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I'm installing my car audio system in the morning. I have a 650w 4 channel amp for my four interior speakers and a class D monoblock amp for my sub.I have an 8awg wiring kit. If I split that to use it on both amps, it would end up at 16awg going to the amps. Is this thick enough for my setup?
1. We can't answer without knowing more about your amplifiers. 650w 4 channel doesn't tell us anything useful, because the power rating may be a peak number that's only good for marketing, and you didn't tell us anything about the monoblock amplifier at all. Give us brand and model numbers and we might be able to help. 2. If I split that to use it on both amps, it would end up at 16awg going to the amps That's now how it works. (I'm not sure how you envision splitting the wire to make two wires that are half the size; are you cutting it down the middle with a razor?) You can use a distribution block to connect both amplifiers to the same main power wire, but you don't have to go to a smaller wire out of the d-block: you can run 8-gauge wire from the battery to the distribution block, then more 8-gauge from the d-block to each amp. 3. Even if you did cut the 8-gauge wire in half, a wire half the size of 8-gauge isn't 16-gauge. It's 11-gauge. If you put six 16-gauge wires together, you'd get a wire that's a little smaller than 8-gauge. Please edit your question with the brand and model numbers of both amplifier, along with the estimated length of the wire run (ie, how many feet of wire do you need to go between the amps and the battery?) Then we can tell you what gauge wire you need. Edit: thanks for the update. Based on the information about your amplifiers, I don't think you should run both of them from the single 8-gauge wire. I'd switch to a 4-gauge dual amp kit, or you can buy a second 8-gauge kit and run each amp with its own power wire to the battery rather than sharing a single wire.
I have a SATA DVD burner SATA 160GB HD .... but the PSU only comes with ONE SATA power connector .... great ..I was thinking about buying a SATA host controller card ... but I found out that that will only give me more SATA ports and take up one of my PCI slots LOLThen I was thinking about returning my SATA DVD burner for an IDE DVD burner ...
What the sata connector/converter does is the same as the molex plug does on a ATA device, it just allows you to use the molex plugs as your power source for the SATA devices. Your devices should have a 4 pin connector for the molex so you really don't need the converter plug, as either way you only use one power plug. Don't use both (serial power connection 4 pin molex on one device) and there should be a warning label on the device that says the same.
I have my Clearwire modem but have lost the power cable. Does anyone know what I would look for in a replacement power cable.
check the Clearwire URL .. Support tab
My ISP had installed an outdoor antenna from where a white RJ45 cable runs into a little white box (which is plugged into AC outlet) and from the same white box i do have another RJ45 jack plugged into my laptops NIC card. I came to know that the white ethernet cable is Power over Ethernet cable which carries the power as well as data. I just want to know if i can plug that ethernet directly into my laptops NIC card ? Can i do that will there be any harm to my laptop's NIC ??
It sounds like your ISP is using an Axcelera (I don't remember the exact spelling) radio. The ac power powers the radio over the cable going to the antenna, but that power is separated from the cable going to your computer. It is completely safe.
can we use welding cable to hook up amp in our car?rated 200amp
There is no need for a 200 amp cable. most of the time 75 to 100 amps is more than enough. Just go to the local car audio store and pick up a amp kit. (Depending on amp size depends on price) The local Wal-Mart sales them as well. You'll spend between $25-$100 for a good amp kit. Amp Kit 1 power wire 1 ground wire 1 set of RCA for audio from sterio to amp 1 fuse.
What kind of cable does the power cable 3 (1 * 240) +2 (1 * 120) Is it a separate cable?
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The hdd i am looking at is OEM nearly everywhere so i'm wondering what i would need to use it.
just the data and power cable and if your mobo doesnt support that type of drive (like if it only has ide and you want sata) then you will need a controller card
I would like to buy a PS3 in america, but i'm living in Italy and I don't know if there is some problems because of the different voltage of the power cable, included in the PS3 box. I don't know if it's possible to buy the power cable separately...please answers as quick as possible10 point at the best !!!!lello è sexy
If you guys in Italy use the one that is a right side up version is this =D then you should be fine. If bot you can buy a replacement cable for like $20 at a game store or best but or something like that.