• 14kwh spot inventory panama warehouse home lithium battery used for solar system System 1
  • 14kwh spot inventory panama warehouse home lithium battery used for solar system System 2
  • 14kwh spot inventory panama warehouse home lithium battery used for solar system System 3
  • 14kwh spot inventory panama warehouse home lithium battery used for solar system System 4
14kwh spot inventory panama warehouse home lithium battery used for solar system

14kwh spot inventory panama warehouse home lithium battery used for solar system

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5000 pc/month

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Item specifice

≥5000 times(80% DOD)
Interface of communication:
RS485, RS232, CAN
Parallel function:
Support 8 units in parallel
Type of battery:


Especification51.2 V 280 Ah
Voltaje Nominal51.2 V
Capacided Nominal280 Ah
Tipo de CélulaLFP
Voltaje de Carga Estándar58.4 V (Ajustable)
Corriente M¡ximo de Carga200 A
Voltaje de Corte de Descarga40 V (Ajustable)
Corriente M¡ximo de Descarga200 A
PantallaLCD (Opcional)
Interfaz de ComunicaciónRS485,RS232, CAN (Opcional)
Vida de Ciclo≥6000 Ciclos (80% DOD)
Temperatura de Carga0-65°C
Temperatura de Descarga-20-65°C
Función ParalelaSoporta 15 unidades en paralelo
Clase de ProtecciónIP22
Método de InstalaciónTipo de gabinete
Condición de prueba: 80% DOD, 0.2 C Carga & descarga @25℃

Our company:

Q:The role of the battery?
It filled with lead plate filled with sponge lead as a negative electrode, filled with lead dioxide lead dioxide as a positive electrode, and with 22 to 28% dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte. In the charge, the electrical energy into chemical energy, the discharge of chemical energy and into electrical energy.
Q:80ah how much battery storage capacity?
Is 80AH. Understood to discharge at 80 amps for about 1 hour (but not to say that after 1 hour is finished, there is still electricity). In theory, this is your battery power.
Q:What kind of battery is divided into?
At present, we used the car battery is divided into three categories, namely, ordinary batteries, dry batteries and maintenance-free batteries three.
Q:How to determine the battery is good or bad?
General side maintenance has an observation hole if it is green to prove that the battery is normal if it is black to prove that the battery does not save electricity. There is to observe whether there is liquid exudation, if any, proved to be bad. Finally, you can touch the hand, such as feeling the battery around the plane has proved proof bad.
Q:Lead-acid battery how to maintain?
When receiving the battery should first check whether the phenomenon of short circuit, first short circuit repair and then fill the distilled water.
Q:What battery does the van use?
The most obvious feature of lead-acid batteries is the top of the plastic cover can be unscrewed, there are ventilation holes above. These fillers are used to fill pure water, check the electrolyte and the use of exhaust gas. In theory, lead-acid batteries need to check the density of each electrolyte and the level of liquid, if there is a need to add distilled water. But with the upgrading of battery manufacturing technology, lead-acid battery development for the lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and colloidal maintenance-free batteries, lead-acid batteries do not need to add electrolyte or distilled water. Mainly the use of positive electrode to produce oxygen can be absorbed in the negative oxygen cycle, to prevent water reduction. Lead-acid water batteries are mostly used in tractors, tricycles, car start, etc., and maintenance-free lead-acid battery wider range of applications, including uninterruptible power supply, electric vehicle power, electric bicycle batteries. Lead-acid batteries according to the application needs to be divided into constant current discharge (such as uninterruptible power supply) and instantaneous discharge (such as car to start the battery).
Q:How does the battery increase the voltage?
With the same battery pack in series; if the required current is relatively small, you can use DC-DC module.
Q:What are the advantages of maintenance-free batteries?
Maintenance-free battery because of its normal charging voltage, the electrolyte only produce a small amount of gas, so throughout the use of the need for the addition of distilled water, in the normal charging system, do not need to remove the charge from the removal. But in the maintenance of the proportion of its electrolyte should be checked.
Q:How is the capacity of the battery defined?
The capacity of the battery unit is AH (safety) is the product of current and time.
Q:How to deal with waste batteries?
The rest of the various types of waste batteries are generally shipped to a special toxic, hazardous landfill, but this approach not only cost too much but also cause waste, because there are many useful raw materials available.

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