PVC Coated Galvanise Black Annealed Double Loop Tie Wire

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5 m.t.
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50000 m.t./month
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Item specifice

Galvanized Iron Wire,Iron Wire
Cross Sectional Shape:
Construction Wire Mesh
Galvanized,U Type Wire,Loop Tie Wire
Wild in Width:
Surface Treatment:
Metal Wire Drawing:
Cold Drawing
In Hard State
Metal Thick Wire
Galvanized Technique:
Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanized

Double Loop Tie Wire
Tie wire is a metal wire product that used to tie bags, Also known as bag tie wire.

1)Material: black iron wire, galvanized wire , PVC coated wire, stainless steel wire.
2)Wire diameter: 0.5MM-4.0MM.
3)Lenght: 10-25cm.
4)Packaging: plastic bags, cardboard boxes, trays, etc. Or according to customer requirement.
pvc coated loop tie wire for hot sale
We has devoting ourselves to producing and trading for 10 years,eatablishing a good relationship with the company of US,Canada,Mid easten and so on.

Product name
pvc coated loop tie wire for hot sale

As your request
CoatingAs your demand
Production QTY:1000tons/month
Delivery time:20days after payment
Payment terms:T/T,L/C
Application:Binding Wire
RemarksNo rust


product size:
(other size as your demands)
Wire GaugeSWG in mmBWG in mmIn Metric System mm


 Galvanized Iron Wire Iron Tie Wire Galvanized WireGalvanized Iron Wire Iron Tie Wire Galvanized WireGalvanized Iron Wire Iron Tie Wire Galvanized WireGalvanized Iron Wire Iron Tie Wire Galvanized Wire

Q:Found some electrical wiring resonably priced on craigslist but it says -----8 gauge (AWG), 3 wire, direct burry electrical cableDOES THAT MEAN ITS 3/0 WIRE? Because I need 3/0 wire direct burriedI am looking to buy some extra 3/0 wire and found some on craigslist for a reasonable price....
It means the wire is #8 not #3/0. Also, be very leary of buying wire from unknown sources. A single pinhole in the insulation can lead to failure in a year or so underground.
Q:Need to know what colors are for what and the function of each wire.
You can get the harness at WalMart or Best Buy. It connects to the aftermarket radio and then just plugs right in to the vehicles harness.....unless you already hacked it off. The thing only cost about $15.00 and makes the installation process a breeze.
Q:I have just learned how to make some pretty cool bracelets out of telephone wire and i would like to know where to find more telephone wire. Could someone tell me where i might be able to find some?
Plastic Coated Craft Wire
Q:True or False?Branch wiring from a 200A - 3 phase 4 wire panelboard.WIRE #PHASES 1 --- PHASE A 2 --- PHASE B 3 --- PHASE C 4 --- NEUTRAL - WHITE WIRE 5 --- PHASE A 6 --- PHASE B 7 --- PHASE C 8 --- NEUTRAL 9 --- GROUNDTOTAL OF 9 WIRES GOING TO SIX (6) 20A 120V CIRCUITS
False! If you had 6 120v circuits each circuit has 1 phase, 1 neutral conductor and 1 ground conductor for a total of 3 wires per circuit. 6 circuits times 3 conductors equals 18 wires. You don't use the same neutral conductor for different phases but you can if they are the same phase provided you don't go over the maximum allowed current rating for that wire and insulation.
Q:Two current-carrying wires are lying right on top of each (at a right angle) other, with currents flowing in the wires in the directions pointing up for the vertical wire and to the right for the horizontal wire. The horizontal wire is fixed and does not move. What happens to the vertical wire?Choices:It moves out of the pageIt rotates clockwiseIt rotates counter-clockwiseIt moves to the leftIt moves to the rightIt moves into the page
i'm uncertain we've a sparkling theoretical answer to this although that is a demonstrable fact that shifting quotes have an effect on different shifting or movable quotes.even while there's no internet value obtrusive it is summarized as magnetism
Q:But I want to switch it and wire the red ceiling wire to the black fan wire and the black ceiling wire to the black/white fan wire so that the particular switches work the way I want them to. Is this ok, to switch them?
Black wire on the fan is for the fan motor, red wire in the fan is for the light, the white wire is the neutral wire. So if you do want to switch the light off and on you have to tie red wire to the switch and the black wire can be tied to the hot at the ceiling box so you can control the fan with the chain only. If you have one switch leg in your circuit then you cannot do anything but switch them both if you tie them together. I think I am understanding what you are saying here. White Alyse ties to white Black is for the fan motor and the red is for the light. If you have three wires in the switch then you can tie them the same way color to color. Hope this has not confused you You can email me if you need further help
Q:So I know that the neutral wire is the 'return wire'. But why does my textbook say that it has the potential to have the same amount of electricity as the live wire (if the wiring is faulty)? But essentially, if the wiring is not faulty it is technically safe to touch it, it has 0 volts.Could someone explain this to me?
In the absence of faults, the neutral should be safe. It is normally connected to ground at the supply entry board or at the substation/transformer. In the event that a neutral wire becomes disconnected between an appliance and the supply entry board, it will be at the same potential as the live wire.
Q:I removed my range hood (switched off the electricity for it first) and there are three wires coming out of the wall. There's a white insulated, black insulated, and totally not insulated copper wire. What is the non-insulated copper wire? When I flip the electricity on, will it have a charge? It was weirdly wrapped around a screw in the box with the wiring...I'm not sure if it was doing anything. Thanks!
The bare wire is ground, perhaps the most important wire because it is there for safety. Sure the hood would have worked with out it but you may have gotten electrocuted if it wasn’t connected. Whenever connecting wires in anything the ground wire must be connected. If the box you are connecting the wires in is metal, not only do you have to connect the ground wire to any other ground wires you also have to connect it to the metal box so that the box is grounded. Otherwise later you may come back and touch the box and get electrocuted. The ground wire is there to ensure the breaker/fuse gets tripped if a hot wire touches any metal part of any appliance that is connect in the circuit. If not it will be like touching a hot wire just by touching the appliance. Hope this helps!
Q:To help clean things up and make wiring a little more simpler on my jeep i got a fuse/relay box off an old junk car. i want to wire my off road lights into this relay box but i'm not sure what size wire is in the box it appears to be either 18 or 16 AWG one place said to strip the wire and measure the wire another says measure in the insulation. i'm not sure what to do. but if it is 18 awg would it hurt to go to a bigger size after the fuse box to my lights or should i rewire the whole box?
For okorder /... Wiring gauge always specifies the diameter of the WIRING not the insulation, since the insulation thickness can vary. You would have to strip the wire and measure the bare wire with a gauge. You can also look at the printing on the insulation for the gauge. Look for something like AWG 14 etc. You can buy a standalone headlight harness that contains the relay and wiring for aftermarket lights. I would recommend running both positive and negative wires all the way to the battery for maximum current.
Q:Okay I have a question I have an 8 gauge wire kit and it says 350 watts peak. What the difference when there is the same 8 gauge wire that says 800 watts peak does this really matter? Thanks guys
properly, there are transformations in conductivity in wires of a similar gauge, based upon the fabric of which the twine is made and no count if or no longer it quite is multi-strand or good middle. That sounds like an quite huge hollow even even with the shown fact that. To account for that lots variance i could almost ought to think of the decrease one is aluminum or some very decrease priced copper alloy. 8 gauge is distinctly thick twine, after all.

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