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No, solar panels do not produce any noise or sound-related issues as they operate silently.
What do these mean? I'm interested in doing a solar panel project. The problem is I know nothing about electricity, wiring, or panels so I've bought a small panel to experiment with first.I don't know what amps, watts, or volts are; what I should be reading on the batteries I will be charging? Or on the small appliances I will be running?The panel I bought has four settings:. 3V ---- 200mA2. 6V ---- 00 mA3. 9V ---- 50mA4. 2V ---- 50 mA(What is mA?)Also, will you give examples of what I can run with this? Make up any scenarios with whatever amps/volts/watts.
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hey so im doing this project for my technology class and i was wondering what different colours solar panels can be. also is it possible to have kentic power as a back up power if batteries dont work? thx in advance
Panels can come in a selection of colors, and trimmed in a variety of frames. Most are dark, black, blue or reddish in hue. Concentrators may appear white from a distance. Kinetic back up is possible in the form of a flywheel. Not very common but it is out there. Another form of kinetic backup that is used by some power companies is hydro. When the sun is out and the system is producing more than is used, the excess can be used to pump water uphill to a holding tank. Then when there is a demand, the water is allowed to flow back down turning a turbine to generate electricity.
If this was sold back to the grids what would be the profit i would stand to make per day on energy received in these panels? How did you come up with this answer?
I'm putting in a $00,000 solar wind project on ST Thomas, Virgin Islands so I have some experience here..... ) depends on where you are...the further north the less efficient the panels are because early morning and late afternoon sun hitting at a great angle isn't anywhere near as good as noon hitting perpendicular..........the US Department of Energy has a solar calculator showing how many hours a day over the year you get enough sunlight to actually run the the Caribbean the answer is 6 so in Wisconsin you might only get 4 really usable hours a day, Nevada 5, Seattle...forget about it..... 2) the panels I'm putting in are ( roughly) 2 x 3 would need access around all four sides of a are NOT going to crawl 35 feet across an array to fix a unit in the lets say you get 35 panels tall ( 70/2) by 2 wide (3 foot with a 3 foot access area between each row = 72/6) or 420 panels. Each puts out 75 watts at max. So you are cranking out 73,500 watt hours, or 73kW. If your local utility buys back ( net metering ) the juice at, say, 20 cents a kWh, you get $4.75 an hour. If you have 4 usable hours a day x 365 x $4.74 you get back something like $20,000 a year. You pay about $7.00 a watt for a panel. The 75 watt panels are, rounding up, $200. each. Times the 420 panels number is $475,000 dollars. Add in about $2,000 for the inverter to change panel volts to power company volts, and maybe another $20,000 for installation you are looking at $500,000 AT LEAST to put in the system you propose. AT $20,000 a year in sales, its 20-25 years payback. Now, you can play with these numbers up and down but you still get the answer of A LOT of money to buy and build and a LONG time till payback.
Yes, solar panels can definitely be installed on warehouses or industrial facilities. In fact, these large commercial buildings often have ample space on their roofs or surrounding areas, making them ideal locations for solar panel installations. By harnessing renewable energy from the sun, warehouses and industrial facilities can reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources, lower their electricity costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.
My mom's house has some solar power panels on the top of her house but they are not connected to anything. They don't even have wires or anything like that. Does anyone know how to connect and make solar panels work? Thank You
Call a local solar company (a company that sells and installs solar panels). If you're having trouble finding one, you can call your local power company and they'll probably know of some. Have them come to your house and take a look at the panels and figure out what it would take to complete the installation.
Is this a good kit for building a solar panel?
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my dad wants to run all his lights in his shop on solar panels, he has 9 600 watt hps lights. how many solar panels would it take to pull this off
dozens at a huge cost which only run in sunlight so not ideal for running lights, solar panels are just not economical or reliable, probably around $5000?