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What is the composition of the heating system?
1, boiler: heating and provide hot water device. At present, the general use of gas-strong row of boiler. 2, sub-catchment: the hot water assigned to the need for heating areas, divided into manual and automatic two. (Installed do not sub-water collector) 3, the cooling device is: a heat transfer of hot water to distribute, to achieve the heating needs of the device. At present, there are two common forms of radiator, low-temperature floor radiant heating (referred to to warm) two forms; also wall warm. 4, temperature control system: A, boiler linkage thermostat: According to the indoor temperature control of the automatic operation of the boiler, at the same time with programming timer switch function. Can not be achieved sub-room temperature control. B, sub-catcher linkage thermostat: According to the indoor temperature, control sub-collector on the electric actuator switch to reach the temperature of each heating area. (Generally used to warm) C, automatic thermostatic valve: According to the temperature control valve set temperature, automatically adjust the size of the water flow within the radiator to achieve the temperature of the device. (Generally used for radiator heating) A and B above two products in principle can not be used at the same time.
Home old house want to install to warm how to do?
The old house to warm the way of heating must be part of the height of the floor to install the company to lay the ground to reduce the general level of 6-8cm. For many old houses only 2.5m layer height, the impact is still relatively large. Modified to warm is not the best way to heat, and to warm the laying of concrete will be filled with a direct increase in the construction of the ground load. Usually in the area per square meter to increase the weight of about 120kg, so the old room to install the ground to consider the load capacity of the ground. The components of the warm system look very simple, only a simple combination of pipes, sinks / separators, but in fact it contains complex techniques. For the warm design has a very detailed requirements, and in the actual design, a lot of warm installation companies are directly follow the original design. Such a result will be very easy to cause the room temperature uneven situation, laying the program unreasonable easily lead to the use of poor user results. So the old house to install warm, be sure to find the strength of a dedicated designer and their own construction team to install the company to the formal. There is a dry shop to warm, is the direct shop module, and then to warm the tube in the module card slot, the top of the shop directly on the floor, but relatively rare.
What is the warm working principle of what is warm
To warm the floor is the radiator, through the floor of the radiation layer of the heat medium, the uniform heating of the entire ground, the use of the ground itself, the heat and heat up the law of radiation from the bottom to the conduction, to achieve the purpose of heating. From the heat medium is divided into water to warm and warm air to warm the dry Gan Nao imitation wet wet splash two categories, water heating is the water heated to a certain temperature, transported to the floor under the water pipe cooling network, through the floor fever To achieve the purpose of heating a heating method. Electric heating is the use of electricity to convert heat, it is recommended to use water to warm, more environmentally friendly and healthy energy! best regard!
What is carbon crystal and carbon fiber?
What is carbon crystal and carbon fiber?...
What is the working principle of air source heat pump and what is it?
What is the working principle of air source heat pump and what is it?...
Home wall boiler attention to what the use of boiler concerns
Home wall boiler attention to what the use of boiler concerns...
The first time this year, warm, how should open, pay attention to what
Open the pipe cutting door, open the small tube to warm the door, the water separator to open, to the water discharge.
What does the boiler pressure mean?
Wall furnace pressure generally refers to the addition of external boiler outside the boiler to increase the amount of heating hot water circulation to improve the head to meet the 2 or 3 layers of heating requirements