DW15 Series Air Circuit Breakers

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Q:please help! Odometer and Speedometer question?
get the speedometer working and the odometer will start working.
Q:I Fixed a parasitic draw on my car battery, but now my turn signals don't work?
If okorder
Q:Which of the following are true!???! help! BIOLOGY MAJORS?
The Caulerpa consist of one cell, so #2 is incorrect. They reproduce by making egg and sperm cells, which fuse to make a new organism, so #3 is incorrect too. By default, #1 is incorrect, leaving #4.
Q:No radio or clock in 2001 hyundai elantra?
Double check the fuses tor the dome light and cigar lighter, its easy to miss a bad fuse If you have a test light or DVOM (multi meter) use it to check both sides of the fuse for power, obviously an open in the fuse is going to cause one side of it to have power and not the other. You will need these tool to verify the fuse is getting power, check the condition of the fuse, and trace the power to the individual components on that circuit. For backyard mechanics, Harbor Freight has these tool for the $5-10 range that work great for occasional use. Good luck man! If you need any further help with open / short diagnosis just let me know.
Q:Looking at buying a 2005 Scott Speedster 5G. Anyone know anything about this bike?
Scott. Made in the USA, kick butt geometry, good lookin' bike. I say get it, just upgrade the Sora to at least 105.
Q:CarAudio I have a 1998 Honda civic stock altenator I want do a 1200 watt amp it says 120 amps fuses?
In the short term, probably. Long term - I'd be surprised if that alt lasts 6 mo. At anything over 1/2 volume that alt will basically be maxed out. Under that much stress the amount of heat produced will be extreme. Heat in alternators causes both the electrical components and the mechanical components to wear out quickly.
Q:What makes cells stick together?
In plant cells it is the plasmodesmata that hold the cells togetherthere are small rigid openings on the cells that allow the cells to by connected together (like their cytoplasms literally go through one another) which allows for adhesion of cells together and cellular communication. In animal cells it is that Adherens Junctions between cells that allow for the adhesion of cells together.
Q:50 amp blade fuse burns out as soon as I turn on the key?
a three or a 5 amp fuse would be positive, as long as your heater works once you slot the plug there is not any would desire to purchase a clean one. If the heater is going defective it particularly is going to easily blow the fuse, yet there is not any reason it is going to.
Q:i have 4 led light strips how do i wire them to a 2 prong toggle switch?
The positive wire goes to an accessory wire (or a blank accessory terminal in your fuse block if so equiped). The other wire goes to ground. It has to be ground to the metal of the car. All of the electrical components in your car are grounded to the car. The electricity comes from the battery through the wires to the components, goes through the components then returns to the battery using the metal of the car (aka the chassis). Also, add a fuse to the wire if there isn't one already. A live wire in the car without a fuse is very dangerous.
Q:95' Pontiac Firebird won't start?
Try the fuses. My 2001 Chrysler did that a few weeks ago, and it was a bad A/C-heater switch that blew the fuse to the starter. Jumping it did no good for me either. It may also be the starter or alternator.

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