pipe fittings carbon steel for hot and cold water convey

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Item specifice:

Material:: PP-R Price:: depend on the order quantity Brand Name:: CNBM
Product name:: Hot and cold drinking water supp ppr fitting life:: more than 50 years Certificate:: ISO9001-2008 CE
Keyword:: ppr pipe Place of Origin:: China (Mainland) Connection:: hot melting
Application:: Cold/Hot water supply

Product Description:

Brief Introduction  

It is used in industrial fields, agriculture and garden irrigation 2. Beauty appearance.3.Thermal insulation and energy saving.4. Easy installation 5.excellent heat resistance and pressure resistance 6. affordable price

Quick Details

Material: PP-R

Technics: Forged

Type: Pipes

Model Number: DSW382-383

Shape: Equal


Standard: DIN8077/8078
Material: R200P from Korea
Size: DN20-63
Color: Green, White, Grey, Blue

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: PE bag + carton

Delivery Detail: 15 Days  


outer diameter


Wall Thickness


Wall Thickness


Wall Thickness


Wall Thickness



Product Applications:

Distribution for cool and hot water
Duct for drinkable water system
Pipes for kinds of high-temperature and low-temperature heating system
Pipes for heating and cooling settings in solar energy system
Connecting pipe for air conditioners

Product Advantages:

1. Greatly reduced linear expansion coefficient, only 1/4 of that of PPR.

2. 100% oxygen tightness, suitable for heating system.

3. Improved resistant to impulse under low temperature, resistant to UV-rays.

4. Easily detected by detector when embedded, owing to the metal layer.

Main Product Features:

Large drum hub to maximize cable life

Self-activating automatic brake hold the load securely when crank handle is released

With cable or strap

Safety guard cover available

Top quality with competitive price

Widely used in the double beam bridge crane and gantry crane

Easy to install and high quality

Compact structure and reasonable design

Product Specifications:

1) Material: HYOSUNG R200P, Basel H5416
2) Size:20-160MM   
3) Standard:DIN8077/8078
4) Pressure:PN10 

pipe fittings carbon steel for hot and cold water convey

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The hydrant or meter is on there property. Or they have a easement to have it there. If not you can cut the pipe. Best to quietly remove 2 inch's of rock. And replace with good top soil. And let the grass grow. It is becoming common for them to fill with sand or gravel. Check the property line and easements on it. Go from there. They are not allowed to put poles,meters, hydrants on private property. With out a easement. Why I can not put a pool were I wish on my property. Underground cable there. And they have a easement going back into the 40s. For it there.
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Use copper with diletric fittings and insulate them, and you'll never have a problem. Yes it will be expensive but it will be done once and done right. CPVC is good too as it's cheap, easy, and they'll never corrode. PEX or Shark Bite is even easier and may even be better than CPVC as you won't have to deal with messy adhesives and can be done in half the time.
Q:Requirements for fire hose fittings
(2) galvanized steel pipe with diameter > 100mm of hydrant water supply system shall be flanged or grooved. The automatic sprinkler system, 100mm diameter is not clear thread connection cannot be used in pipe diameter greater than 100mm shall be provided with flange connection or groove connection point at a distance only.(3) the water supply system of fire hydrant water supply system and automatic sprinkler system shall be threaded flange, and two zinc plating shall be adopted when welding flange is adopted.
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you need to put more of your heat on the pipe, you are melting the soder with the torch flame instead of the hot copper to form a bond. heat the fittings with the flame and then strike the soder across the fitting like a match. the fitting shoud melt the soder when its hot enough.
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