110kV XLPE Insulation Power Cable cables

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Product Description:

1. Application

This product is mainly used for high voltage power line transmission and distribution.

2、Type and Specification

Voltage Class




Size Range(mm2)

1 Core: 25~1000;

Executive Standard

GB 11017-2002

3. Operational Performance

a. Rated power-frequency voltage U0/U 64/110 kV.

    b. Cable conductor allowed long-term working temperature not exceeding 90 ℃.

    c. When short circuit happened (the duration no longer than 3 seconds),the maximum temperature of cable conductor is not exceeding 250℃.

d. The bending radius of three cores unarmored cable should not be less than 25 times of outer diameter of cable.

    e. When laying cable, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 0℃.

4、Cable structure diagram

       1、Conductor   2、Semi conductive Nylon Tape   3、Conductor Screen  4、Insulation   5、Insulation Screen   6、Semi conductive Buffer Strip  7、Corrugated Aluminum Vertical Cladding  8、Anticorrosive Coating  9、Outer Sheath


 1、Conductor   2、Semi conductive Nylon Tape   3、Conductor Screen   4、Conductor Screen  5、Insulation Screen   6、Copper Wire Shielding   7、Copper Tape Tighten   8、Outer Sheath

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Q:is 450W enough for a single SAPPHIRE ATI HD2900PRO that only uses one power cable ?(most 2900's use two)?
I would upgrade to 650 watt power supply just to be safe
Q:what can i do to have all my christmas light power cables and control boxes inside?
You could use trunking for the cables, and for the control boxes if they are in the house you could hide them under a box which you could decorate to look like a parcel...personally I would paint it, but drill some holes for ventilation.
Q:I have a Compaq Laptop R3000 and I need an alternative power cable?
I think this is the cable you are looking for. Found it on OKorder. Connect your notebook PC directly to your TV or stereo system with this handy 8' HP xc1000 Notebook All-in-One Media Cable that does it all (S-Video composite TV, digital audio, and analog audio). The result? You'll be presenting photos and home movies like a pro, listening to music, and enjoying games on your home entertainment system. * Reduce wire clutter with this single cable that features an S-Video connection (for TV, VCR, or composite TV), digital audio S/PDIF (for digital audio receiver), and analog audio line-out jack. (RCA Splitter Cable not included with this package) * Connect your digital camera, printer, scanner, remote, USB hub, and any other USB-enabled device; this cable features a USB 2.0 port and premium, gold-plated connectors for best-quality connections * Play music through your stereo when your notebook speakers are muted * Stay charged up by connecting the cable to your existing AC adapter and recharging your notebook's batteries * Save time and money by using just one cable for all of your connections * Use with a variety of systems: HP Pavilion zd7000 series, zx5000, zv5000, and Compaq Presario R3000 notebook PCs As well - this cable is a great solution to your notebook's power issues. Over time and repeated use of the ac adapter, the connection in your laptop naturally wears off, resulting in you not being able to power your notebook. This cable has a built-in AC power connector which is virtually indestructible. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a notebook repair when all you need to do is get this handy cable? This cable is the least expensive solutions for: * Presario R3000 power problem * Pavilion zd7000 power problem * Pavilion zx5000 power problem * Pavilion zv5000 power problem
Q:When buying computer parts from Newegg, do they include any necessary wiring/cables?
they gained't come assembled, whether it extremely is lots much less demanding to construct a computing device than maximum persons think of. My first build I merely plugged each little thing into the only place it suits and accompanied the %interior the mobo handbook for the 7 tiny wires from the front of the case that bypass into the backside appropriate of the mobo. additionally positioned the processor and fan and ram into the mobo b4 you install it into the case. positioned the dvd stress and difficult stress in b4 you place interior the mobo too. lots much less demanding this way. For the thermal paste smear an extremely skinny layer on the right of the cpu then scrape with a razor blade, too lots isn't stable.
Q:Where can I buy a power cable for IVI Checkmate receipt printer?
Hi.. I think for all your power cable and cable accessories requirement this site can be helpful
Q:Will PS2 controllers and power cables work on a PS3?
You need an adapter for the controller but yes it will. I would not use a power cable but if it works it works I guess.
Q:What power connector adapter cable is needed for a NVidia GTS 150 video card?
Power connector cable? Usually, you don't need an adapter cable: you just plug the video card into one of the PCI expansion card slots available on the motherboard, then you plug the monitor's cable to connect the monitor to the computer via the serial port on the video card. Knowing what computer you have doesn't really help: You have to tell us the motherboard's brand model to see if this particular video card is compatible for your computer's motherboard.
Q:A Cable/Cord that gives power to a monitor and the box of a desktop computer?
does no longer or no longer that's greater value-effective and greater useful getting in for a clean exhibit screen or repairing the broken exhibit screen. anyhow , its no longer accessible to connect a private pc on your pc exhibit screen. the opposite is accessible. you will be able to desire to connect your pc to the very own pc exhibit screen
Q:How would using a different size ground cable from power cable effect a sound system?
the ground dose not matter it the power wire if you have a 8 ga power wire your amp needs to be like a 1000 watt amp if you have a 1500 watt amp you need a 4 ga wire and if you have a 2000 and up 0 ga BIG BIG BIG BIG thing from a 1500 watt amp and up you need to a double ground if you dont no what that is its were you take a wire and run it to your car battery and hook it up to the nigative on the battery then run that wire to the ground you have already made run the ground in to your amp this well save you money and time bc if you dont do it it can make your battery frie and you well blow fuses out the ***
Q:Should Ferrite Core be tight on the power cable?
They should be tight or glue to the cable. Many cheap made products ignoring this simple process to speed time consume to produce more. Because those workers were paid by piece work.

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