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for christmas im getting my dad an outdoor speaker system buttheunder groung wire costs ALOT so i was wondering if regular speaker wire will work fine if i used it and burried?
Yes but I would purchase some kind of insulation to protect it
In a telephone splice case, do you have to strip the 2 wires you want to splice, and put them together, or does each wire that you want to connect attach to terminals in the case? I am talking about the black cases on a utility pole, that the residential phone wiring connects to.
truthfully it isn't any longer a code violation. there's a provision interior the electrical powered code that asserts that any splice might desire to be in a qualified container with cover and it would be available, meaning do no longer sheet rock over or placed cupboard in front of j container. The 8/3 section concerns me. maximum levels are rated at 50 amps and huge sort 8 is to small for fifty amps. examine the score plate on the kind. ascertain all connections are tight. Dan
How much would it cost to replace the 4 gauge wire i have in my car now with 0 gauge wire?
When it comes to kits you do not want to go cheap. lesser names have a interesting way to measure wire, some of the smallest 0 ga. i ever seen. i attached a link to a place i personally use, and they have great cable, actually measures slightly higher than the electrical standard (i forget the standard name) any way the kit is $60. kit includes power wire, fuse holder, fuse, ground wire some connections wire ties, and split loom.
Just need a wiring diagram link that shows all wires and possibly steps on installing an aftermarket stereo.
good luck with that.. i put a new head-unit in an old pontiac firebird.. none of the colors matched the stero harness.. the cars were all browns and whites and strange colors you dont usually see... i ended up using a volt meter to find what was power and ground and all that.. then just trial and error for the speaker wires- what was front and rear.. and right and left. just messed around for about an hour til it worked. no internet access at the time... probably would have been helpful....
I am trying to run a wire from a breaker box to a new plug. To get to the new plug, I have to run the wire over a garage with a finished ceiling, around, through, or over 2 half staircases ( bi level) to get to the unfinished wall to run to the new plug. What would be the proper way to run this wire.
That depends on your local and state codes and the conditions. Exposed? Concealed? All dry locations? Distance? I'd have to know way more to give you an accurate answer. Call an electrician to advise you.
Can I run a 10 gauge 2 wire plus ground from a double pole 30 amp breaker to a dryer that uses 240v? I need to know if the one black wire will be sufficient or if i need to get a 2 hot one neutral wire.
You can use the 10/3 wire, but you wire it so that the black and the white are hot wires and the ground is the neutral. Of course you won't have the bare ground to use as a ground anymore, so if you want it wired with a bare ground to the cabinet, you will need to run a separate bare ground. Or get different wire with a red a black a white and a bare ground. Red and black will be hot, white will be neutral and bare ground will be ground.
Wire runs from breakers to a wall outlet along the garage wall
Ok so the first two answers are almost correct. If the breaker is 20amp it's 12 gauge wire, if it's 15 amps it will be 14 gauge wire. The outlet is in a garage it must be a GFCI receptacle. That's a national electrical code requirement. If the wiring is to be exposed (ie not inside of a wall) then it must be in conduit, cheapest and easiest to install is pvc, you can run romex or NMB through conduit. If the wall is to be sheetrock when finished then you can run just romex through the studs. It is recommended that the GFCI receptacle be mounted in an extra deep box but is not required, makes it easier to get it in there with the wires. You can put up to 8 receptacles or devices, like light fixtures on one 20 amp circuit. More and you will be over loading the circuit. The romex you run should be for 20 amp 12-2 with ground. All circuits and devices must be grounded to be in compliance.
when u first get braces do they put the bands and the wire or just the bands cuz im getting them monday
You get the brackets with bands and the wire. Rubber bands, though, come later.