Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Technical Data
◆Number of poles:1,2,3,4,1+N,3+N
◆Nominal current In(A): 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,13,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
◇B The short-circuit release is to be set up to 3 In through 5 In.It serves especially for protection of circuits with such devices which do not cause any current surges(lights or socket circuits etc.)
◇C The short-circuit release is to be set up to 5 In through 10 In.It serves especially for protection of circuits with such devices which cause some current surges(groups of bulbs, motors etc.)
◇D The short-circuit release is to be set up to 10 In through 20 In. It serves especially for protection of circuits with devices which cause high current surges(transformers,double-pole motors,motors with heavy start etc.)
◆Nominal voltage:
◇1P (single-pole)~230/400V 50/60Hz
◇3P (three-pole)~400V 50/60Hz
◆Rupturing capacity:
◇EN60898-10,000A(nominal short-circuit and operational rupturing capacity)
◆Protection:IP40 for a sole MCB with its design, it protects against a hazardous finger or instrument touch as well as against very small foreign objects; It is without any protection against water leakage (water protection is to be solved with design of the switchboard casing)
◆Ambient temperatue: -5oC to +40oC pursuant to EN60898
◆Gauging temperature:+30oC pursuant to EN60898
◆Max.pre-inserted fuse:100AgG(>10kA)
◆Mechanical lifetime:≤20,000 cycles
◆Electrical lifetime:≤8,000 cycles
◆Fastening:By means of an unique snap mechanism(with arrestment in final positions)the carrying DIN strip EN50022,width 35mm, or even onto the falt surface by means of screws.
◆Removal form the DIN strip:
◇By means of an unique auxiliary snap mechanism, the MCB誷 can be removed even from a row of devices mutually interconnected by a forked or reed rack strip without necessity to dismantle the whole interconnecting strip.
◆Input terminals:
◇Clip terminals(with barrier layer), snap-locked against the worse input of a conductor
◇The input and output can be interchanged
◇They enable more conductors as well as interconnecting strips to be connected
◆Connect ability of conductors (Maximum cross-sections):
◇35mm2 solid conductor
◇25mm2 stranded conductor
◆Terminal protection:IP20
◆Tightening moment for terminals
◇2Nm(combined slotted-head screw)
◆Manufacture standard
◇EN60898,same to IEC 60898
◆Selectivity calss:3
◆Colored levers:
For better distinction among circuits in the switchboards,we supply also miniature circuit breaker with distinction of nominal currents by means of colored levers corresponding to the colors of turn fuses
◇8A(Light green)
◆Can be delivered also with only black levers

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Q:What is the difference between open air and circuit breakers?
The type of protection function and the protection mode are selected by the user according to their needs. Such as short circuit protection, over current protection, exclusion control, undervoltage protection.
Q:Circuit system diagram and circuit breaker connection
Circuit breakers can not only play a role in isolation, you can protect the back of the lines and equipment
Q:Home circuit breakers and how much air is open
According to the requirements of customers and decoration personality differences, combined with the actual situation of flexible distribution plan.
Q:How is the circuit breaker connected to the circuit system diagram?
Circuit breaker: with over-current, short-circuit automatic trip function, with degaussing arc extinguishing device, can be used to connect, cut off the high current;
Q:What is the capacity of the circuit breaker
the maximum short-circuit current of the circuit breaker can ensure the breaking current is the rated breaking current.
Q:Is there a circuit breaker in the circuit
Such as the circuit breaker at work, when a failure occurs, it is the power of all disconnected.
Q:Is the circuit breaker in the circuit necessary?
when the current is slightly larger, will only cut off the other two phase to produce too much electric current Arched open
Q:How to protect the leakage protector leakage protection?
Third, do not overload short circuit protection. Nor is it a direct frequency circuit, leakage alarm only the role of RCD.
Q:Is there a sequence of circuit breakers and disconnectors?
and there is no problem. After the circuit breaker, the circuit breaker has the ability of interrupting,
Q:he circuit breaker in the circuit mainly plays a protective element what protects the two functions of the element
the thermal element drives the tripping mechanism for a certain period of time.

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