China Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings 45 90degree

Ref Price:
$15.00 - 200.00 / pc
Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
10 pc
Supply Capability:
300000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

China Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings 45 90degree

CNBM manufactures Ductile Iron Push-on Joint & Mechanical Joint Fittings which conform to Product standards: EN 545:2002, ISO-2531:1998, ANSI/AWWA C153/C110 & GB13295. The fittings are made with the most modern casting technique known as Vacuum Lost Foam Process.




DN50-DN2000(2"-80"),  available with PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40 flanges.




ISO2531, ISO4179, ISO8179, BS EN 545, BS EN598, BS4772, ISO7005-2, EN1092-2:1997, DIN2501, GBT13295



300PSI, 500PSI, 750PSI, 1000PSI


Pipe ends

Spigot, socket or flanges.


Internal coating

Cement mortar lining comply with ISO4179 or bitumen painting (Ave. min.70 micron) or Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating


External coating

Sprayed metallic zinc coating (min.150g/m²) according to ISO8179 + bitumen painting (min.70 micron) or epoxy powder coating or epoxy painting or according to customer's requirements.



In accordance with ISO 2531 / EN 545 / EN598 and 100% water pressure test.



NBR, SBR, EPDM rubber ring according to ISO4633 / EN681.1 are available.



Municipal Use,Waterworks Pipelines,Piping Fittings,Water Engineering,Potable Water Use,Irrigation Use,Water Supply Project Use,Water Treatment Plants Use,Pumping Stations,Water Utility Sectors,Water-Supply Pressure Pipeline,Potable Water Pumping Station,Stormwater Lines,Fire Water Pumping Station,Fresh Water Pumping Station, ect.


Dismantling Joint,Universal Flange Adaptor,Universal Coupling,Ductile Iron Loose Flange Joint,DI Pipe Fitting,Saddle for PVC Pipe,Repair Clamp,Qucick Flange Adaptor,Gibault Joint,Restrained Flange Adaptor,Restrained Coupling,Valve,etc.

China Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings 45 90degree

Company Information


Build your world with our materials.

We are a primary subsidiary of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd.

CNBM Group is a central government-owned enterprise and a Fortune Global 500 company (Ranking 259th in 2017). It is the largest building material manufacturer and service provider in the world, with 15 publicly-listed companies and over 180,000 employees (2017).








Why choose CNBM?


Government Credit

CNBM Intl is a primary subsidiary of CNBM Group, a Chinese central governmental enterprise. We’ve been accessed by D&B as Duns Registered 4A1 level since 2012, which endorsed us as one of the safest suppliers to work with in China.

Industry Leader

As an industry leader, CNBM Intl is also a top-ranking buyer of iron ore and coking coal in the world. Our raw materials’ cost and quality are under strict control from A to Z.

Strong Logistics Capability

         1.  Professional Logistics team

         2. 20,000 containers + 30,000 M3bulk vessel per year = Cost-effective and Prioritized Shipments

         3.   50000 M2 Dubai Logistics Park solely-owned by CNBM

 VIP services

         1.   Professional Sales Team

         2.   Multi-language Sales Managers

         3.   One-to-One fast response

 One-Stop Purchase Solution

Over 800 kinds of industrial products within CNBM product range.


Q:Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A:CNBM is a large-scale central governmental industrial group with its own manufacturing sector, research and
development sector, trading sector and logistics sector.

Q:I have some special requirement about specifications.
A:We have a well-rounded product range, which endows us with the capability of applying many special
specifications. Please feel free to contact us with yours.

Q:Do you accept OEM service?
A:Yes, we do.

Q:What is your delivery time?
A:It depends on the size/complexity of your order and our own production schedule. Usually we provide a faster
delivery than the industry's average.

Q:What is the payment term?
A:Our payment terms are negotiable.

Q:Can I have my own logo on the product?
A:Sure, we can apply your own logo on the products according to your drawings.

China Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings 45 90degree


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