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What are the employment directions of mechanical engineering?
Employment direction: design, manufacture, scientific research, technical development and production operation management in the field of mechanical engineering. Automotive companies (Volkswagen, Daimler, Honda etc.) bus company (Jinlong, Yutong) engineering machinery company (Sany, Liugong, Xiamen railway transportation system etc.)
I heard that China's plastics machinery exports to the world, I would like to inquire about many of the most famous plastic machinery manufacturer in China, I need more information, thank you!
Hello, I learned about some of China's plastics machinery manufacturers, such as the Qingdao Jinfule Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., the production of high quality plastic machinery, in line with EU standards, exports more than 80 countries around the world, I do not know if I can help you
I want to start export machinery spares parts from India. I don't know how to start? I did some research sent some email to foreign company but nobody replied..?? Please guide me step by step process. 1. How to approach foreign traders/foreign importers?2. How do I market my company?3. What are the legal procedure to export from India?4. What is market position for exporting machinery spare parts from India?
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Why havent this issue been on the news?? i mean, who is doing most work at factories to day? man or machine. Machines are. It aint odd that people cant find jobs. Today i saw the garbage truck picking up the garbage. Last year they had 3 guys standing in the back of the truck. this year its a robotic arm picking up the garbage and there for 3guys propably lost their jobs. Why aint this issue raised? can capitalism survive if the machines does most off the industrial work?sorry about the bad english
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What are the major of Engineering Machinery College of Chang'an University?
Chang'an University School of mechanical engineering with mechanical design and manufacturing automation (Mechanical Engineering, highway mechanical construction and management, maintenance and management of expressway, machinery manufacturing and automation, construction machinery, professional direction) of mechanical and Electronic Engineering (Mechatronics and hydraulic transmission and control professional direction), industrial design, traffic construction and equipment of 4 undergraduate the "professional, mechanical and electronic engineering" for the professional national specialty, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation "professional famous specialty in Shaanxi province;
BQ: is my Laptop considered Heavy Machinery?
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There are many Machine factories in Singapore, located in Jurong Industrial site able to meet your request.
Hello. I have spent a long time on this one question? Can anyone please help? Thanks.The following accounts and corresponding balances were drawn from Winston Company’s 2012 and 2011 year-end balance sheets. Account Title: Machinery 2011: $425,000 2012: $520,000 Old machinery with a book value of $5,000 (cost of $25,000 minus accumulated depreciation of $20,000) was sold. The income statement showed a gain on the sale of machinery of $4,000.The cost of machinery purchased is______
Beg Balance 425,000 less cost of machinery sold 25,000 plus cost of new machinery 120,000 = End Balance of 520,000 A gain on sale of 4,000, with a book value 5,000, means cash proceeds were 9,000. DR Cash 9,000 DR Accum deprec 20,000 CR Machinery 25,000 CR gain on sale 4,000