Copper Clad Al-Mg alloy wire

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Copper Clad Aluminum and Magnesium alloy wire is an electrical conductor which has an outer sleeve of copper metallurgically bonded to a solid aluminum alloy core. The combination of these two metals make it uniquely suited to many electrical applications

The mechanical property of CCAM fine wire can meet the requirement of producing stranded wire, braided wireon high speed braiding machine.We can produce CCAM wire based on customer’s requirement.

Manufacture Scope:



Inner conductor of Lan cable

Shielding layer of coaxial cable

Characteristic Comparison

ccam wire/copper wire/aluminum wire









Copper Percent in Volume%








Length Comparison based on same Diameter and same weight








Tensile strengthMpa








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Q:Advantages of Twisted Pair Wiring?
Less interference.
Q:Photocontrol on a outside light wiring help?
Photo Control Switch
Q:Buying wires to hook up subs. ?
the main question is how powerful is your amp? 500RMS 8 gage should suffise for power wire 1000RMS 4 gage 2000RMS 0 gage or start thinking of getting another battery for the boot. remember. you earth must be just as good as the power wire. and hooked to a solid piece of metal. if you are wondering wire to the subs if it is no longer than 3 foot from the amp to the subs 12g will be fine if it is 3-6 foot go 10 gage. your amp shouldn't be over 6 foot from the subs.
Q:What is a wire trasnfer ?
A wire is a paperless transaction between banks. The electronic submission of money debits your account (payor) and pays the payee. I put money in quotes because there is no physical dollar bill that changes hands. It subtracts the amount from your account and adds it on to the other account you're paying. There is a trail for such a transaction, so it can be traced from one bank to another. It is instantaneous, like a debit card transaction, in that the payor's account automatically has the funds taken out of the account (held for close of business when the bank feeds all the wires through) and the entity receiving the funds has them the next day. advantage: It's instant (if you're buying a car in full w/ a wire, the car is fully paid in 24 hrs. A check of that size may have a 10 day hold on your account before verifying!) Disadvantage: it costs more than a check. Wires are a few bucks to about 20 bucks. Not practical on smaller transactions, but if you forgot to pay your daughter's tuition and she's about to start class, this scenario is perfect.
Q:Force Between Two Wires?
For a current I1 = 14.2 Amperes and radial separation between wires r =0.076 m, the magnetic field at wire 2 is B =0.000037368 Tesla If current I2 = 21 Amperes then the force per meter is F/ΔL =0.000784 Newtons/m Goodbye
Q:can plug in wall lights be hard wired?
yes as long as any fuses that you remove along with the plug are equalled by fuses in the spur outlet you are using, and the wires are secured so they cannot be pulled down , the plug is the weak point in the circuit if the wire snags it pulls the plug out if you secure the wire the weak point is most likely the wire if it breaks you will have a live wire dangling about so if its not secure its dangerous
Q:What is difference in the wire that you get with the underground fence and regular insulated wire?
There isn't anything special about the wire that comes with the kit, it is just wire. If you have already installed the fence and just need to enlarge the area you can use your own wire just make sure it is the same gauge wire as is already hooked up.
Q:Wire arcing possible?
Hello, anytime the insulation is broken on the line it can be a potential fire hazard, and yes they can arc or short out. The potential may not be large but with fire it safer to err on the side of caution. Codes vary around the country so check there, but we typically pull the staple and determine how deeply the insulation is really compromised, if it is only through the external shielding an in-expensive way to safely repair it is with a shrink tube type of product. However, if any of the internal strands have been compromised the line would need to be cut and a junction box installed and the wire spliced back together inside the box. Hope this helps:-)
Q:old electrical wiring?
a wire is a wire is a wire! the coatings were only put on to keep the continuity in sync. if you have all these blk wires, 2 go into 1 and connected to the lite and the other is connected to the lite, and there is no gnd wire. the 2 are running thru to another lite along the way as they did in those days. don't disconnect them, keep them together and call that your power/red or blk, the single coming down to the lite is the common/white...get tape and mark them so. electrical tape comes in colors. now you won't have that prob in the future. as for the gnd, you should have a metal box, just screw to that. at last resort if you have an attic, run a grn/gnd wire from a water pipe of someplace that will ground and wire nut it off. any Q shoot me an email...
Q:whitch wires do u ground?
It's probably one positive, one negative and one earth ground.

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