Suction Cup Water Resistant Ipx4 Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker Gray

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  • Water resistant wireless bluetooth shower speaker with strong suction cup(IPX4 grade).

  • Working with most Bluetooth enabled devices, including Android & iPhones, tablets, iPods, computers, and mp3 players.

  • Built-in high sensitive microphone for hands-free phone calls.

  • Built-in 550mAh rechargable Li-ion battery. 

  • Excellent sound quality, beautiful design, and smooth finish.  

  • Stronger suction cup, suck on back side of iPad or other tablet become a stand, or suck on the wall of the bathroom to enjoy the music when you are having a shower

    * This suction cup waterproof shower speaker is the same collection as our LW-821, LW-833 and LW-819, they all belong to the shower speakers, which you can used in the shower room with a strong suction cup.
    * The cute shape was popular by young people which sells well on Amazon shop.
    * We provide 1 year quality warranty for all of our electronics.

    Anit-water wireless bluetooth shower speaker

Suction Cup Water Resistant Ipx4 Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker Gray

Functions demonstration on the soft silicone cover of the shower speaker
Suction Cup Water Resistant Ipx4 Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker Gray
The wireless waterproof shower speaker contents:
Bluetooth shower speaker
English manual
USB cable black
Color box (can be customized)

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