Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings All Socket Tee EN545 DN1200 On Sale

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$1,312.00 / m.t.
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China main port
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5 m.t.
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50000 m.t./month
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1.Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings Description :

Our product is an ideal material for connection, which is widely applied to construction machinery, chemical industry and other areas, especially in pipe linking system. It can be widely used under all conditions for a long time.Pipe fittings confirm to ISO2531,K9 class,T type joint,6m long,with inside cements lining conform to ISO4179,  outside Zinc spraying(130g/m2) and bitumen coating(70μm) conform to ISO8179.Pipe fittings ends: Spigot and socket ends, with 100% SBR rubber gaskets accoding to ISO4633.we can do third party inspection according to customer's request.

2.Main Features of the Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings:

1).Quality guarantee
•  Chemical checking
•  NDE after rough machining
•  Mechanical testing after heat treatment
•  Final NDE,dimension inspected
2).Quality document
•  Full Q.A document as per client request
3).Packing and Shipping
•  standard export package(carton/wooden case/pallet)
•  accept FOB,FAS,CNF,CIF door to door etc or customer designated    shipping agent

•  Drawing: we can translate your original drawing, offer best suggestion on design
•  Quality: we have full set quality control system to guarantee the best quality.
•  Inspection: inspect in house, all our products must be checked 3 times before packing
•  In-house Foundry
•  Third party inspection available upon requirement

3.Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings Images:

Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings All Socket Tee EN545 DN1200 On Sale


Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings All Socket Tee EN545 DN1200 On Sale


4.Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings Specification:

Standard: API SPEC 5L  44th eidtion,ASTM A252-98(2007)
Grade:  A53 Grades A/B, ASTM A106 Grades B/C,ASTM A179
             AWWA, C200, ASTM A139, ASTM A120,   API 5L Grade B    
             X42, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80, X100
Weld Alternatives:  LSAW
OD size range: 6.4~44.5mm
Wall thickness:  406.4~1422mm
Length: 3 - 12 m according to requirment
Note: Other grade can also be provided after consulting. Special design are available for coal slurry conveyance LSAW line tube



We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:
1.Q: Why would you choose ductile iron pipe fittings rather than other pipe fittings materials?
 A:The reasons are obvious for that not only ductile iron pipe fittings possesses the inherent strength and flexibility of ductile iron, combined with proven corrosion protection systems, but also the cost savings can be achieved from design to installation and commissioning.
 2.Q:Why can you guarantee the inner of pipes can’t be corroded?
 A: High alumina cement mortar lining and sulphate-resistant cement mortar lining. These two special linings are applicable to inner anti-corrosion for sewage pipes fittings, improving resistance to erosion of the sewage components.
Q:Water that has trickled through copper bearing ore will have the characteristic color of copper solutions. One method used to recover the copper dissolved in such streams is to place scrap iron in wide shallow sections of the stream. See if you can design an experiment to recover the remaining copper left in the copper chloride solution from this experiment.I don‘t understand this. Why is scrap iron used. How and what experiment am I supposed to come up with
Iron is more reactive than copper, so it will displace copper from solution. (The iron dissolves into the solution, and the copper precipitates out.) You could try plain steel wool (without built-in soap) as a source of the iron for this experiment. It has lots of surface area, so the iron will react more quickly than, say, the iron in a nail.
Q:if iron were to bond with oxygen, what formula would be for each oxidation number of iron?how would each formula be named?please explain!thanks .x
Iron (III) has 5 electrons in its outer shell and has a charge of 3- Iron (II) has 6 electrons in its outer shell and has a charge of 2- Iron(II)+Oxygen gas Iron (II) oxide or FeO or Ferrous oxide Iron (III) + Oxygen gas Iron (III) oxide or Fe2O3 or Ferric oxide
Q:I am looking for a flat iron and I would like to see which is the best of the best.I would also like another like to know the best inexpensive flat irons. Thanks for the help!
ya, front end inspection for sure, ball joints ??
Q:got my blood work back and had high iron, what can i do to lower it?
It depends on how 'high' it is. If it's within 10% of the normal cutoff value, it's probably no big deal; especially if your doctor isn't concerned by it. Diets rich in Iron-laden foods such as meats and other proteins could cause an increase. If your Iron levels are egregiously high, then there could be cause for real concern, and you should address this information with your physician as abnormally high levels of serum Iron could possibly indicate a liver impairment of some kind, as one of the functions of the liver is to store Iron. The idea is to retest it periodically to determine if your high reading was a transient finding or a chronic finding.
Q:How can the ductile iron pipe be connected to the PE pipe?
Other ways of connecting steel and plastic excessive, one end is PE, and the other end is iron pipe fittings, but not as reliable as flange pressure, different systems pipe connection, it is recommended to use flange connection.
Q:What is the best hot iron you know of?? under 150?????
theres a lot look at sally beauty solon theirs are cheep and work really good
Q:Im looking to buy new irons but im not very good
Ping G-5's are very forgiving. They are costly but great clubs. And if you like Taylormades like myself, I would try some older Burner irons or a set of RAC OS irons. Both of those you should be able to get for around $200 used.
Q:got my blood work back and had high iron, what can i do to lower it?
Q:is it true that during the war people used to put iron nails into apples to increase the iron content and then eat the apples??
Q:Is the ductile iron pipe metal pipe?
Ductile iron pipes are metal tubes, because ductile iron is also a kind of metal. See the classification of metalsGenerally, metal materials are classified into two major categories: ferrous and non-ferrous metals

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