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A thin circular sheet of copper has a diameter of 30.0 cm and a thickness of 1 mm. Find the mass of the sheet?
tighten the nut holding the arm to the shaft , usually under a plastic cap that will break off when lifted on the side away from the arm
I heard something about plastic and aluminum foil and rolling it up.Can someone tell me how to do this or your way.ALSO if it was to be rolled up would it be long? or do i fold it a couple time then roll it up so its not long? IDK what im doing, the teacher gave us 2 wires and told us to make a capacitor lol
use two sheets of foil with a layer of plastic between them. Offset the foil a bit from each other so you can connect to the ends that stick out on opposite sides with your wires. Roll up the sandwich. Cut two strips from a sheet of foil if you don't want to make a capacitor as long as the width of the foil. The more area you have, the more capacitance you will have. You could just twist the insulated pieces of wire together to make a very small capacitor.
What is a good VT solar company?
Wow, you're evaluating to a company going bankrupt 9 years later. this is stretching for blame. look what 0bama has accomplished interior the previous 2 years. shows 0bama as a actual screw up while in comparison with Romney.
The difference between coated paper and dumb powder printed paper album
Dumb powder paper, officially known as matt coated paper, is observed in daylight, and is less reflective than coated art paper. Printed with it, although not coated paper, bright colors, but the pattern is more delicate than coated paper, more high-grade. Smooth and reflective of the arrangement is: copperplate paper "copper powder" wax on the surface, so there is no reflective is without wax copper surface is very smooth and reflective is serious with wax powder, paper smooth and reflective powder paper will generally not serious than copper thin and white. More and more hard being, not absorb ink, copperplate paper easy deformation, uneven feel pages of the book is certainly copper. Only color dozen will use sub powder paper, black and white is absolutely copper or double adhesive tape (ie recycled paper). At present, most of the advertisements are made of copper paper, but the brand goods will use sub colored paper, such as DHC, because the price of the powder paper is more expensive.
I have just purchased a copper fire pit on a wrought iron stand. I am wanting to not only use it for a camp fire but to roast hot dogs and marshmallows on. I know the fire logs that can purchased are convenient but can‘t be cooked with because of how they are treated. I am a single mom new to this fire starting thing. Can someone please tell me how to get a good fire started in a fire pit and keep the flame going?Thanks!
I just learned to lay a fire in my chimnea and it can't be much different - it's really super easy. I lay mine ahead and just light the match when I'm ready for it- first crumple up several sheets of newspaper, lay some twigs on top and a small piece of wood lightly braced on top (it needs air to burn). It'll take right off with one match if you lay it right - smallest stuff closest to the paper and always allow room for air. when the small piece of wood is burning gently prop larger pieces on it (again allowing for air movement). I was never a girl scout but am happy to show my granddaughter Gramma knows how to lay a fire :-)
I know that solar energy is energy from the sun converted into elctrical energy and all that great stuff, but if you heat a sheet of flashing copper, put it in the sun and it makes a little more energy than it did in the shade, is that thermal or solar energy
I just use a torchlights the other day, and i was wondering, who invented the torchlights. and who invented the batteries?
I have a dirtbike and a weedwacker that need a new head gasket, the gaskets cost like $20 a piece and shipping. Is there like a sheet of head gasket paper that i could use an exacto knife and trace it out??please put a link or store location
my guess is that you have a lot of free time. you need to get the proper gaskets. you can not make the compression rings ( the reinforced section of the head gasket) if you use paper, or any thing like it, you are doomed for failure. you could try a sheet of copper if you feel like you have that much time bit that would be just as expensive as the right gaskets.