Electroplating Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

a) Inner conductor of CATV coaxial cable

b) Leaky cable

c) Inner conductor of 50 ohm RF cable

d) Soft coaxial RF cable

Power transmission:

a) Grounding wire of power cable

b) Conductor of control cable

c) Twisted pair power cable

d) Building distribution wire

Because the high-frequency signal have the skin effect characteristics on conductor transmission, cable television signals transfer in the surface of the copper which thickness is more than 0.008mm. CCA inner conductor can fully meet the requirements of signal transmission, the signal transmission characteristics is consistent with the same diameter copper.


2. Product Characteristic:

It has th advantages of:     

1. Small density of aluminium     

2. Good conductivity of copper     

3. High signal transmission property     

4. Light weight

5. Low production cost

6. Direct soldering, good colorability , high adhesiveness

7. Thermal stability. High thermal endurance. high temperature softening breakdown

8. HF-resistance, solvent resistance and chemical property resistance to winding damage




Copper layer volume ratio (%)

Copper mass ratio (%)

Pure copper wire Length ratio (%))


maximum DC resistivity


minimum relative conductivity (% IACS)




2.65 :1







2.45 :1




Pure copper wire








4. Reference Picture


Electroplating Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Electroplating Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Electroplating Copper Clad Aluminum Wire


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