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what is the place were people purchase metal?
Metal dealer. Look in your local yellow pages under metals. Also look under the metal you want, like steel, aluminum, copper, etc. You can also look under sheet metal or pipe. You should find what you want.
We are doing a project and need to know if these materials are recyclable or not:cloth sheets (cotton)plastic wrapcardboard form bronze or brass? (copper and tin mixture?)modeling material - ????? the box does not say what this. I believe it is called model magicAre any of these reclyable? Please give as much info as you can.
I believe- plastic wraps are not recyclable.Cotton, metals can be recycled
i melted cupper in furnance and added zinc,but zinc evaporated,if i put all together in furnance it wont unite,zinc melts and cupper dosnt.anyone has done that ?
You better take the car to a mechanic. I think you broke something.
Hi,i recently constructed a hofmann apparatus at home out of pvc and had some trouble with it. Basically, once it is set up, i only get gas from one electrode, the other does nothing. H2SO4 is used as the electrolyte, and the is 12 volts at 4 amps being put through it, DC. are there any simple flaws i am over looking as i just want to keep the oxygen and hydrogen separate.The electrodes are both made of copper sheet metal.thanks, your help is greatly appreciated.
A. A hot dog is cooked. (chemical?)B. Salad dressing is mixed with mayo. (physical?)C. Water is boiled. (physical?)D. Old ham goes bad in the fridge (chemical?)E. A rock star gets a tattoo on his head (chemical?)F. Gallium melts in your hand (chemical?)G. This page is white (???)H, The copper sheets that form the skin of the statue of liberty have turned green over the years (physical?)Could someone please tell me whether i‘m correct or not, and help me on G? Thanks in advance.
A-E correct F is physical G physical H is chemical because it is oxidizing
copper clad, how do you copper laminate plastics and fiberglass for use as a pcb?
not too knowledgeable in this area, but I think you take a thin sheet of copper foil, 1 mil thick or so, and glue it under pressure to the fiberglass. usually with another copper layer on the other side of the fiberglass. Most PC boards are made of 4 layers of copper. Two boards are made as above, then etched to get the final pattern. They are glued with a thin piece of fiberglass in between, again under pressure. Last one I worked on was 6 layers, with the signal layers 1/2 mill copper and the power layers 2 mil copper. size was 10 by 14 inch, and there were over 200 ICs as well as a lot of analog components.
Carefully observe the motion of the car on the way up. Does the acceleration change when the car leaves the copper sheet region on the tower, and if so, by how much? What would account for this change?
The SPEED changes on the way up, and it doesn't change by much, and it changes because of the brakes, if you look at it, you'll see that the bottom 1/3 of the tower has little things extending outward from where the car goes up from, those are brakes, so when it leaves the brakes, it goes slightly faster upward.
A sheet of copper is 5 mm thick and hassurface dimensions of 6 cm × 21 cm .If the long edges are joined to form atube 21 cm in length, what is the resistance between the ends? The mass densityof copper is 8920 kg/m3and its resistivity is1.7 × 10?8 Ω · m .Answer in units of ΩWhat mass of copper is required to manufacture a 1200 m-long spool of copper cable witha total resistance of 5.6 Ω?Answer in units of kgI got the first part but can‘t get the second. The answer to the first question is 1.19E-5 Ω. Please help with the second!
copper is used the position you want to diminish losses, ie, have a low resistance, as in homestead cord. tungsten is used in incandescent mild bulbs for a style of motives, because it has a larger resistance, so it receives hotter, and it resists breakdown on the extreme temperatures reached by utilising a mild bulb filament. in case you tried to apply copper in a filament, it may could be a lot thinner or longer, and could dissipate immediately, if it did not melt first. .