Warranty Power LiFePO4 Lithium Battery 51.2V 100AH Wall Mounted Battery 5KWH NCQ

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- Household,Hospital, Bank, Airport, Power plant and other systems.

- Solar energy storage cabinet,

- Long last UPS battery.

- Phone switch, Telecom room SMR hospitals.




About 2000-6000 cycles, up to 10 times longer life span compared to lead-acid batteries.

- More Usable Capacity
100% depth of discharge (DOD),25-50% more usable capacity than lead-acid batteries.

- Lightweight
Average 70% lighter than the same size traditional lead-acid batteries.

- Fast &Safe Charge
High charge/discharge rate, charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries.

- Built-in Protection
Every battery comes with a built-in battery protection system.

- Drop-in Replacement
A variety of BCI standard sizes or custom solution for easy drop-in replacement.

- Eco-friendly

Ultimate clean energy, no gassing, no fumes, no pollution, on-hazardous batteries.





Q:hello i have a tommy 20 dart gun and it uses 3 aa batteries. how can i convert this to a battery pack or mod it? Thanks
This Site Might Help You. RE: How to mod tommy 20 dart gun nerf gun to run on battery pack instead of double a? hello i have a tommy 20 dart gun and it uses 3 aa batteries. how can i convert this to a battery pack or mod it? Thanks
Q:i got this new Lenovo Thinkpad x61 tablet PC, and it's pretty great, except for the battery . i get less than an hour at full powerthere is a setting that lets it run for like 14 hours, but it's slow as heck , and i hate the in between settings as welli want to run my laptop at full power / full performance all the timeso are there any good battery packs that can help me do this?
those are some solid questions. a million. confident. it really is completely secure to apply it even as charging. it ought to take longer to value although. the computing gadget ought to value faster even as became off. 2. there has been particularly some hypothesis about that over the years. i believe that its best to allow the battery drain thoroughly each and every so typically. Batteries have a tendency to have a shorter existence in case you basically drain it some p.c. then value it decrease back up. Heck, you should continuously get rid of the battery once you've it plugged in. the computing gadget will run advantageous without a battery. basically plug contained in the battery and value it earlier you bypass cordless. 3. in case you want to make the battery very last more on a value, turn off something you do not use. Turning off such issues as on the spot, Bluetooth, etc, will make the battery very last a lot longer. turn down the brightness on the reveal. verify the skill settings in abode windows, turn it to skill saver mode. such issues as fancy reveal screen savers will basically draw extra skill. Set the reveal screen saver to sparkling.
Q:i have a NiCd 9.6v 400mah battery pack (8 1.2v 400mah cells) and a 250 mah charger. what should be the initial and regular charging times?i was told the first charge should be 7 or 8 hoursregular charging should be 1hr 40 mins.
the rate is normally 1/C - the inverse of the current capacity. 1 hour only if you have a Smart Charger and it can sense the heat generated by charging the battery. I recharge my 9.6v/4000mAh pack in 15 minutes, but I have a battery that is MADE for hot charges and my charger is made to push that much current into the battery.
Q:I was wondering if the Xbox 360's Rechargeable Battery Pack was worth the money. I figured that buying an average rechargeable battery kit from Energizer would be a better value, considering the ability to replace the batteries once they go dry. Any input is appreciated! -Anthony
properly I say approximately a minimum of 60 or sixty 5 money by way of fact that each and each 3 video games you commerce you will get a 10 % fee on them.i do no longer understand approximately Rechargeable battery %. inspite of the undeniable fact thatsolid success inspite of the undeniable fact that I traded 10 of my crappy Ps3 video games and that i gained up tp a hundred and twenty in credit and offered some solid video games.
Q:i recently bought a canon fs100. and i wanna know if its okay to charge it even if its battery's not drained yet.
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are also safe to recharge without fully draining.
Q:Is the battery pack good for 18650 or the polymer?
18650 and the polymer battery compared to 18650 relatively safe.
Q:I was playing with my FM transmitter, and in an attempt to amplify its signal I attactched a 2 AA battery pack instead of its normal 2 AAA. But this pack started hissing when I had it connected any playing. why? Did the hissing was from the pack, not the transmitter. the pack is cheaply made and slightly bent, but why did it hiss?thanks
IDK the answer to your question but the football player in your avatar is quite talented IMO.
Q:does anyone know where i can get a polaroid battery for my portable dvd player its a model no:BT45 BC7.4V rechargeable battery pack
Try BatteriesPlus. They seem to be able to supply about any battery you want.
Q:hey there i have a psp slim the first one released and i its battery 3.6V 1200mAh exploded:/ i just wondered if an old battery pach 3.6V 1800mAh of the first fat psp released is compatible with the slim one if not can you suggest me what to do??
No, the battery for the 1000 series cannot be used in a 2000 or 3000. On the very bottom of it (with the screen facing up and the shoulder buttons furthest away from you), you should see a barcode with the model number. If it says 1000 (or 1001 or something similar), you have a fat model. If it says 2000 or 3000, you have a Slim model. The 1000's battery doesn't fit in the 2000 and 3000's compartment. Sony does make replacement battery packs, however, as well as an Extended Life Battery Kit. If you use your PSP a lot, I really recommend getting the Extended Kit. It takes the normal battery life from 3-5 hours to 5-11. The only problem is it's bigger, and a bigger battery means a bigger cover. They only provide black and silver battery covers. It's not a huge problem, but it is there.
Q:I have a Leviton rocker light switch and i want to some how wire it to a battery pack to power a light. Is this possible?
gentle switches are especially person-friendly to swap. Yours in all risk have been given wiped out (some piece of the plastic in all risk broke off interior). rather of calling an electrician, spend approximately $25 to get a house fix e book. I certainly have one and that's supplied in obtainable. you do not ought to do each and every thing your self, however the e book fairly helps to appreciate the easy stuff. So, once you get that e book (or maybe seem up changing gentle switches on the internet), purchase a sparkling swap, save on with all secure practices rules (quantity a million precedence!), turn off the potential from the fuse container, and alter out the swap.

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