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i just want to select the power cable but i m having some confusion that when we select single core power cable we take current rating of that conductor but if we say 3-core cable has 200A capacity then it means that each core has this capacity or it is the the capacity of overall 3-cores
Current ratings for conductors are based on several factors including conductor type (Copper, Aluminum, other), insulation material (thermoplastic, rubber, asbestos composition), ambient temperature, length, exposure to weather, and numerous other factors stipulated by the NEC or local Code. The ratings are usually given for a single conductor in free air. Mulitiple current carrying conductors which share a conduit, raceway, or any other enclosure must be derated appropriately. See the source below for Code reference and rules of thumb.
I have a hard drive that has an enclosure is there any way to take an internal 3.5hard drive and convert it to an only usb cable portable hard drive with no power cord?
No. Not a 3.5 hard drive. You can do it with a 2.5 laptop drive because the drive mechanics and electronics require less power. A 3.5 drive requires too much power for USB to provide. Though... In the near future, you will see USB ports that are capable of supplying more power than the standard .5 amps that USB currently provides. So after they come out, you might see it being a possibility then.
i know i need the sata cable and power cable is that all i need
if i remove the power cable and switch on it works normally without restarting , plz help with this ~?
go in control panel and set ur laptop settings to not to start while swith in
When I say different types, I mean different types of Xbox 360 203 watt power cables. And I know that my xbox 360 is compatible with 203 watt power cables.
No, it really doesn't matter. All xbox 360's can use the 203W power supply. Though you can not use the 175w or 150w power supply with a 203w xenon motherboard xbox. There are 2 different types of 203w power supply, there's a 2 pin and a 3 pin. It really doesn't matter which one you get, one is grounded and one isn't.
I have Windows Vista on my Asus W2P laptop and I have had this weird problem for a while - every time I plug the power cable in when the computer is actually on, Media Centre automatically starts. It's not really an issue, except that it's a bit annoying and weird!! Has anyone else had/heard of an issue lke this?
Use windows defender hit softwares tab and remove windows media center from startup programs list
i have an amp with an 80a fuse i figure i shoud use a power cable with a 100a inline fuse what guagee should i use? also can i get two 8 guage wires with 50a inline fuses both to the ampthanks guys
I also use an 2 channel amplifier with an 80amp fuse on board (I'm running two of them actually). If you are only running the one amplifier, 4 gauge cable is a safe option. If you're going to be running more amps, go 0 gauge. The only time you'd look at running multiple power cables from the battery is if your audio application demands it (like SPL cars, that run anything in excess of 4 amplifiers with MEGA continuous running power and also running multiple batteries at that, too). I don't think you're going that far, so the single run would be sufficient. From your 4 gauge cable, run a distribution block with however many points of 4 gauge cable running to your other amps. Hope this helps you :)
Power cable yjv22-10kv-3 * 50 what it means
Yj is cross-linked polyethylene insulation, v PVC sheathed 22 is double steel tape armored, voltage 10KV, 50 square three-core copper cable