Tinned copper clad aluminum wire(Tinned CCA wire)

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Product Description:


Tinned cca wire:
2.excellent electrical conductivity
3. bear being bended
4.good tensile strength,excellent weldin

Detailed Product Description  

The tinned copper clad wire is made up by using pure aluminum wire as core. It adopts the advanced coating and welding technology in the world. Plating copper concentrically on the concentric line of aluminum realizes metallurgy combination between copper coating and aluminum. There will be no flaking off during the heat treatment or mechanical workout. The CCA is a best new bimetal wire instead of pure copper wire. Producible scope: the diameter is from 0.10mm to 3.00mm.

Product Features:


2, excellent electrical conductivity,

3, bear being bended,

4,good tensile strength,

5,excellent welding and corrosion,

6, the great light specific gravity

7,can save resources of copper.

Main Application:

flexible coaxial cable, a variety of audio and video cable, vehicle signal cable, network cable, data transmission cables and so on. Copper clad aluminum can be used in the above cable: cable conductor, braiding and shielding, the single wire conductor and other conductors. Applicable to a variety of electronic components lead wire, such as capacitors, resistors and so on.

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