Make sure your penetration point is still leak proof after doing this. You may need to use some silicone and or electrical tape to seal it up.
Q:I have a usb hub that is externally powered that stays on 24/7 even when i shut my computer off. It is buried behind by desk so removing the usb power supply manually each time is what im trying to avoid. Is there anyway i can put a switch in the power cable going to it?
Before you attempt this, make sure you have the following items: -Wire strippers -Electrical tape -Two terminal switch -Scissors IMPORTANT! make sure that the cable is unplugged from the computer and the hub before you do this! 1st, cut the cord halfway with the scissors. Next, remove the outer wire insulation from the two new ends you just cut with the wire strippers. Now strip the small colored wires that are now exposed. Then connect the red wire from one half of the cord to a terminal on the switch. Do the same with the other red wire from the other half of the cord and connect it to the other terminal on the switch. Strip the other small wires and connect them back to their appropriate colored wire. Finally, wrap each wire individually with electrical tape, then wrap the entire gap in the cord with it. Now plug the cord in and try it out!
Q:i was wondering if i can hook up 2 power cables each one going to a dif. amp one cable being 1200 watt and the other one being 600 watts.. i kno it would be easier to buy a splitter but i already have the cables i just wanna kno it i will ruin the battery or the alternator or something like that
specific, you're able to try this. make useful each and every potential cord has its very own fuse close to the battery. Addressing the different solutions: this would possibly not drain the battery any speedier than working a single cord to a distribution block; and there is not any ought to characteristic a 2d battery except you intend to play the device for long sessions with out the engine working.
Q:My friend I were going to play his second Xbox 360 n his living room. Went to turn it on and the RROD turned up with three lights. So we took this one and hooked it up to the cables in his room. And guess what? No RROD... So, I am lead to belive that the Xbox 360's power cable is the one that causes the RROD. Only problem is that most people can' test this due to not having a second power cable. So post your ideas about this idea. Could Microsoft be lying to us by saying that the malfunction is inside there console. I'm only 14 and i figured this out. So, how is it that no one else has??
RROD is just a general malfunction not always the fatal and well known one the power supply cord being to loose is definitely a cause (its happened to me) several other general malfunctions could occur from one boot to the next and no microsoft isn't lying about that why would they
Q:Hi I have a 94 Cadillac Deville 4.9L and im trying to figure out with cable on my alternator is the power cable and which one is the ground. I have included a pic to help.
Yes,,, the hot wire is on the back of the Alternator,, The ground is on the side.
Q:in the specs it says the power supply doesn't have a pci-e connector?Does that mean i cant use the video card, or is there a way I dont know? Please help.Thank you very much
Okay, right off the bat I see a problem with that power supply. Aside from not having a pci-e connection it states it doesn't work with SLI or Crossfire (i.e. Nvidia or ATI). Since you're wanting to get a GeForce card, which works with a mobo with an Nvidia chipset, you'd need a more up-to-date power supply. Second - that card uses 18 amps on the 12-volt rail, and according to the specs on that power supply it runs up to 16 or 17 amps, so the power supply you're looking at isn't powerful enough to support the card. My advice - first make sure your mobo has an Nvidia Chipset. Second, spend a bit more and get a better power supply, and check the voltage - you need at least 18 amps on the 12-volt for that card.
Q:im selling just the brick power cable. Is 50 dollars a good price?
The brick and cable? $50 would be too much for me! Maybe $20.
Q:i soldered in one of those ribbon cables on to my hp's laptop power button cause the old ribbon was failing. anyways i am having some issues with this new cable1 the laptop will power on by itself if i insert the ribbon into the motherboard connector2 the only way to power off the laptop is to remove the cable from the mother board connector and that means opening up the whole laptop3 like i said it will power on by itself so that means that i cant turn it on/off with the power buttonevery thing is soldered correctly i dont understand also i am not sure but does the cable have to be like the old one cause the new one i soldered in looks the same? could it be that it needs that one particular cable replaced again? please help me i am sad
Time to hang up our computer repair skills and take it to a shop...
Q:I left my power cable at my cabin, which is a few hours away. I don't want to replace the cable (I'll be going back anyway in a few days), but I need to use my laptop. So far I've tried an old laptop cable, but its to big, and a game system adapter, but it doesn't have enough power. Are there any solutions that don't involve me buying a new cable?
Do NOT play guessing games with this. If you use one of a higher rating or worse with reverse polarity input you will totally destroy the laptop.

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