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i know what spark plugs are but what are plug wires and the purpose of getting them. what do the plug wires do? someone told me that it was time to get spark plugs and plug wires replaced on my 2000 impala.
it rather is achieveable to get undesirable cord or undesirable spark plugs or the incorrect spark plugs. it rather is not any longer that easy via, it rather is greater straightforward to get the incorrect spark plugs or combination up the spark plug wires. yet you may no longer miss cord only one spark plug cord, and with the coil packs according to cylinder one can actual could artwork to miss cord it. So i'm assuming which you have a Ford Explorer with a rotary distributor, and the two a 6 or 8 cylinder engine. tell your husband the difficulty and function him recheck his artwork. Get out your vendors instruction manual and be sure you have the extraordinary spark plug to your motor vehicle. be sure that the spark plugs are ideal and securely outfitted, that the spark plug wires are securely outfitted, and that the wires are under pressure to the extraordinary plug. in keeping with what year of ford you have this could be rather hassle-free to do yet you will could know the firing order. Get a restoration instruction manual from the library or look it up by utilising ability of the internet usually the firing order could have a diagram that teach how the spark plug cord run. If all looks so as or that's previous our ability then bypass to a outstanding storage or ford dealership. you do no longer desire to tension if avoidable, you may reason greater severe harm. appropriate of success
Wire runs from breakers to a wall outlet along the garage wall
Ok so the first two answers are almost correct. If the breaker is 20amp it's 12 gauge wire, if it's 15 amps it will be 14 gauge wire. The outlet is in a garage it must be a GFCI receptacle. That's a national electrical code requirement. If the wiring is to be exposed (ie not inside of a wall) then it must be in conduit, cheapest and easiest to install is pvc, you can run romex or NMB through conduit. If the wall is to be sheetrock when finished then you can run just romex through the studs. It is recommended that the GFCI receptacle be mounted in an extra deep box but is not required, makes it easier to get it in there with the wires. You can put up to 8 receptacles or devices, like light fixtures on one 20 amp circuit. More and you will be over loading the circuit. The romex you run should be for 20 amp 12-2 with ground. All circuits and devices must be grounded to be in compliance.
just need how u think it would be wired for like the whole circuite thingy
The hot wire terminal will have a brass colored terminal screw and the neutral wire terminal will have a silver colored screw. Be sure to connect the ground wire (if a terminal exists) to the terminal with a green screw.
The infamous headlight switch please help
What is so infamous about plugging the wiring to the switch? It will only plug in one way. UPDATE 8/6/11: In over 45 years, I've only replaced one headlight switch that had melted and that was on a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim and the driver had left the headlights on all night and yes it drained the battery. The plastic plug had melted but the wires had not burned through, so I had something to work with. There is a possibility you can find a wiring diagram on Auto Zones website for your car, they do have an extensive library or you could try to find a Haynes manual for your car. Or if you are low on $$ if you tell us what manufacturer, model, year of car you drive someone here might be able to help.
I have a wire coming from the car battery positive terminal. It is 12v DC. I want to split this wire to two other wires. I cannot connect another wire to the positive terminal. Will splitting this wire cause the voltage to drop to 6v each wire? or will they pull a constant 12v each?
No, each will carry 12v. I wouldn't advise physically splitting the wire though - you loose the insulation which is dangerous and you reduce the size of the wire which means that it may not be suitable for high current and could melt.
I have a 2000 Subaru Outback, and I can get the thing working, but it does not save any of my settings. i know its my accessory wire because the radio will not turn on from any other wire.. soo help please
There are two wires that you must hook up. One is for continuous power so that the settings are saved, the other is for power to the radio. If you had purchased your equipment from Crutchfield, you would have gotten free installation instructions and a wiring harness that would hook directly to your Subaru wiring - saving you a great deal of time and trouble.
The wire that leads to the center terminal is the power wire. The wire that is attached to the case or side of the unit is the ground side.
14. Three parallel wires carry currents, with magnitudes and in the directions shown in the figure below. The wires all lie in a plane, and are all 2 m long, with separations between them as shown in the figure. What is the total force on wire #3 due to wire #1 and wire #2? Wire 1 : 6A, 2.5 m from Wire 3 ---------------------gt;Wire 2: 3A, 1.0 m from Wire 3 lt;--------------------Wire 3: 3A ---------------------gt;Can't figure it out, any hints/suggestions?
Once you find the direction you then need to find the magnitude of each B-field. You can do this using the equation: B=( μ x I)/(2 x π x r) where μ= 4π x 10^-7.With this you will be able to find each B-field. Once you have this information, you can then find the force exerted from each wire with the equation F=I x L(Length) x B. I'm sure there are other methods of solving, but this is the way I would go. Hope this helps.